Secrets The Medical Establishment Doesn't Want You To Know:

"How Vitamins And Supplements Can Rejuvenate Your Life And Improve Your Health"

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Today a busy life often leaves you tired and feeling dead on your feet. Always so little time and so much to do.

Just to cope, your health needs to the best. That means eating right, staying fit and getting the rest you need.


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If you are, read on and I'll tell you about an important e-book that will teach you one of the most critical aspects of taking better care of yourself. "Secrets of Natural Healthy Living" is all about getting the right nutrients in your every-day diet.


If you frequently feel listless and lacking energy you need this important e-book to learn how to add Vitamins and Minerals to your diet for optimal health.

With proper nutrients in your diet, you feel like you can fly through your busy schedule. You will get through your grueling 8-11 hour days and come back home to your active family with energy to burn.

In this comprehensive, all-in-one guide, you will learn:

Which vitamins are water-soluble and which are fat soluble Do you know which water soluble vitamins pass through your body quickly, when fat soluble vitamins store up in fat cells where they can become toxic? Learn which vitamins are crucial to control dosage. See Page 8
Discover the ideal form to get your essential vitamins and minerals.  Vitamins, minerals and supplements come in many different forms. Do you know which is best for your body? See Page 10
Did you know you can overcome feeling sluggish and blue using simple vitamins and minerals? Secrets of Natural Healthy Living will guide you to establishing a regular regime of this power vitamin to chase those blues away.  
The truth about vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals supplements are an extra boost for in small but regular steady amounts in order for you to maintain normal growth, function and health. Learn the secrets of micronutrients. See Page 6
Keys to choosing and using vitamin supplements. There are a host of vitamin supplements, but do you know which ones to choose?. See Page 11
Is it safe to take vitamins and minerals each day? Discover the right and wrong reasons for taking vitamins and other supplements. Learn which vitamins and supplements are essential for specific body functions. See Page 15
Do you know which vitamin is good for which part of your body? You will after you ... See Page 17
Revealed: The importance of minerals and where your body uses them. Fabulous Phosphorus: Found everywhere in the body. Important for heart regularity. Learn all 18 essential minerals your body has to have. See Page 22
86 Fabulous Herbs and how they help the body. Herbs can be worth their weight in gold if you choose the right ones at the right time. Learn which ones are most used and beneficial, and which are just a waste. See Page 29
Read the Secrets of how herbs can supplement your diet for optimal health. Learn how herbs can be used to treat sickness when working with your doctor's care. Discover which herbs will keep your health at its best. See Page 37
Herbal myths revealed. Separate herbal fact from fiction. Don't miss out on getting the benefits of herbs because of false beliefs and old-wives tales. See Page 40
Discover how herbs compliment traditional medicine. Many Doctors today appreciate and prescribe herbs for their patients with great success. We reveal how you can bring this to the attention of your own Doctor. See Page 45
Using supplemental teas. Teas are not only a great social beverage but they can also cure what ails you. Learn which teas do what and choose them with confidence. See Page 49
Todays top diets for losing weight and keeping in shape. We've reviewed and rated the most popular diets so you can choose which is best for you. See Page 53
The whole foods advantage. Many an ailment have been cured by choosing and using the right whole foods. Discover how your eating habits can make or break your good health.
See Page 65
Learn the secrets of the food pyramid. Unravel the mysteries of the food pyramid and learn to choose what you eat from the food groups to strengthen your immune system.and boost your vitality. See Page 69
Is megavitamin therapy for you? Discover the unrevealed facts of using vitamins at mega levels for boosting energy and performance levels. See Page 73

Unlock the Secrets to a Happier Life - Your Family Will Thank You For It!

Secrets of Natural Healthy Living breaks it all down for you in easy to read pieces. Now there'll be no more mystery in healthy living, with this simple guide you can apply EACH principle to your daily life to improve your health.

Why suffer on? Start today to include proper nutrients in your daily diet using vitamins and mineral supplements and you'll soon have the vim and vigor you need to truly enjoy life and the time you spend with your loved ones.

Working mother? Can you imagine: Coming home from work, cooking your family a great dinner and then rolling around on the floor with the baby afterwards and having a ball doing it? Doesn't that sound ideal? That is what you can expect from proper nutrition.


Is This Going To Cost An Arm And A Leg?

There are ways you can spend a fortune on good nutrition, but it's not necessary. We give you the information you need so you don't need to spend a king's ransom. In fact, with the right knowledge (which we reveal) some supplements are free for the taking.

Want unbiased information and cost saving tips? Secrets of Natural Healthy Living will show you how to select only the most effective and essential products without breaking the bank.

Watch Out! There's Plenty of Spurious Health Information Being Offered


Vitamins and supplements are easy to buy and easy to use.
They are safe and they go together with your current diet regime.
But (and a BIG but) if you're not using them in the correct dosages not only are you dumping a lot of your money down the drain, you could be doing more harm than good.

So, what do you say? Isn't it time to program a few minutes of good reading into your busy routine to ensure you're using vitamins and supplements appropriately and safely? A few minutes now will be an investment that will serve you for the rest of your life!

Say NO to lack of energy.
Say NO to feeling tired and run down.
Say NO to wasting money on products that are just plain ineffective.


Say YES to getting time back to spend with your family!
Say YES to feeling alive again!
Say YES to vitamins and supplements!

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Don't you owe it to yourself to have the best possible health?

Don't you owe it to your family?

Do yourself a favor and read "Secrets of Natural Healthy Living."

  • Feel young and energetic again
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Your body will thank you.

Here's to your good health,

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