Used tractor tires

So why does it have to be old for new whenever you need a new set of tires?

One Man's Trash Is Another's Treasure With Used Tractor Tires

used tractor tires

In the case of tractors, a good set of used tractor tires can be just as good as a set of brand new ones. And, without the cost.

Broach the subject of tractor tires with most farmers, whether they have a ranch to rival George Bush or just a small hobby farm, and you'll be told just how expensive a new set is. It's no wonder used tractor tires are a valid consideration.

There are a variety of reasons to choose second hand tires.

  • Maybe you only need one and they've stopped making the brand,
  • maybe there's a good set available for next to nothing,
  • perhaps second hand is all that's available to you at the time.

Most dealers deal in used tires as well as new. Agricultural tires aren't a huge mover for most outlets so it's quite possible they'd have to order new ones in for you. If this is the case, it might be just as easy to settle for a set that's out back. Providing they haven't got any huge defects they may just suit your purpose.


Retreads are another alternative, but typically tires need to be less than five years old to be suitable. The tire will have to be inspected to determine whether it meets industry standards. If the tire is appropriate, the old tread is removed and a new one attached.

Recappers For Used Tires

With more use in them small businesses like the Tire Recappers in Nashville, Tennessee are the heart of America which service the markets national companies like Costco ignore.

In a recent article, Farm Industry News profiles Tire Recappers and, in addition to dispelling a few myths about retreads, said that Tire Recappers retreads about 85,000 tires a year. It also reports that around 10% of this work is for use on farm related machinery like tractors.

Like many things, retreads  aren't what there used to be. Once they were considered a step down in quality, but with today's technology combining with years of experience, companies like Tire Recappers are pretty confident their customers will be more than satisfied with the end product. And, the savings.

For more information on retreads, take a look at www.retread.org where you'll find plenty of reading material. It's the site of the Tire Retread and Repair Information Bureau, which has been set up to spread the word on retreads. The sad news is that recappers are disappearing fast, they're an endangered species no one wants to save.

Used Aircraft Tires

Although it might sound crazy to some, a possible source of inexpensive tires for some agricultural uses are used aricraft tires. Aircraft tires are pretty tough but because authorities are strict about the conditions of their use whilst fitted to an aircraft, they may still have considerable utility left in them when they retire from flying.

There's a lot of aircraft flying around these days, which means there's a lot of used tires cluttering up the place. Quite a few individuals find them perfect for their needs.


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