What Motivates A Guy To Buy A Tire And Wheel Package?

What Motivates A Guy To Buy A Tire And Wheel Package?

by Melissa

Wheels to dream about

Wheels to dream about

Larry had just turned sixteen. He’d saved his grass cutting money, his chores money, his paper route money, money from the couch, and $15.00 bucks that he had painstakingly borrowed from his mom’s purse one measly dollar at a time.

Finally, he had accumulated enough money to buy a car. Just five days after his 16th birthday, he was the proud new owner of a 1970 AMC Gremlin (Wahoo!) Ok, no kidding, he had his first car and he thought this was his first step to getting a girl. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do with the girl, but he some ideas about the car.

He’d been thinking about cars and girls since he was 13 years old. Many a night he had laid in his bed, dreaming of both, but mostly of the car. He didn’t know it would be a Gremlin, but he knew he would have a ride he could fix up and make his own. He would put a tire and wheel package on the car. The goal would be to turn the girl’s heads because he had an interesting car. Oh yea, Turn the Ladies Heads.

Larry saved the money he made from working nights at a local Burger King. He had a dream, a dream of buying a tire and wheel package from a shop downtown. The combinations he could put together blew him away. He soon discovered that this was not a simple task. First, he had to pick out the tires and then he had to look at all the wheels.

Larry always had the girls in mind too, so he wondered what kind of a tire and wheel package would appeal to a 16-year-old female. Yea, his friends mattered too, but he really wanted something that would impress the women, making his Gremlin a pimped out ride.

There was a lot to consider with this whole tire and wheel package deal. For example, tire size, tire brand, and wheels. The names on these tires and wheels were definitely working for him. Beastmaster, Headmaster…these tires were sounding good. Wheels named Prospect (prospecting for a girl), Torq-Thrust, Hot-Rod, or Tailgunner. These sounded good too.

Larry was lying in bed thinking about his car, girls, and a tire and wheel package. He said aloud, just to hear it, “I drive a car with a Beastmaster / Tailgunner tire and wheel package…or, maybe a Cavalier / Torq-Thrust tire and wheel package.” Then he laughed.

As Larry drifted off to sleep that night, tire brand names danced in his head: ‘Carefree’, ‘Spartan’, and ‘Triumph’.

He saw an image of a scantly dressed girl, Bridgett, from his 6th period math class, then he saw some flashes of some chrome 15 “inch rim” wheels and he heard more names in his head, ‘Rodlite’, ‘Torq-thrust’, Bridgett (what?) ‘Hotrod’, ‘Tailgunner’...

As Larry’s mom walked past his bedroom, she heard her sweet little Larry snoring peacefully in his room. Little did she know what images where dancing her baby boy’s head…

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