Yokohama Tire Tread Molded with "K228vt"

Yokohama Tire Tread Molded with "K228vt"

by Keith peterson
(Shelbyville Kentucky)

K228VT is molded in the tread of my Yokohama tires I am guessing the tires are performance tires.there is also an 07 and 3D what info can you give me.

Editorial Comment:

I am not intimately familiar with Yokohama tires and these letters and numbers don't mean anything to me. If you had provided a picture I might be able to think of something but, as it stands, I'd simply be guessing.

Also, I'm guessing that you meant to say these markings are in the Sidewall, not the tread which is the part that runs on the road. If these are really on the tread part this would be even more of a mystery.

You could provide us with a photo, or try to ask customer service on the Yokohama tires website.


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by: Keith

Sorry your source @ Yokohama is incorrect. Well he's part right.there's red lettering and there's white.that do put it on in the plant for a specific reason. Can u tell me why? And what's the difference between red and white

Yokohama Responds
by: TG

Our contact at Yokohama responded: "The stamp is a code that is used in the plant for identification throughout the build process."

Tread Molded Marks
by: Keith

To clarify what I wrote earlier, I did mean molded into the tread: the part that rolls on the road --not just printed on-- but really molded into the tread.

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