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Trailer tires wheels, trailer tires wheels. Remember these important words when you are shopping for utility trailer tires. All three are very important.

Next time you’re out on the road, take a look around and try to count the number of trailers that pass you by. You’ll see cargo trailers, motorcycle trailers, recreational and sports trailers, enclosed auto trailers, custom trailers, boat trailers, horse trailers and the list goes on and on.

The hard thing about choosing utility trailer tires is the wide scope of duties they will see. Some trailers will have to carry boats and cars, some will carry multiple bikes or ATVs and some will be used by the average Joe when he needs to clean up the yard or move house.

Trailer Wheels

Remember, trailer tires wheels? An often ignored part of that trailer trio are the wheels. Here’s a couple of tips for utility trailer owners

  • Have a spare wheel and tire for your trailer, in fact, why not have two?
  • Make sure you have good wheels, an old rim that you’ve picked up at a junk sale could be buckled, so get it checked out before you drive a full day and ruin the tire mounted on it.

Trailer Tires

You need to consider the sort of terrain and conditions the tires will encounter. You also need to consider the load you’ll be towing. Trailer tires are mostly used at 100% capacity, so it’s likely that they’ll need to be replaced regularly. Consider replacing them every three years rather than just running them until failure.

Some other good tips for keeping your utility trailer tires in top order are

Inflation pressure. Maintain proper inflation levels, you should already have a good pressure gauge if you’ve read our article on inflation pressure.

Don’t overdo it with ply ratings. Some people believe the more plies the better, but that isn't always true. Tires with extra plies heat up faster. That makes them wear faster. It’s important not to under-rate loads you’ll be carrying, but don’t over-rate them, either.

Winter parking

Many utility trailers are used to transport summer fun toys like ski boats. Naturally, these trailers are used less in winter. This time spent idle can encourage things like sidewall deterioration. If you can jack the tires up off the ground, thatÕs perfect, you will prolong their life.

Safety checking before you drive. Check your utility trailer tires just like you would your car tires. Look at the depth of tread and check the sidewalls are in good condition with no cuts or holes. See our full article on recommended safety checks.

Trailer Tips

Trailers are rated to carry a certain weight, so it’s a really good idea if you know it. In addition, utility trailers are hauled by vehicles, usually pick-up trucks and SUVs. Towing a trailer could affect the type of tires you use on your vehicle.

Talk to the supplier of the trailer, as well as a good tire dealer about your requirements. Be completely open about what you’ll be towing, where you’ll be going and how long the actual towing process will be so you can select the best tires.


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