Unknown Tyre Pressure

Unknown Tyre Pressure

by Rob
(New Zealand)

Just installed 235/75/15 Cooper AT3 tyres on a 1988 Toyota Dyna Dual Cab.

The dealer suggested running tyre pressure at 55 psi. I think this is wrong. Request suggestions.

Editorial Comment:

I agree with you. The tyre pressure the dealer suggested seems like it may be the Maximum Pressure which is stamped on the tire's sidewall.

I am not familiar with the vehicle you mention but most vehicles carry a sticker on the driver's door post which states the recommended pressure. If not on the door post try looking inside the glove compartment door or the fuel cover door. You might also try to find an owner's manual by searching online.

Failing all the above you may try to contact Cooper Tires and ask them what is the Static Loaded Radius for your tires. When you know this number you can adjust the pressure in your tires so that the distance from the road to the center of the axle is equals the SLR they provide.

As long as that pressure is less than the Maximum Pressure which is stamped on the side of the tire, you will be fine.


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Your Tires
by: Wheels Etc

You picked great tires but neglected tell us if they are LT or even XL tires in that model. The LT is a light truck tire designed more for you truck than a car that could also take that size. The XL is Extra Load and is found on some heavier cars as well at pickups and also takes more air than normal. The passenger tire in that size should be limited to 44 psi while the LT with a load range D or E could take as much as 80 psi and the XL is common at 50 to 60 depending on the manufacturer.
I suspect your dealer made a choice to put your tires at less than maximum pressure in an effort to improve the ride you would get from tires properly inflated. I don't do that at my shop and generally recommend Max or even a little more to improve mileage from the tires. Highway driving is usually more efficient at full pressure and that is taken at cold temperature. They exceed max with hot. I highly recommend timely tire rotation to add to the mileage as well.

Of course it is now common knowledge that you are responsible to check for proper inflation on a regular basis. Most tire failure comes from driving on underinflated tires including those Firestone Tires on Ford Trucks several years ago when Ford put unreasonably low recommended pressure in the door panel. Look closely at all the nomenclatcure on the tires.

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