Wild Country Tires -- Not for the Faint of Heart

For fans of Wild Country Tires they are one of the best kept secrets around, until you read this ...

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By Karl Drew, an Australian-based business writer with 20 years experience in entertainment, transport and security.

For many fans of Wild Country Tires, they're the best kept secret in the tire world. Wild Country Tires make no apologies for the lack of road manners their tires have. In short, these tires are designed for people who spend more time in challenging off-road situations than they do on the paved road.

So, if you're looking for a new set of tires for your SUV and the most off-road driving you do is parking on your front lawn to wash the car, Wild Country Tires probably aren't for you. On the other hand, if you spend more time in the dirt than you do on the tar, they could be worth the consideration.

Take your Wild Country Tires off the Beaten Track

Wild Country Tires are specifically designed for off-road vehicles to perform at their best, and that means dirt roads, mud, bogs, rocky terrain, swamps, sand and all the types of challenging terrain that make many people very nervous about the cleanliness of their transportation. But it's worth mentioning some of the negatives associated with this sort of off-road tire.

The major issues are fuel efficiency and noise, off road tires can reduce your overall fuel efficiency and be very noisy at the same time. They'll also wear a lot faster if you drive them on the road. In fact, some of the more extreme off-road tires can be difficult to handle on the road. This is because those more extreme tires are designed to rip and dig into the soft ground, so they try to rip and dig at the road, too.


While they might not be so good on the paved road, Wild Country Tires are perfect for muddy or sandy terrain. They are self cleaning, meaning that they clear the mud and dirt from their tread so that the tires don't start to slip on the terrain.

Wild Country Tires have an aggressive tread pattern, and it's very visible that these tires are purpose built for the challenges that are presented to dedicated off-road drivers.

How Will Wild Country Tires Behave on the Road

Off-road tires like Wild Country Tire tend to behave aggressively on the road, too. If you have a good look through many of the discussion boards and communities online, you'll see that many people are singing the praises of Wild Country Tires.

There is no way a purpose built off-road tire can behave like a normal road tire, but some are less at home on the tar than others. Wild Country Tires have a reputation for being comfortable on the tarred road and many users are return customers, meaning that this is their second, third or even fourth set of Wild Country Tires.

At the end of the day though, it's probably best said that if you are concerned about the way off-road tires will perform on the road, then maybe you don't need them at all. If you do a lot of driving on paved roads as well as off-road driving, consider a tire that is more suited to both worlds. Such tires have better table manners on the highway, and can hold their own in moderate off-road situations. The other option is to have two sets of wheels and tires and rotate between road wheels and off-road wheels.

More on Purpose Built off Road Tires like Wild Country Tires

There are lots of activities off road vehicles take part in like sand racing, rock crawling, mud plowing, and lots more. Wild Country Tires are just one of the many tire makers out there that make tires that suit off-road sports and activities like the ones I just mentioned. Of course, like many other things, the choice off-road tires can become extremely subjective and you'll find many people who will not stray from their preferred brand of tire.

Changing Tire Size with Wild Country Tires

If you're considering a change of tires, many people upgrade the size of their tire as well as the brand. If you do go up a size or two to bigger tires without realizing there are other factors to consider, you might end up costing yourself more than just an expensive set of tires. If you decide on a set of tires from Wild Country Tires, and also increase the size of your tires at the same time, it's very likely that you will have to make some other changes to your vehicle, too. For a start, you'll probably need extra clearance so that your new, larger tires won't rub against the fenders of your vehicle. Suspension lift kits are very popular and allow much larger tires to be fitted to a vehicle; some people even opt for a body lift or a combination of the two.

Bigger tires can mean wider or higher (or perhaps even both). If you try a higher tire by going for a bigger series, remember that you're changing the rolling diameter of your wheels and this will change your vehicle's power off the mark, as well as how hard the engine will rev at cruising speeds. This can be either good or bad depending on your driving habits. For instance, if you're revving your vehicle harder to start at intersections, and you do a lot of city driving, it's going to effect your fuel economy.

Prolong the Life of your Wild Country Tires

The best way to prolong the life of any set of tires is to regularly check your tire inflation levels. Incorrect inflation is one of the most common causes of premature or irregular tire wear and costs consumers money because they aren't getting the full use of their tires. Many users of off-road tires like Wild Country Tires will vary their tire inflation levels for different surfaces. For example, for mud and sand it's best to run tires with very low inflation levels for extra traction. So it's important to remember to adjust those levels when returning to tarred roads again.

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