Treadwear and Comparing Value Part II

TIRE GUY In Treadwear and Comparing Value part I, I spoke about a very tech-savvy driver named Debbie who immersed herself into prices and information- After all, she is in advertising.

As I said in part I, Debbie's awareness was surprising and fast in developing. Before long she was using this tool to compare potential mileage and prices of tires. Not only that, she was starting to forecast her needs and expectations.

Take this tool with you when you go shopping: download your own Treadwear Calculator

She worked out that if a tire costs $60.00 and has a tire treadwear rating of 240, a tire would have a cost of $0.25 per unit. That could then be used to figure how much a tire with a different rating should cost.

Based on Debbie's idea I came up with the following calculator. To use it, put in the cost and the treadwear rating of a tire you already know, then type in the rating of the new tire you want to consider. Click the calculate button to see the equivalent price of this new tire.


Cost of Original tire:

TreadWear of Original Tire:

TreadWear of Alternative Tire:

Equivalent Cost of Alternative:

(If you want to compare other tires, or prices, just type in the new values to the top 3 boxes and click CALCULATE again.)

Armed with this calculator in her computer, Debbie started to compare value. Not only that, she enjoyed comparing the different ratings and brands.

Putting it all together

Use the tire treadwear rating to select the best tire for you. Sometimes, other factors, such as traction, load, speed, handling or noise may be more important to you than the mileage you'll get from a set of tires. You can use the this same rating to identify tires that may be intended for different uses.

An example of this would be high performance tires. These tires will have a different rating compared to tires that are more popular and the price is generally higher.

Tires built for high performance contain more expensive ingredients and cost more than ordinary tires. They generally wear out faster, too. So you generally end up paying a higher price to use high performance tires.

Therefore, a higher priced tire which has a lower treadwear might be a very different class of tire and not suitable for your needs. So, if you notice a considerable difference in prices using treadwear as a factor for comparing, you will want to investigate further to discover the reason for the difference.

Debbie was happy with the performance of her last set of tires and felt no need to purchase a high performance tire. The treadwear helped her to eliminate several tires that were unsuitable.

Not only that, Debbie has been able to forecast when she expects to return for her next set of tires and is already taking it into consideration for future budgeting.

Be sure to download your own Treadwear Calculator


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