Which tire has a wheel track like Yokohama

Which tire has a wheel track like Yokohama

by Yvette
(Jamaica West Indies)

I have an unused Yokohama tire which I was carrying on my car as a spare tire. I tried to purchase another Yokohama tire but no distributor in Jamaica now carries the Yokohama brand of tires. I would like to purchase another brand of tire to use along with this Yokohama. Which brand do you suggest that I can buy that would work well alongside the Yokohama. My tire size is 265/70/15.


By "wheel track" I'd expect you mean the tread design.

Most tire makers have a variety of tread designs, including Yokohama, and simply telling us the size of the tire doesn't help in knowing what the tread looks like.

Usually you can switch between one tire manufacturer to any other without any consequences, provided you choose the same sized tire and one which is suitable for the uses you will have.

I see that you have two choices.

1) Go to any tire dealer you like and tell them that you want a tire as close as possible to the design of the Yokohama you have as a spare, and continue to use that tire as a spare.

2) Again go to any reputable tire dealer and tell them that you want tires for the kind of driving you normally do. If you do most of your driving in the city and your Yokohama tire is mostly for off-road use you may end up getting tires with a different tread but your driving experience will be better. You can still use the Yokohama as a spare, for emergency use if you have a flat, or you might be able to swap it for another one which is more like the others on your car.

Remember that mixing tire brands does not pose any kind of safety or mechanical hazard as long as they are the same size and tire grade. The biggest thing against mixing brands is how those tires look on the vehicle … many people feel that they want all the tires to look the same, but apart from looks there is little difference.

Mixing tread design, especially on the same axle is not a good idea because you have different degrees of traction from different treads. It is OK, however, for a temporary situation, when you have a flat tire and use the spare just to get to a place where you can repair/replace the damaged tire.


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Your Yokohama Tire
by: Wheels Etc

It appears you are trying to save money by purchasing only one tire to run with the tire you already have. I would ask that you first try to learn the age of the tire which is found in the serial or DOT number. The last 4 numbers (not letters) represent the week from 01 to 52 and the year from 00 to 11. If the number has less than 4 digits it is normally considered too old for current use on the highway even in Jamaica.
Now that you have determined that it is say less than 6 years old you need to make a note of all the other codes and symbols on the tires such as the load / speed rating like 108S etc. You may also fine AP for all possition or M+S for a more aggressive traction tire. In addition there are three comparative ratings such as treadwear, Temperature and Traction or something like like. Once you have those numbers then look at several used tire companies for a tire that matches those numbers regardless of the brand name. You could also check new tire dealers for a tire similar to the tire you want. Another problem is the size is not as popular at a similar size 31/10.50 R 15.
This is found mostly on small pickups and fills the wheel well and performs nicely in a variety of uses.

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