Tire Treadwear And Comparing Value

TIRE GUY I get many questions about treadwear from people.

Debbie is a very tech-savvy driver who works in advertising- since leaving college she's started to make a good living. She's also typical of many women I have noticed, who like to know more about their vehicles and don't feel intimidated about asking necessary questions. Debbie likes to get quality and value from her purchases and the tire treadwear rating is something that can help her.

Treadwear is part of Uniform Tire Quality Grade Standards (UTQG) that are printed on the sidewall of a tire. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is part of the United States Department of Transportation, implements these ratings.

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Look for the word "TREADWEAR" followed by a number on the tire. The number assigned by a tire manufacturer compares the durability of a particular tire against a standard test tire which has a rating of 100. Therefore, a tire with a rating of 200 should be twice as durable as another with a tire treadwear of 100. Basically, the higher the number the longer the tire should last.

Manufacturers test their own tires and report statistics. Critics say this system has flaws and would be more reliable if one independent organization tested all tires.

This is where a good tire dealer, combined with your own knowledge, become key indicators for optimum satisfaction.

There is a tendency for most tire manufacturers to charge similar prices. Therefore, if you compare two tires with the same treadwear numbers, their prices should be more or less the same. If there is a considerable difference, investigate a bit further and find out why one not priced similarly to the other.

Using Treadwear In Purchasing Your Tires

If you expect to be using your new tires under the same conditions as the tires you are replacing, it would be reasonable to expect a tire with the same treadwear rating will give similar performance and durability.

For example, you have a tire which gave you 20 months of use and its treadwear rating was 240. Purchasing a new tire with the same rating, especially if it is the same brand of tire, should give you about the same life.

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No-one can tell you definitively how much mileage you will get from a set of tires. However, using the tire treadwear, you can start to look at ways to help select the right tire for your needs.


Please take into account that variables like different roads, climates and drivers will always mean the lifespan of your tires will not be an exact science. However, arming yourself with enough knowledge will ensure you can identify important differences and anomalies.

Be sure to download your own Treadwear Calculator

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