Truck Mud Tires Are A Great Investment

TIRE GUYWant to know about Truck mud tires?

Buying new set of truck mud tires is one of the best ways to improve the performance of your truck, but it can be a difficult decision. The first consideration is where you’ll be driving your truck.

  • Do you drive mostly on the street and want mud tires in case you do go off road,
  • do you drive a combination of street and off road, or
  • are you devoted exclusively to off road driving?

Tires that are mounted to a new vehicle are usually standard, street-driving tires. When going off road into rough terrain like rocks or mud, you might want more height in your tires; this is for clearance and protection of your wheels. So first, choose a bigger tire that is taller, maybe as much as two sizes taller.


The tire speed rating is the range at which a tire can be used in different speed and load conditions. V category for 150mph speed range and the Z speed rating for top speed.

The truck tire load rating index will tell you the safe load that can be used. You need to know what kind of load you will be using on the tires to get the most life out of the tire. The higher the rating the heavier the load they will handle.

When selecting truck mud tires, always refer to the vehicle's identification sticker (located in the vehicles door or glove box) or use the owner’s manual as a guide. It will tell you the speed, rim size and allowable payload for your truck tire and wheel.

Into the Mud

When you are considering mud tires, the main thing to remember is that the more you set up your truck to drive off road, the less manners it will have on road. Truck mud tires like Super Swampers can turn your rig into a ferocious competitor off road, but it can also turn your truck into a nightmare on the street.

Noise, rough ride and bad manners are common with mud tires, although they do vary if you wish to compromise and enjoy a happy marriage between the mud and road. My advice is to also invest in a good sound system and sound proofing.

Another negative is tire wear. Truck Mud tires wear a lot faster when driven on the street and hard dirt roads.

Despite these negatives, mud tires give great benefits if you’re enthusiastic about off-roading. Whether you’re needing quality mud tires for negotiating muddy terrain, rocky areas or snow, the range is vast. Talk to a really good tire dealer about what you need and do a little research of your own.

Perhaps ask a few friends or off-road clubs what they use on their vehicles, then put it all together to come up with what’s best for you.


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