Wires visible on sidewall of nexen radian ht tires

Wires visible on sidewall of nexen radian ht tires

by Ernie Lein
(Jenks, Ok)

These tires are on my daughters Nissan Xterra, they have 6/32 of tread but I am seeing little silver wires coming through the sidewalls. Is this common? Any solutions or recalls? Any idea what causes this?

Editorial Comment

The silver wires you see are part of the steel bands which are built in to most tires these days.

The fact that they are visible is most disturbing and you should have the tires inspected by a reliable tire dealer ASAP. You didn't state whether the wires are sticking out like whiskers or are simply visible but not broken. In either case it is not good, but if they are broken it is even worse.

This is not a "normal" condition and has probably been caused by either running the tires without sufficient air pressure, or perhaps the sidewall has been subjected to some kind of impact.

I doubt this is the result of some kind of factory defect unless they are almost new but even if this is the case, if you see the same thing on all tires I'd be more likely to think that the defect is a result of improper inflation or an accident suffered during use.

Please note that running a tire without a sufficient amount of air can damage the tire permanently in a very short distance, depending on the speed which is driven. Low air pressure causes a tire to heat up quickly and this heat is what destroys the rubber compounds.

Please get this vehicle to a tire shop as soon as you can.


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by: Ernie Lein

We will have them checked, they are coming out like whiskers on all 4 tires. That is why I was concerned, these tires have never endured any impacts and we check the tire pressure every week and she has a tire pressure monitor that was on one time and we corrected it the next day. That's why I thought maybe there is a defect, the xterra has never been off road or even in the mud, the tires have about 12,000 miles on them. We will have them checked at the tire shop.

Editorial Comment
The fact that it is on all four is very disturbing. Since it was on all 4 it seems that impact is unlikely but the fact you had a fault with the pressure monitor may be the reason the tires were damaged. It doesn't take a long time for low pressure driving to damage the tires but it may be awhile before the effects become visible.

IF you have had any significant driving with low pressure you will likely have a noticeable quantity of ground up tire residue inside each of the tires that you'll see when they are unmounted for an interior inspection.

Let us know the result of your visit to the tire shop.


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