Two different sizes on front

Two different sizes on front

by Melissa Taylor
(Tyler tx)

I have a 235 15 and a 215 15 on the front of my truck is this ok?

About mixing tire sizes:

This is definitely a bad practice and is never recommended by anyone with experience in tires.

Maybe you've been lucky and have not experienced any serious difficulty in handling but you still may be causing unnecessary mechanical wear and tear which could end up costing you dearly.

If this is something that has been taking place for just a short time and driving distance (say less than 100 miles) the damage might be minimal.

I would urge you to install the same size on both wheels and have someone check your front-end for any problems that could have resulted if the distance you have driven is much more than an absolute minimum.

If the tire you replace is still in excellent condition, you might want to use it as a spare tire, just for emergency use so as to squeeze the most benefit out of it. Because it is an odd size make certain that you use it only for emergencies.


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Mismatched tires
by: Wheels Etc

You neglected to describe your truck but the size matters as well.

In addition to using not only the same size tire in any axle it is also advised to use tires the match in brand, model and tread depth.

I believe it is more important on the front than on the rear in that on the rear if the tires are very near the same overall diameter they will do the job with little or no harm to the rear end. On the front however, you run the risk of oversteer or understeer when in an emergency or critical situation. This can cause compete loss of control and no one on the road near you is safe.

The sizes you described would fit entirely different "trucks" for example a full size pickup is better suited for the 235/75 R 15 and an import or smaller American pickup would be better suited for the 215/75 R 15 although the larger tire may fit it is not ideal for the smaller vehicle.

Using the smaller tire on the larger pickup could also lead to an overloaded condition also putting you and others at risk due to sudden air loss.

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