Toyota and Bridgestone tires.

Toyota and Bridgestone tires.

by David

Bridgestone Turanza

Bridgestone Turanza

I wish to add my story to that told by the guy from Philadelphia about the Bridgestone tires he found too short lived. There are a multitude of similar stories about the Camry and Bridgestone tires all over the internet.

The front tires on my 2007 Camry XLE V6 were shot at 15,000 miles. There was no abuse -- they are just plain lousy tires.

Oh yeah, I went through all of the steps and contacted Toyota who told me to try my luck with the tire manufacturer who in turn looked at the service records and then turned around and said that the tires didn't have the correct tire pressure and weren't rotated as they were supposed to be.

I was left holding the bag on this. Obviously the dealer wasn't doing what I expected them to be doing during servicings and obviously no tire should wear out so quickly with only 15,000 miles of use.

I blame Toyota for this because they're the ones that purchased the tires plus it's obvious that they put cheap shoddy tires on the car. I also blame Bridgestone too because they manufactured a low grade tires that they sold to Toyota.

Combined this is the lowest experience I've ever had with a new automobile. I've had more than a few new cars through the years and not a single one of them had a problem like this. People should be aware of this problem and they should be warry of Toyota and Bridgestone products.

Right now I'm looking to replace the tires and I could use some sound advice on good tires to buy.

(Ed.: See the article on Car Maintenance for a guide on what needs to be done to prolong the life of any tire. Hopefully your serviceman will do this without prompting, but you're the one who will suffer if he doesn't.)

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Aug 22, 2015
Bridgestone Tires are worthless
by: Anonymous

In response to: Camry premature tire wear
by: Joe

I bought a new Camry SE in 2002, and a new Camry xle in 2012. They both wear out tires pretty fast. I was changing them out every 25 thousand on the 02. The xle is at 30 and the tires have been rotated regularly at the dealer and now the front are almost bald. Think I will go back to Honda. The one I had never wore out a set.
How absurd. The reason tires wear out so fast is because they are Bridgestone EL400. Blame Toyota for continuing to carry these piece of junk tires. There is no excuse for Toyota putting inferior Bridgecrap tires on.

But it is not the car .... it is the tires. My worthless "stones" wore out in 8,500 miles. Michelin Primacy H rated went 65,000 miles before down to 4/32. I replaced the two most worn when they had 65K miles on them with H rated MXV4 Primacy. They do not make them any more...

Best tire on the market now is The Michelin Premier kind of "flunks out."

With 83,500 miles on my odometer of my well maintained 2009 Camry V6, I am putting on a new set of two Pirelli P7's despite the brand mis-match.

Aug 21, 2015
Camry premature tire wear
by: Joe

I bought a new Camry SE in 2002, and a new Camry xle in 2012. They both wear out tires pretty fast. I was changing them out every 25 thousand on the 02. The xle is at 30 and the tires have been rotated regularly at the dealer and now the front are almost bald. Think I will go back to Honda. The one I had never wore out a set.

Feb 24, 2015
by: steve

Bridgestone is my favourite tire. It is very durable fits perfectly with my Prado. It has an awesome grip and it never fails me in my adventures*. I hail to the manufacturers of the Bridgestone for making these extraordinary tires.

*irrelevant link removed -- ed.

Dec 11, 2014
Turanza Tire Excess Wear
by: Pete in New York

Same problem with EL 400's. Did anyone have success with getting Bridgestone or car dealer to compensate for shoddy tires?

Apr 20, 2013
2010 Camry - OEM Bridgestone Turanza EL400
by: Jeff S. - Ohio

I have read most of the posts on this site but didn't see anyone mention anything about the OEM tire ratings shown on the sidewall of the tire. Most tires show a treadwear number, which is a number that provides some indication of how long the tire will wear within the tire brand. I still have my original tires on my 2010 Camry and they are the Bridgestone Turanza EL400's and am approaching 30K on the odometer. The treadwear number is a dismal 260 rating!

The higher the treadwear number for a tire within a brand name the longer the tire should last. With this low of a treadwear number it is not a wonder they are not lasting that long! Because I leased then purchased my car at lease end and notice they are getting close to the tread indicators, I am guessing I will have to replace them around 34K miles.

Unlike many of you, I have only rotated my tires once at 17K miles. Why, you may ask? Because it costs money! When you purchase the second set, the rotations are free. I should mention that I drive mostly highway miles. It cost me $20 to rotate my tires the one time. Had I rotated them every 5K, I would have spent about $100. Now this money is in my pocket and will help pay for one of my new tires this fall. The way you drive has a bearing on tire life so it possiblle some of you drive your cars harder than others to significantly reduce tire life.

For those of you that have replaced your OEM tires on your cars that replaced your Bridgestone tires, go look at the treadwear number listed on the replacements. My guess that this number is much higher. Let us know. My guess is that Toyota's plan was to receive back a leased car with a new set of tires from those that turn the car back in off the lease. What do you think?

Apr 10, 2013
Re: 2012 Tundra and 2nd set
by: Anonymous

i am asuming you would have had Bridgestone AT Revo 2 tires on there?. And are you pulling a trailer by chance? That is def not the tire for you if that is the case. The Revo is a joke of a pickup truck tire; esp if pulling a trailer. The Duravis M700 HD is wears well, but it only comes in 10 ply i believe. I have never tried the Nitto's, but have had good luck with Toyo Open Country AT's and General Grabber AT2 for a lower end tire. Currently testing the Dick Cepek Radial FC-2, love the traction but on the noisy side in my mind.

BTW,I am guessing you leave the interstate to fish, if you're tires are really hot from a long summer drive you will get a lot of chipping when you get on lesser maintained roads, esp gravel. Avoid it if possible, it will improve tire life.

Apr 10, 2013
2012 tundra and 2 sets of bridgestone tires gone

i have a 2012 Tundra Crew cab with 47k miles, first set got 26k on them.Then Bridgestone, puts another set on that has 60k mile warranty, they last 21k, now they dont want to put anymore on my truck and they want refund me anything. This Company is a joke, there is nothing wrong with my truck i only use it on interstate, i am Toyota sponsored fishing pro and i am tired of constantly having to have tires fixed or replaced, next set will be NITTO, Most of my friends are running MIch tires and are not getting any better ware.

Jan 17, 2013
by: Doug

Dealer inspected shocks/struts and alignment. All was find so there's only one conclusion I can reach. Everyone will have to make up their own.

Jan 16, 2013
Forget Bridgestone
by: Danny

2012 Camry 205/55/17's mounted on alloy factory wheels with stick on weights from the factory. Standard issue on my Camry. These tires are horrible. I am certainly not rough on tires either. Absolutely NO CURB RASH on the rims, always had the correct pressure, never ran low, blah blah blah. Replaced at 15,225 miles. They were cupped and featherd (yes--front end was aligned correctly) as well as a complete 4 wheel alignmeny performed. I will never ever whatsoever under any circumstance buy a Bridgestone tire with my money. When I purchase my next new car, if it has BS ( no oun intended ) on the car, they will be replaced before I sign the paperwork. Period.

Jan 07, 2013
2011 new Camry
by: Doug

Dougridgestone tires had to be replaced at 11,000 miles because of feathering badly. Toyota replaced 2 and dealer the other 2. At time of 30,000 rotation, after rotating every 5,000 miles, dealer wouldn't rotate because these tires were cupping badly. Neither Toyota nor dealer would do anything. Went to Belle tire and got 4 Michelines at 33,000 miles and was told right front shock was seaping. Going to dealer today to see what Toyota will do.

Editorial Comment

Feathering, cupping and other types of abnormal wear are typically a result of some kind of mechanical defect and virtually any tire, no matter who makes them or what tread design or composition they use would be immune to this.

Shocks, like anything, can be defective or they could be damaged in use if they are subjected to some kind of experience which they are not designed to withstand.

If you have been doing regular maintenance at a Toyota dealer and they failed to notice or advise you of such defects in their early stages you might get some satisfaction from them, but shock damage is difficult to blame on the dealer or the vehicle manufacturer since it usually happens when the vehicle is in use.


Dec 16, 2012
Turanza Tires - Camry
by: Anonymous

I have a 2010 Camry. The tires (Turanza 400) terrible. The treading has worn unevenly and I need new tires after 20,000 miles. I have owned several new cars throughout the years, but I have never had to replace the tires at such an early stage. I am at a dead end with Toyota, the dealership, and of course the manufacturer...Bridgestone. It does not makes sense to put a $100 tire on a $25,ooo vehicle. Toyota...moving forward...right to my wallet. I am not sure which direction to go with these low quality tires..right now I am dealing with the new Toyota..the pursuit of rejection.

Dec 06, 2012
2011 Tundra
by: Anonymous

Let me start by saying I love my Tundra. The Bridgestone Duelers they put on it, not so much. Went in for my 20,000 mile service to have the dealership tell me that I needed new tires. So I asked the obvious question, "why the hell do I need tires at 20'000 miles?" The service advisor had no answer, the service manager had no answer, and neither did the dealership owner. I was told there was no warranty on tire wear and I could try writing Bridgestone. They did offer to give me a one of the four tires for free. Thanks but no thanks I won't be putting that tire back on my truck!

Editorial Comment:
One of the tools which I constantly am encouraging people to use when choosing tires is "Treadwear" which is printed on the tire sidewall. 100 is the base line for any manufacturer and many of the longer-lasting tires will have a number of 600 or higher. I've seen OEM equipment as low as 200, which shows that long life is not expected by the tire manufacturer. If tire life is important to you you may want to insist that you get a tire with a higher number … even if you have to pay more for it.

Keep in mind that sometimes, in order to get high performance tires which give you greater traction and handling, you have to accept a lower tread wear number, because the kind of rubber compound used is softer and does not wear as long as tires which provide lesser control and ride comfort.


Dec 03, 2012
Replacement Issue
by: Anonymous

You need to look at the warranty on tires that should've come with your Camry paperwork. Likely, if it was like my 2009's tires, there is NO warranty whatsoever on the tires for just about anything, not even mileage.

Dec 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

Dear Friends...... I have a 2011 Camry with 26K miles on it. One of my rear tires was struck with a thick 4 inch long nail on the side wall, which means it couldn't be plugged either. So I'm left with the option of only replacing my two rear tires, now I need to know, if TOYOTA would replace my tires FREE OF COST since its still under the 36,000 miles warranty coverage.
Any suggestions would be highly appreciable OR PLS EMAIL ME AT : LOVEABLE.PRINCE@YAHOO.COM

Dallas, Texas

Editorial Comment:

If you want to know what Toyota would do, the best people to ask are Toyota … anything anyone else says is pure opinion.

Before you ask Toyota, ask yourself if you would expect Toyota to repair or replace your vehicle if you drove into a brick wall, or if a steamroller went out of control and drove over you. Getting a 4" nail in a tire is little different in principle, the only difference being the size and severity of the problem. I think you can appreciate that since none of these things is under Toyota's ability to control so they's not likely respond in the way you'd like.

Check your auto insurance, however … it is possible that you might be able to make a claim under that but when you take in to account the deductible amount it might not be worth making a claim.


Nov 19, 2012
2012 Tundra Rear Tire Exploded
by: Anonymous

I bought a brand new 2012 Tundra in August 2012 from Piercey Toyata in Milpita CA.

The real driver side tire exploded while I was drivng it on the highway on 11/19/2012. The lane was very well pasted, no hitting of anything could be noticed and no warning of flat tire.The truck booked only 5,000 miles.

I ended up have to replace the tire and the sensor on the rim (the rim got damaged, but was able to be resurfaced).

Not sure if anyone else found the same type of problem or if it is a design problem of the truck or the quality problem of the tire.

Editorial Comment:

This is the first we've seen here of this kind of event with this vehicle. You didn't describe the tire, but from your choice to post it here in this thread, it would seem that the brand was Bridgestone.

Two thoughts come to mind: Not all tires made by any specific manufacturer are the same, so when you report on anything please describe the tire model, size, etc.

Second thought is that tire "explosions" are most commonly the result of pressure build up from heat. The heat, in turn, is most commonly the result of running on low tire pressure. Since you had no warning of low pressure there is a possibility that the monitoring system could have been faulty. Now that you've replaced the sensor (presumably it was damaged), you may never know.

This is one thing to keep in mind as our vehicles get more and more sophisticated with built in warnings and automatic systems: there are more components and the failure of any one of them can cause a failure in another area. It's easy to blame the component which ultimately showed a fault, but you need to examine all the related elements to be sure you've found the correct cause.


Nov 05, 2012
Corolla tires done at 30K
by: Lynette

I have learned a lot from this forum and thank all the contributors.

My tires are balding at 30K. Like most of you, have gotten consistent rotations & care for the car.

I would never imagine Toyota to fix or take responsibility for tire longevity. Their tire decisions are not accidents, they consider it good business, apparently. It is buyer beware, truly.

Honda or some other competitor needs to run with this, offer great tires at the get-go & make it part of their winter ad campaign. "We tire you right from the start." Just sayin'.

Nov 02, 2012
lousy bridgestone tires
by: Anonymous

For Dave in Cinci
I got Hankooks from tirerack on the internet.
I had them before on a 2003 Avalon and the wore like iron. Best tire I've owned. Grip the road like you wouldn't believe, especially in rain.
Check them out.
If you want to know what size I got, let me know And I'll dig up the info,After the bridestone crap tires, these are a 12 out of 10
Regards, Rich T

Nov 02, 2012
My Bridgestone O.E. tires are Gone!!!
by: Anonymous

Bought new a 2011 Camry in 2010 and the 400-02 Bridgestone tires did not make it to 20,000 miles. All four were down to tread wear indicator marks and noisey as heck. Same story, Toyota blames Bridgestone and Bridgestone blames Toyota.
These two companies are phonies. I'm now running the new Michelin Defenders 90K mile tires and I got them during the $70 MasterCard reward card. Quiet tires and very happy with them. No more Toyotas or Bridgestones for me. I'm done with them.

Oct 11, 2012
Tire wear claim
by: Anonymous

As a technician at an OK Tire store in Ontario, Canada, i have seen people hit 80 or even 100,000 km, note km, on Bridgestone tires, but never on the EL400. Another Bridgestone to stay away from is the Duehler Revo2 AT pickup truck tire. Just not close to what the original Revo was. Do some serious homework when buying tires. is an awesome site to check out all sorts of tires, and most have reviews as well.

Editorial comment:
Note that this tech is referring to kilometres, which in miles is roughly 50,000 to 60,000 miles. Under present technology, materials and road conditions these seem to be the upper-limit of normal tire wear.

If anyone claims to get greater tire life than this it is likely an exaggeration unless they can provide concrete evidence.


Oct 10, 2012
80,000 miles and hardly any wear? Don't think so
by: Anonymous

I think whoever posted the 80k claim about original stock Bridgestone tires on their 2007 Camry with hardly any wear, also would like us all to buy some nice land he/she has in Florida, that really, really, really isn't in a swamp.

Editorial Comment:

I think you are right to be skeptical over such a claim that would even be fantastic under normal conditions, but especially where the claim is made by an anonymous person who has provided absolutely no information to validate their claim.

We don't normally censor much of what is submitted here in the forum, but if we start to see too much nonsense without any valid evidence we may start to be more selective in the kind of claims and comment which we publish.


Oct 10, 2012
Hard ro believe
by: Anonymous

First of all, I've never had a tire that lasted anywhere 80K. My tires on my 2011 (bridgstones) just crapped out at 21K.
Hard to believe, especially about bridgestones.
Rich T

Oct 10, 2012
Bridgestone tires
by: Anonymous

My wife purchased a 2007 Toyota Camry SE with the stock Bridgestone tires which now have just under 80K with absolutely no problems. Still have some tread left but are beginning to get slight weather checks, so will replace soon. 80,000 miles and no problems.

Oct 05, 2012
toyota / bridgestone tires
by: Jeff W

I am adding my comments on Bridgestone tires and Toyota Camry. We just passed 24000 miles on our 2011 Camry and like others are writing here, the tires are shot. These Bridgestone tires are loud, do not track well and wear like crap. I have been doing the dance the last month with Bridgestone and Toyota, with those folks finger pointing at each other. Bridgestone says it is a mechanical issue with the car and Toyota says I need to talk with Bridgestone.
I am still attempting to get to an adequate resolution, but don't hold out too much hope for that at this point. One thing is clear and in agreement with what others are saying, if I do get another Toyota it will NOT have Bridgestone tires and I will not put another set of Bridgestone tires on any of my vehicles

Oct 01, 2012
Bridgestone Turanza
by: John Davis

All, my 2008 Camry came w the Michellin Energy MXV4s. These are fabulous tires. My fiancés 2011 Camry came with the Bridgestone Turanzas. At 27,000 miles, the Bridgestone's are shot. They are so loud that the car sounds like it is rolling on tank treads. I wrote a long letter to Toyota about this and I'm not sure if they will help me or not. But I will never buy another vehicle w Bridgestone tires on it and I certainly will never buy another Bridgestone tire. Absolute garbage tire.

Editorial Comment:

Not all Bridgestone tires are junk.

This problem is the result of a bad choice of tire for the vehicle made by the manufacturer. They could have chosen another Bridgestone tire which would have served well, or another brand of tire which would have served equally poorly.

In my opinion, the error made by Toyota was to choose a tire that would have a short life and not inform the buyer at the time of purchase giving them the chance to pick (even at an optional higher price) a different tire with a longer life expectancy.


Sep 30, 2012
Go with Michelin Primacy H rated MXV4
by: Anonymous

Consumer reports November 2012 tire reviews just came out showing Michelin Primacy H rated MXV4 as the best tire.

Bridgestone OEM tires are junk. Mine wore out in 8,500 miles. My Michelin Primacys now have over 40,000 miles on them and going strong.


Aug 29, 2012
Have EL400-2 tire on my '10 Grand Caravan
by: Anonymous

Noticed immediately after I purchased the vehicle that these tires were crap, especially in rain. Now, at 20K, the tread is down to 3 in front and 4 in the back. Tires were properly maintained at a local Chrysler dealership as I had purchased a contract with Chrysler. I did read the warranty booklet on Bridgestone tire and after initial 12K miles or 1 year, they pro-rate the reimbursement price based on remaining tread. So, in my case, I filed with Bridgestone claims to have 65% cost of the tires reimbursed. I am now waiting on their decision.

Aug 02, 2012
Bridgestone Tires on Highlander
by: Anonymous

Just got back from Power Toyota in Irvine.

I noticed that the inside track on all four of my tires looked worn. My car has only 18,600 miles on it.

Steve, the service manager assured me that the tires only appear worn in the middle because of the tread design. In fact if you look at the picture at the top of these comments you can see the difference in the tread design along the middle of the tire. Steve did tell me however that I should only expect to get 25,000 miles on my tires that came with the Highlander. So I think he was honest in telling me that these are not the best tires in the world.

He suggested that I put a little extra air in the tires. I should note that I told him that I only took the car to Toyota for service and that I did all of the service at the required intervals.

Editorial Comment:

If the tires are more worn on one side than the other then the problem is very likely a misalignment of the wheels, however, appearances can be deceiving.

The most accurate way of determining if you have un-even wear across the tire is to measure the tread depth, with a depth gauge. If there is a considerable difference you can sometimes see this by looking at the wear-bars and if there is more or less tread above the wear-bars on one side compared with the centre or the other side then you can move on to a more accurate measurement.

Increasing the tire pressure will cause the centre of the tread to wear more than both outside edges, so this move will only be effective if both the outside edges are worn more than the centre, and would tend to even out the wear. Without actually seeing, and possibly measuring the tread depth it would be impossible to confirm what the service manager told you.

Jul 13, 2012
choose your dealer carefully
by: Jim

I wrote a note on 11/22/2011 about the poor tread life on my 2010 Camry LE with Bridgestone tires. I leased this car from one of the largest dealers in Wisconsin. (Maybe the largest) I was not expecting much satisfaction. However, after courteously disagreeing with the technician about "tread-life" expectations I went into the store and tracked down my salesperson. "Bill" then rounded up a couple of other people who had the authority to do something about my problem. I will end this by saying that while not ecstatic about the situation, this dealer ended up purchasing 3 new tires (of my choice). I paid for one (approx $150) Considering that I got what I think was a great lease deal from Toyota through this dealer, I am happy. I do think dealerships can make a difference. Remember, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease", just try to squeak softly

Editorial Comment:

The advice in the last line is priceless and I couldn't agree more.


Jul 12, 2012
2011 camry/bridgestone tires
by: Anonymous

I bought my 2011 camry new. It has 22,000 miles. I wondered why one camry(same car) I looked at cost $225.00 more, Now I know, it had michelin tires & the one I bought has bridgestone. It now has a whine-road noise coming from the back wheels. My 2000 camry had michelin. I should of known better. In the past I tried a cheaper brand of tires on my 2000 Camry but had to go back with Harmony-Michelin. The ride and sound is so much better. Why do car-makers have to fix something that is not broke. My old camry was 11 years old and had 162,000 miles on it. It drove better, rode better, no air or road noise.(had sound sheild). the wheel was leather, the inside was durable, no rattles or vibrations....Makes me wish I had my old car back, or sell this one and look for an older model that has low mileage..........I'm going to go back with michelin and hope that solves the of luck to u all.......May God bless you!!!

Jul 11, 2012

Your Bridgestone tire warranty booklet that comes with your new Camry basically states YOU HAVE NO WARRANTY. So you got screwed by both the car & tire manufacturers.

Jul 07, 2012
Steven You're Lucky
by: Anonymous

Steven you're lucky yours lasted 28,000 miles. Most of us are getting 15,000 to 20,000 max, and yes most of us rotated them properly. Mine were threadbare at 15,000 miles.

Jul 07, 2012
2011 Camry and tire noise
by: Steven

I purchased a 2011 Camry for a company car in Oct. 2011 with the EL 400 tires. The car currently has 28,000 miles on it and the tire noise is horrible. I rotated every 5000 miles at the dealership.The Toyota Dealership and Bridgestone dealership state uneven tire wear. Toyota will do nothing and Bridgestone will not either. Very bad service from Toyota. I will not purchase another Toyota or Bridgestone product again.

Jun 10, 2012
bridgestone firestone tires
by: Anonymous

toyota says this is normal for all car dealers.. now.. so buyer beware...the tires are crap and ive told lynda steele on your side and nothing.. shes avoiding the problem..

Jun 06, 2012
Bridgestone Turanza EL 400 tires
by: Anonymous

I'm going to post something slightly different than they majority of your posts. First, I own a 2009 Camry XLE that came with the factory installed Bridgestone Turanza EL 400 tires.

Recently the car went in for 30K mile service and I was told to start considering tire replacement because the tread depth is 8/32 . I was surprised that the tires were almost worn out at 30K miles but then I looked at the tires and found they were only 40K mile tires to begin with. Tires were rotated every 5k miles and maintained with proper pressure (checked every 2 weeks).

While I have found these tires louder than I would have liked they have been good tires. My wife has driven this car in snow, ice, and rain with no issues. I wouldn't buy these tires again, but my experience has been that they are better than most folks give them credit for.

Perhaps I have just been lucky, but they don't seem like a horrible tire, just a typical OE tire.

May 18, 2012
Tires Defective!
by: Anonymous

My well maintained 2011 Camry with less than 17,000 miles needs four new tires. Camry says talk to Bridgestone about the tires knowing good and well the tires in question came with absolutely no warranty. My car is a lease so after I purchase new tires I turn around and give them new tires with a real warranty. Sounds like a rip off to me. Toyota claims they have not had any complaints about the tires, but, I believe they have. Fortunately after going to a tire store I was able to get a discount from Bridgestone, cutting my tire purchase almost in half. Thanks for nothing Toyota. I plan to own or lease a car that comes with tires that can last a few years and not a year and some change. I look forward to the end of my lease and the end of my relationship with Toyota!

Editorial Comment:

I do not know of any tire manufacturer which offers a warranty on OEM tires. Read your tire warranty to check this out.

When you are leasing a new vehicle, your best bet might be to immediately go out an purchase a new set of tires with a good warranty, take good care of them, and then when you finish your lease, take them off and return the vehicle with the original non-warrantied tires on them.


May 03, 2012
Re tread-wear warranty
by: Anonymous

That is still what it`s called a lot of times. No mileage guarantee, just say you get belt distortion, or something like that before a a certain mileage or x number of years. Turanza EL400 are a really cheap tire, but it wasn`t made just for Toyota. And OE tires are usually junk on smaller cars.

May 02, 2012
Response to "Treadwear Warranty"
by: Anonymous

The warranty provided with my Camry, which was printed from Bridgestone, said NO mileage warranty on the tires. Period. Nada. Zip. Zero. They did not warranty these dog tires for even one mile of wear. I had NEVER heard of such a thing, and of course didn't read the warranty when I got the car, because I never thought such a thing existed. So, they KNEW they were providing junk tires. And Toyota knew it, too.

May 02, 2012
It's not just Toyota
by: Anonymous

I have a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country with EL400 tires. In less than a year, I have had 2 tires split in their tread. The first one was covered just fine by Bridgestone but this second one isn't. Apparently the retailer is "sticking his neck out for us" and going to cover the warranty for this tire.

The retailer can't seem to find any EL400 anywhere in the world. Well, not quite, he found one in British Columbia (we're in Alberta). He asked that it get sent here and somehow it is lost in the shipping now.

I will never buy Bridgestone again and if a vehicle I purchase comes with Bridgestones, I will pay extra to have them changed to something that actually works and lasts.

May 02, 2012
Tread-wear Warranty
by: Anonymous

I am a Tire Technician, and also in Sales. Here is what the manufactor`s point of view is. Not saying that i agree, but most of this is in the fine print of ANY tire you buy.

Most if not all tire manufactors have a LIMITED TREAD-WEAR WARRANTY. This does NOT guarantee any type of mileage, just certain warranty coverage UP TO a certain mileage. Premature wear is NOT a warrantable item, because it`s your word against theirs. How do you prove air pressure was maintained? Do you know your service guy rotated the tires, or did he just bill you for it? The only way you would get a premature wear warranty is if one tire would wear like 4 times as fast as the other 3. Plus, are you the only driver? Are you as good as you say you are?

May 02, 2012
To Jack
by: Anonymous

Obviously, you don't know how to read. Many of these posts point out that tires were rotated on schedule. Mine were serviced by Toyota itself, I did every rotation they required and they checked them for alignment too and they didn't need anything done because they were shot by 16,000 miles. ALL FOUR OF THEM. And I have a long history of having tires for 55,000 miles and up... so don't be so quick to convict the owner of being the problem.

May 02, 2012
by: jack

First of all let me say' Buyers are Liers', I work at a tyre service and let me tell you almost all tyre complaints that come in about all brands are from most people , i'd say 90% are C.R.A.P.
look after your tyres and they will do as required, except if your wheel alignment is bad, and all tyre dealers will blame the tyres so they don't lose a cuctomer. Yeah ! blame the product's it's never your fault or your wheel aligner.
manufacturers don't release crap tyres , beleive me it could ruin their business.
I've had people come in with 95% of tread left on their tyres and bald rears, and they have the nerve to say it must be faulty tyres, my wife only drives the kids to schools etc.
These people should be charged with fraud.

Apr 12, 2012
Re:EL 400's still on new Camrys
by: Anonymous

I said in another year. Bridgestone still has some inventory, but very limited. It takes time to get them out of the system. If you buy a car in March of 2013, i can`t see it coming with EL400`s on. It is a junk tire. Try trading up for a touring tire. You can always put new tires on and sell these to some sucker on Kijiji or Ebay.

Apr 11, 2012
EL 400's still on new Camrys.
by: Anonymous

To the person who made the comment that the Bridgestone Turanza EL400 were discontinued, well Toyota must have a piles of them on hand. Bridgestone and Toyota must be in bed together. New Camry's are still being shipped to dealers with the crappy EL400's on them. I'll never own another Toyota again!

Apr 04, 2012
Bridgestone Turanza EL400 pieces of garbage
by: Anonymous

Brought my 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid in for dealership service today. It has 26,000 miles on it and I was advised that all four Bridgestone Turanza EL400 tires are shot. They must be replaced as soon as possible. The service tech
told me they put the two "best" tires on the front for the time being. I was told there is no
warranty on the tires and that I should contact Bridgestone. After reading about the multitude of
people with these same issues, I can honestly
say I would not buy another Toyota. With the recalls and now the tire issues, I realize Toyota has no integrity when it comes to safety. How unfortunate.

Mar 10, 2012
Response to Older and Wiser
by: Anonymous

But 4 tires shot at 16,000 miles after having required rotations, is unacceptable no matter what. I certainly paid more than for that. After being a loyal Toyota customer for 20 years, I am seriously considering for my next car to be a Hyundai Sonata. Bought my son a used one, it is great, every much as nice as my Camry, and can't beat that 5 year warranty of which he is still under it for 2 years transferred! If THEIR tires go out at 16,000 miles, maybe I won't be quite so pissed because the Sonata doesn't cost quite as much as a Camry in the first place, and then also has those extra 2 years of factory warranty on the car itself. Plus, maybe they'll LISTEN to me if I would lodge a complaint, unlike Toyota who washed their hands of it and said it wasn't their problem.

Mar 10, 2012
by: Older and Wiser

I've owned a lot of new cars over my lifetime (60+) and I've never seen an auto manufacturer put really good tires on a new car. Even a BMW I once bought new. Typically, they last about 30K or so. I've had Goodyear's, Dunlop's, Continental's, Toyo's, Bridgestone's and some others I can't recall. The Bridgestone Turanza 400's that came on my 2009 Matrix S have 36K on them and are starting to go. I'll replace them sometime within the next 6 months. But car manufacturer's now put higher speed rated tires on cars then what they did years ago. The most common tire now is an "H" rated tire, but many cars have higher rated tires than that. My Matrix has "W's". And the higher the speed rating, the less tire life you are going to get because they are stiffer tires. They're good for better handling and stiffer suspensions, but not so good for tire life. I don't think you can necessarily blame Toyota or Bridgestone. Partly, it's that old adage of you get what you pay for. But also keep in mind that proper tire pressure, rotation, and driving style have a lot to do with how long your tires are going to last.

Mar 10, 2012
New tires
by: Rich T

If you think you need new tires, (if you have bridgestone, you will) better get them now before Oboma's next plan to get the price of oil down (that's a joke)for oil goes into affect and the price of oil is sky high. That'll reaise the price of tires and transportation. I found the best tires "Hankook" on the internet.

Mar 09, 2012
Toyota Tundra and Bridgestone tires
by: Anonymous

Bridgestone tires on this vehicle are junk.they have to be replaced at 30K miles. My first ever toyota and it will be my last! won't even bother complaining to dealer.they don't give a dam after the sale

Mar 04, 2012
OH No!... I have a 2011 Camry with Bridgestones
by: Anonymous

Oh no..!! I have a 2011 Camry XLE with the Bridgestone Turanza 400 tires (OEM). I always thought that they rode "soft" and are noticeably wearing too soon. I have 24.7k on my car and I'm dreading paying the $500 having to replace them. Wish I had seen this sooner, I would've demanded $500 from the dealer before signing the papers. This just isn't right. Damn.

Feb 29, 2012
toyota and tires
by: Anonymous

i have a 2004 sienna van. at 44K miles, i am on my THIRD set of tires PLUS i rotate snow tires in for 4 months of each year--all different brand trying to solve the problem. no one any where will take any responsibIlity. i am a gentle driver. toyotas EAT TIRES!!!

Editorial Comment:

This is a new one to me. I am aware of a long standing issue over the combination of certain Bridgestone tires on new Toyotas not lasting sufficient time in the views of the vehicle owners, but that is due to the type of tire installed and not because of a defect in the design that would cause the vehicle to "eat" the tires.

I am assuming that you have tried a different brand or model of tire when you've replaced tires to see if you can get longer life. If so, you may have a mechanical issue that could be unique to your vehicle that has never been detected and/or properly corrected.

On the other hand, if you've simply put on the same tires as the car originally came with, switching to another brand, and telling the dealer you want a tire which will give you longer life so that they don't give you an exact equivalent in another brand, will likely solve your problem.

My take on the whole Bridgestone/Toyota issue is that the cars come equipped with "high performance" tires which generally have a softer rubber compound that provides better grip and handling characteristics but at the price of wearing out sooner. Most people do not need high performance tires but they may "feel" better and could have been chosen by Toyota engineers to give buyers a more secure feeling when they drive their vehicles.


Feb 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

Bridgestone has discontinued the Turanza EL 400, which was an OE tire for most of these cars. They likely know they have a problem! lol! At least this tire won`t be on new cars in another year.

Feb 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

What has happened to Toyota's customer satisfaction?? SERIOUSLY!

Feb 29, 2012
2011 Camry with Bridgestone OEM tires
by: Anonymous

Almost worn out at 17,000 miles. This is unacceptable.

Feb 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am so sick of the bigs guys at Toyota not caring about their long time customers. They are crooks and all they want is your money then you are screwed. Why would they even consider putting these tires on new automobiles??? We are the ones that have to deal with the issues, because they con't care.....

Feb 28, 2012
Reply to all on crap tires
by: Anonymous

The Bridgestone Insignia and Turanza, i am guessing you had one of those two, are the cheapest of the entire Bridgestone line. They are very popular here in Ontario, but almost like a snow tire tire in hot weather; it just kills them. Def not a OE level tire in my mind. You might say you get the worst of both worlds, winter and summer. We generally see 70-90,000 km tho, as a rule. If you don`t get much ice/snow, i would suggest trying the Toyo Versado, it`s a great touring tire, and less money then the Bridgestone Turanza Serenity. Versado and Serenity are NOT all-season tires, even if the data might say so.

Feb 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have 2011 Camry with Bridgestone OEM tires on it. Car & tires only have 16K miles on them. The tires are wore out and Toyota & Bridgestone will do NOTHING. I'm trading off the pieces of junk for a new DODGE CHALLENGER!!!

Jan 31, 2012
Reply to Editor about Tires
by: Anonymous

The thing with my 2009 Camry/Bridgestone tires that were worn past treadlife to dangerous at only 15,000 miles (ALL 4 of them that yes, were rotated and maintained), is that in the paperwork provided with the Camry, it is clearly stated there is NO minimum mileage guarantee on the Bridgestone tires. So while Toyota might be dictating to Bridgestone a cheap price they will pay to contract for tires, Bridgestone IS culpable because they are KNOWINGLY providing tires they will not even warranty in writing for 1 mile of treadlife. I'm not sure which company is worse, Toyota for bargaining so cheaply for tires or Bridgestone for caving in and being willing to make a buck even if they have to provide complete junk to do so. Methinks the pendulum swings to Bridgestone.

Jan 31, 2012
reply to defense ot tire dealers
by: Anonymous

I wasn't trying to paint all dealers with the same brush.
The wear on my tires was alway across the tire.
Firestone maintained and documented that on my receipt.I did check the tires in between visits tm make sure all pressures were correct.

The tire was a 60,000 tire. No way should it have shown that kind of wear after 25k after the first time back to to firestone to complain about the tire wear, and being told the tires were overinflated, I checked the pressure and it was dead on.

I feel the tires were defective and the rep just had to get something out of the deal, thus the 250 bucks. This particular dealer I feel was deceptive, since I've had other dealings with them and was pressured to buy items and have certain services performed which my service manual did not call for.

Editorial Comment:

It looks like your were charged 25/60ths of the price of a new set of tires which corresponds to a proportional charge for the use you actually received from the tires which were replaced. This would be precisely equal to paying for 25000 miles from a 60,000 mile tire.

I suspect that this is consistent with the way the warranty is written. If that is the case, the dealer was not gouging you but simply charging you what the policy allows him to charge.

I've seen these kinds of warranties from other brands of tires and they are virtually all the same in this regard. In fact, many warranties also state that the customer should also be charged for mounting and balancing of the new tires, in addition to the pro-rated charge. If this clause in included in your warranty, this dealer may have ended up charging you less than he might have.

Again, I am not defending the dealer, but just pointing out that this is likely the same treatment you would receive from any other brand of tire unless you buy extra insurance for tires to cover all events and a minimum tire life.


Jan 30, 2012
Lousy bridgestones and dealers
by: Anonymous

Yes, I took my lexus SUV back to a firestone (bridgestone)dealer after the crap Bridgestone tires THEY sold me and serviced them for the first 18,000 miles. The tires were rotated every 3000 miles and the exact tires pressures were documented. I stopped going to firestone after they sold me the wrong wiper for the rear that did not have to be replaced.The tires in question were down to the wear bars after 25,000 miles. I took it back to firestone who told me the tires were overinflated!! Like I said, I had all the documentation and they still maintained it was my fault.
I finally replaced them all for a settlement of 250 dollars, which if you read the warrenty, I shouldn't have paid. I would have not replaced them with bridestone tires, except for the fact I just couldn't put out another 600 bucks for new tires. So that much for dealers!

Editorial Comment:

Obviously you are not pleased with the outcome of your experience with Bridgestone and I don't wish this to sound like I am defending them but there may be a couple of things that you need to take into consideration before painting all tire dealers with the same brush.

Even if your tires were constantly maintained at the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, this pressure is set to reflect a certain "normal" loading and could have been different in your case. The wear on the tires would show this … if it wasn't even all the way across the tread, it might have been adjusted to prevent wearing out earlier that it should in the centre of the crown.

Normally you will follow what Lexus tells you but you still need to monitor your tire wear and make adjustments along the way if your particular case requires it or at the very least find out why.

An unusual wear because of excessive pressure could be detected long before the tires become unusable by someone who is schooled in tire inspection.

A comment about warranty replacements. Most warranties which guarantee a certain tread life are pro-rated to only pay for the life which you fail to receive and you, in effect, pay only for the actual use which you realized. That is to say, if you are guaranteed 100 miles and only get 50, you get a discount for the 50 you didn't get and this is applied to the purchase of a replacement.


Jan 30, 2012
secound opinion
by: Anonymous

Have any of you taken your car to an independant Bridgestone Dealer or just to the dealer? I am in the retail tire bussiness, and i find most of the time Bridgestone listens to us when we have an issue. Also, for warranty adjustment, the tires need to be removed, so normally we bill a customer, than when the adjustment comes through, we credit his/her account or hand them a cheque. Provide your service records to an independant Dealer and you might get something out of it. Car Dealers are a rippoff when it comes to tires, get a secound opinion else where.

Jan 01, 2012
Tires blow out had a wreck
by: Dec 19 2011

My tires had a blow out on my Toyota Camry on the interstate. I had a bad wreck and hit a big truck. Thank GOD I'm alive no thanks to my toyota

Dec 31, 2011
Part of the club
by: Anonymous

I wanted to do a little research to see if others were having problems with their Bridgestone tires on their Toyota. Wow, was I surprised to see the responses. Our experience is with a 2008 Sequoia. I guess we should feel lucky. We have 34K on our tires! I had expected many more miles considering that I had Jeeps with 70K+ on the original tires, and I still have two of my original tires on my BMW with more that 86K on them.

You would think that Toyota would have been smarter after what Ford went through with the old Explorer and Firestone(i.e. Bridgstone) tire fiasco and their "un-intended acceleration" problems more recently. Toyota is not helping their quality image at all with this partnership.

Dec 15, 2011
How I found my Toyota Camry in Texas
by: GlyzaV

There are some great dealers in Texas. They'll welcome you in and help you get what you need. No matter what you would like, they will get it for you. I wanted a dependable car with the Toyota Camry. I do not have to be concerned about any issues with it breaking down on me. Texas dealerships gave me what I wanted. They helped me the get the Camry exactly the way I imagined it would be. It shouldn’t be hard to find dealerships near you. Just go to:

Dec 14, 2011
To the person who said blaming tires is wrong
by: Anonymous

If you look at these posts, many of the people indicate, like I did, that we DID have our Bridgestone tires rotated every 5,000 miles and it made no difference. ALL FOUR of mine were SHOT at 15,000 miles - labelled dangerous by the Toyota technician who serviced them! - so it was not losing a balancing weight or rubbing on curbs. THEY ARE CRUDDY TIRES. The service tech at Toyota told me he is well aware that short-lived tires are being put on the cars, they were put on the Highlander he bought and he was not happy about it. He said the dealerships can't do much about it, it is a corporate decision and a bad one. He said they use these tires because they are cheap (of course), but also because they give a great ride for their short tread life and the ride impresses people when they are test-driving the vehicles. He believed corporate is aware owners are unhappy, and should realize most customers - especially the kind that drive Camrys and Highlanders - would trade the slight performance feel of the tires for better tread wear. He believes they are making a bad decision and will pay the price for this down the line, but at the moment they don't seem to care. I think they are still riding on the quality of their cars (sans tires), and mine HAS been great so far. But it DOES taint the experience when the tires are so terrible.

Dec 14, 2011
Disappointing tires
by: Anonymous

We have a 2011 Camry. We traded a Deville and a Dodge Dakota. This is my wife's car and we traded so that she would have an automobile that was dependable and economical because I have terminal cancer. We have 20,000 on the auto and the tires are terribly noisy. We have gotten the typical runaround between Bridgestone and Toyota. Bridgetstone has agreed to make an adjustment and we thank them, but Toyota is very disappointing as they refused to openly recognize that they have a problem. Now we are stuck with an auto that we have no faith in. Just as we have no faith in Toyota. Needless to say we are telling all of our friends about how we feel toward Toyota.

Dec 14, 2011
Bridgestone Tires & Toyota
by: Anonymous

I have complained to Toyota about the crappy tires they put on the new cars, that I had to replace. He told me he knows they are crappy tires and he knows of all the complaints. But they still don't want to correct the problems we are having. On another note, my engine in my 2011 Camry just blew up, my husband or I Never do anything to the car other that take it to the service dept. Somehow the radiator cap was left off. Now Toyota wants me to pay them $8500.00 to replace my engine, they don't even want to pay for my car rental. NO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, SUCKY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! After I get this resolved, they won't ever see my foot step on Toyota of Louisville's parking lot gain.

Dec 14, 2011
I think blaming the tires is wrong
by: Anonymous

First let me say I dont own a Toyota, but as someone who worked in the tire business for years in a state with many large potholes I feel that those blaming the tire or the car are wrong to do so.

Car tires MUST be rotated every 5000 miles or your going to get odd wear patterns. If you weigh a lot or put a lot of weight in the car it will effect the alignment of the automobile,

I remember when we had to perform an alignment with an very large person sitting in a very small car because the car would veer left if he let go of the steering wheel and the tires were also wearing prematurely. Also every pothole you hit has the potential to knock out your alignment far enough to cause premature tire wear, if you hit a pothole and it feels like you have to correct the car often or are constantly steering slightly left or right to keep the car going straight then your alignment has been affected and may be in need of being checked.

It is also possible to cause premature tire wear on a car by losing a wheel weight, wheel weights are used to balance your tires and if your tires are not balanced correctly then the tire hops as your going down the road this can often be felt as a vibration through the steering wheel (front tire) or the seat of your car (back tire) however with a luxury suspension system you may not feel much, you can easily loose a wheel weight if you scrub up against a curb while parking or hit a pothole.

Dec 08, 2011
crappy tires
by: Anonymous

i feel the same way with my 2010 corolla tires are bald after 30000 km and im blamed by toyota.

not buying a toyota again its all my fault..

good bye toyota hello kia!!!

Dec 05, 2011
2007 camry
by: Anonymous

We have Michelin tires on our Camry. They are just now needing replacement at 66,000 miles. They were on the car new. Guess I won't be buying any Bridgestone.

Nov 26, 2011
poor tires
by: Anonymous

My camry 2010 LE, 4 cylinder has 12,000 miles and the front tires have 2 mm tread, the back have 4mm. I am hearing the same go around about alignment and rotation. I too blame bridgeport and toyota for puting a poor quality tire on a good car. Bridgeport has lost my business. This has happen to a car that was bought new and has been garaged all its life and driven by an older careful driver.

Nov 25, 2011
Camry needs different tires
by: Anonymous

How about giving us a choice on tires when we purchase a new Camry? My 2011 has 14,200 miles on the Bridgestones and they won't even make it to 18K. The soft rubber wears out quickly. I want a tire to last. I will not replace the tires, it will get traded off with the wore out tires on it. One would not think that the first thing they would have to replace on a new car would be tires! I've called Bridgestone and Toyota and I have to live with the situation as they won't do a thing. They got their money and they are satisfied. What a rip-off!

Nov 22, 2011
by: Jim

Decided to try a Camry after 30 years of GM vehicles. The car is basically my wife's car. I seldom drive it. Our impression of the Camry overall is very good. We have a 2010 LE that we leased. Other than the somewhat cheesy interior we have no complaints, actually the car quality and ride are above my expectations. Recently a tire warning light came on. When I checked the tire pressure I was stunned to see that the tires are almost bald.(less than 1/16 of an inch of tread) The wear is uniform across all four tires because they have been rotated every 5000 miles. There is only 24000 miles on the car, and we have a year left on the lease. I live in Wisconsin and winter is upon us. This car will not be safe to drive in ice and snow. At 25000 miles I will take the car in for servicing. If the dealer does nothing to rectify the situation, it will unfortunately be my first and last experience with Toyota. The tires are "Bridestone Turanza". From all these letters, I am not the only unhappy person regarding these tires. Too bad,sounds like Toyota is shooting themselves in the tire.

Nov 17, 2011
by: JB

I have a 2011 camry with the poor Bridgestone tires that were very poor. I replaced them with Continental ContiProContact tires, what a difference, the car rides and handles much better and should have a longer milage life. Time will tell.

Nov 15, 2011
2009 Camry LE
by: Garbage Tire

Need to replace my Bridgestone tires on my 2009 Toyota Camry LE with only 21,200 miles on it.

Tires are completely bald. Since my wife drives the car and gets it serviced regularly I never paid much attention to it. Since the lease is up in a month I started to look the car over for wear and tear before I give it back. I was horrified to see the tires completely worn out with no tread at all.

Since I only have a month left on the lease I'll drive the car and give it back as is. Not sure what will happen, but we'll see.

Oct 27, 2011
Bridgestone's almost worn out
by: Anonymous

I have a 2011 Camry LE with the sorry Bridgestone tires on it. At only 13,500 miles on the car tread is very shallow, about 4/32. Bridgestone puts the blame on Toyota as they call out the specs for the tire to be soft for a smooth ride.
Toyota states that is the tire they recommend Bridgestone to build for the car. I'm not putting on new tires on the car, I'll trade it off and never have a Toyota or Bridgestone again. They lost me as a customer. My mileage sucks too; too soft of rubber. And why a V rated tire? That's 149 mph! Stupid, stupid, stupid


We have been in touch with both Toyota and Bridgestone to allow them to provide an explanation for this spate of complaints against the products of both companies but, so far, they have both chosen not to respond, even though one senior executive from Toyota has assured us that the matter would be attended to.

My personal perception on this is that the issue does not mean that either company is incapable of making and selling quality products and anyone who refuses to buy their products over this fiasco is eliminating a pair of otherwise good cars and tires from their choices.

The problem, as I see it is a big mess up by someone in Toyota's marketing or engineering divisions. They seem to have chosen to use a High Performance tire, which provides greater comfort and control at the expense of tire life.

High performance tires are generally chosen for people who what the maximum amount of control and safety from their tires and they are willing to sacrifice tire life because of the softer rubber compounds used in order to provide these benefits.

The solution to the tire life complaint is to choose a longer-lasting tire, which Bridgestone could offer, or substitute one from another manufacturer, and you will end up with a considerable improvement in tire life, but you may notice a difference in the way the car feels and handles under different driving conditions.

How Toyota or Bridgestone should respond to this is beyond my scope, but it is obvious that it has disturbed a great number of customers which would bother me, if I were in a decision making capacity in either company. I would hope that they would learn that a substantial number of their customers place tire life over ride comfort and would at least offer them a choice when a new car is being purchased.


Oct 16, 2011
Suspension problem
by: John

I own a 2009 Camry XLE and I am about to install my 4th set of tires.
Yhe origional Bridgstone tires lasted about 30k which I figured was ok considering they were probably cheap oem tires.
My second set (General tires altimax) were rated very well so I had them installed.
After about 10k miles I noticed the tires were starting to make a lot of noise.
I took it into the garage where I bought them and they said they are cupping/feathering and it was due to my stuts leaking, he said they are the cause of the problem and need to be replaced.
I them took my car to 2 Toyota dealers and they said leaking struts were normal.
I could not deal with the noise any longer so going on the dealers service dept word that the struts were ok i replaced my 3rd set with Cooper CS4 which also had great reviews.
Guess what in about 7 months and 12k miles the tires are feathering again!
I went to 3 Toyota dealers and they all said your struts are fine and they felt it was the tire not the suspension.
I called Toyota care and said you are about to lose a customer who has purchased 3 Toyota's and I explained the problem to them in detail.
Their answer was we are sorry to hear that but there is nothing we can do.
I went back to my dealer where I purhcased the car Sloan Toyota in Glenside PA and said I need to have this car's suspension checked. They checked it about 4 months earlier but this time they charged me $100.00 and simply said everything is ok but they did note my tires were very noisy. They offered no help or any solution at all and basically made me feel as though I was being rediculous!
Now I am about to put my 4th set of tires on the car with about 70k miles.
I know in less than one year I will have the same problem but I don't know what else to do!
Toyota has lost me as a customer and could care less. They also know there is a problem as does my dealer(who suggested I buy a new car)but will not admit it.
By the way I rotate the tires every oil change and have had 2 alignments in less than one year.

Aug 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

You need to contact Toyota Customer Service @ 800-331-4331. They gave me a $250.00 credit to use at Toyota dealership for sales/service. Also call Bridgestone Mfg. in your warranty book. They gave me 36% discount on 4 new tires. This has been a headache.

Aug 26, 2011
Nothing from Toyota
by: Anonymous

I have a 2010 Camry with about 17,000 miles on it. Complained to the Toyota dealer that the tread is about gone. He said I just need to buy some new tires. I thought I just bought new tires with the car. Apparently Toyota wanted something just good enough to get it off the lot and after that it's your problem. I checked the paper work that came with the car and there is no tread wear warranty.
I guess Bridgestone isn't completely stupid.

The tires were rotated about every 7,000 by the dealer.

Aug 19, 2011
Getting anything from Toyota/Bridgestone
by: Jansen prev. Anonymous

In response to a letter I sent them, Toyota told me I must deal with Bridgestone. I told the Toyota rep I had already bought new tires from a different maker (Goodyears - and NOT bought thru Toyota dealer) as I was not going to ride around on dangerous tires when the Toyota service man told me at my oil change that the Bridgestones were dangerous at only 15,000 miles on them! So getting some pittance off another set of tires from Bridgestone would be a moot point. Besides, I would not buy Bridgestone just on principle alone (if they are willing to make such crappy tires, I don't care if it's Toyota who specified they do it...they should be ashamed of themselves). I would only take replacements if they gave them free (fat chance of that). Toyota rep response was well, your issue is with Bridgestone not us, is there anything else I can help you with??? If not, have a nice day and we'll put your letter in our file.

Aug 19, 2011
Has Anyone Else Gotten a Credit???
by: Anonymous

I just read the post from someone who got 36% discount from Bridgestone and $250 from the Toyota Dealer!!! I complained to both and got absolutely nowhere. Anyone else get anything?

Aug 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

I do agree that Toyota is a great car w/crappy tires. I am in the process of getting some kind of reimbursement. Bridgestone did give me 36% discount on the purchase of new tires. Toyota gave me a $250.00 credit to use for sales/service. But I still agree Toyota needs to put better tires on their cars!!!!

Aug 18, 2011
Response to Aug 18 post
by: Anonymous

The Camry is a great car... it's just the tires Toyota is putting on them stink. I'll stand behind Camry quality any day, but Toyota is making a big mistake putting these crappy tires on their vehicles. Even the Toyota service man told me the tires on his Highlander were crap, and he believes Toyota is wrong to do this. Apparently the dealerships don't have much say-so in the matter, they have to take them how they are shipped. However, when I go to buy my next Camry, I am going to try to force the dealer to put tires I specify on the car, or no deal. Or I will negotiate the price down by about $500 solely due to crappy tires, or no deal.

Aug 18, 2011
Bridgestone Tires- Allstar Automotive Group
by: Anonymous

I bought a 2011 Camry,1 year ago,tires starting making a humming sound. I took it to,Allstar dealer ship, same place it was bought.They say I need 4 tires.Then I took it to Firestone they said I need 2 tires.They claim tires went bad due to lack of maintenance.
Totota service my car so they should be responsible.

Allstar presented me with a Recommended Action Plan only $1,048.53.
What a joke!Still trying to get this resolved.
Wish i had never bought a Totoya Camry!
Listen everyone don't waste your money on a Totoya Camry!

Aug 09, 2011
replacement tires for bridgestone
by: r6264

After my bridgestone tires prematurely wore out on my 2003 avalon, I got Hankook tires over the internet.
Best tire I ever owned, showed absolutely no wear after 25,000 miles, and handled just great.
When these crap bridgestone tires wear out on my 2011 avalon, I'll put hankooks on.

Aug 09, 2011
Bridgestone Tires
by: Richkee

My 2007 Toyota Camry has approximately 39000 miles with the original Bridgestone tires that came with the car. I just bought a new set of 4 tires with the same brand and model(Turanza EL 400-02 P215/60R16 94V) at 161.99$ each, I feel regretful that I bought the tires because the tires should have lasted more miles. If anyone, can someone suggest a good tire for me, I think the tires was way too expensive for a bad Bridgestone tire. Thank you.

Aug 03, 2011
Bridgestone Tires
by: Anonymous

I will let you know how this turns out. And I bought a 2011 not a 2100 Camry (typo)!! It just sucks what consumers have to go through to be taken care of. Let's hope Toyota hears us speak and does something to help us out!

Aug 03, 2011
Bridgestone tires
by: r6264

Toyota does't give a rats ass.
If the dealer won't help you, you'll have to contact bridgestone.
If you read the warranty, they talk out of both sides of their mouth.
I hope you have documentation as far as when you rotated the tires and what the pressure was at that time. They'll try to prorate the tires.
Just keep reminding the rep that you did what you were supposed to do, now it's their turn.
In the warranty, they say they'll replace any defective tires. Just keep insisting if you have the documentation. Good luck!!

Aug 03, 2011
Bridgestone Tires
by: Anonymous

I also bought a new 2100 Toyota Camry, love the car, love Toyota. Bridgestone tires suck!!! I am waiting now for a response to have my tires replaced from cuppling @ 19,000 miles. I cannot afford to buy new tires for my brand new car. I shouldn't have to. Toyota needs to think about what kind of cheap tires they put on their vehicles. Word of Mouth Kills! So they had better change their "soft" tires that they are putting on their nice automobiles to good tires.

Aug 01, 2011
Bridgestone Tire Blowout on a Tundra
by: Anonymous

So, my wife is driving down an interstate and low and behold, she hears a small explosion and the left rear drops...the tire blew. As providence would have it, a state trooper was right next to her and gave her alot of help since I was hours away (yay state troopers everywhere!).

The trooper assisted my wife in contacting a local tire service provider who replaced the wheel with the spare (same specs). She brought the truck home and I looked at the tire.

It is a low probability, actually, to have a blowout. Typically, there is one point of failure (one hole). This tire had three! What are the odds? 1:1,000,000? All three holes are on the outside, not on the tread. Holes are at the 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 positions. One hole is cut-shaped. The other two looked like someone took a chisel to it and peeled back flaps. Boy, I wanna meet the guy who did that while it was going 70 miles an hour down an interstate.

I'm replacing the tire, but am going to see what I can do about trying to keep the roads safe from what appears to be real poor manufacture although I'm not altogether certain. It will probably go to a failure analysis lab...and then I will be altogether certain.

Jul 29, 2011
Bridgestone tires
by: Rich T

I bought a hybrid toyota lexus SUV in feb of 2007.
I had michilin tires on it.
They lasted approx 21,000 miles.
In place of them, I bought bridgestones.(60,000 warranty)
After 15,000 miles, they were showing wear.
The ires were rotated every 3,000 miles @ Firestone (where I got the tires) After complaining, I was sent back to firestone for a tire check. They said the tires were overinflated!! Funny, they're the ones who rotated the tires and took care of them. Of course the wanted to sell me 4 new tires and pro rate them. I took the car haome and found the pressure dead on.
They were the ones who documented the pressure every time I had the car serviced.
After some arguing with the rep, he sold me the tires for $225 everything included. I'm sorry I didn't stick to it and insist that they replace the tires. Shortly after that, I traded the lexus for a 2011 Avalon, Guessd what?? Bridestone tires, and they hydrplane. Bad thing about getting bridgestone to do somthing is that you have to replace them with bridestones.
On my last avalon, I had Hankook optimo tires and I loved them.

Jul 29, 2011
lousy tires
by: Rich T

Purchased a 2011 Toyota Avalon with bridgestone tires.
I Have a little over 5,000 miles on it.
When I first drove it in the rain, I noticed that the car hydroplaned. First thing I thought of was the tires. I've had past problems with tires that did the same thing so I know what the issue is.
After my first oil change @ the dealers, I drove home in the rain and the car hydroplaned all the way home.
I've had prior problems with Bridgestone tires and would make them my last choice as a tire.

Jul 26, 2011
New Tires needed 20,500 Miles
by: Elizabeth

I have a 2010 Toyota Camry with 20,500 miles at 16,000 miles I got a nail sidewall inside area and Toyota refused to repair. Their solution was to purchase new tires (2). I wasn't ready to fork out $400+ so I took it home husband fixed it. Today I go in for oil change and Tire/Rotation balance and Toyota does the the oil change but is unable to rotate due to low thread on back tires. Best tires are on front unable to move to back. So I'm back to needing to purchase 2 new tires. Never in my life owning:

2 Mitsubishi Eclipse's
Honda Accord
Dodge Charger

Have I ever had to replace tires prior to 33,000-35,000 miles. So I'm a bit disappointed since I was shooting for something economic with good quality. I would have to say that the quality is lacking and not only in the tires. Looking online obviously the tires are a problem on the Toyota's. I think Toyota needs to review their guiding principles because they are falling short on principle #4!!

Editorial Comment:

While I can sympathize with your disappointment at having to buy new tires after such a short time, I must say you are being unfair and unrealistic in blaming Toyota for your first problem.

In the first place, a nail in the sidewall is nothing which Toyota could have prevented. Next, except for small punctures, it is not acceptable practice to patch a sidewall, and there are certain areas of the tire where no repair is acceptable. I would suggest that one of these two conditions applied and the dealer was simply following industry safety standards.

Toyota has received considerable criticism over experiences which resulted in tires needing to be replaced too soon, but your first problem is clearly not in the same category ... you experienced a road hazard which could affect anyone no matter what kind of car or brand of tires they had.

It may never happen to you again, even if you continue driving a Toyota or using Bridgestone tires for the rest of your life.


Jul 13, 2011
Very poor tires
by: Anonymous

My 2011 Camry has only 10K miles on it and the tires are half worn out. Tires are Bridgestone Turanza and are the poorest excuse for tires I have ever seen. This I told Toyota & Bridgestone and both say tires are for designed for ride and quietness. This turns me against Toyota and I will never buy another car made by them.

Jun 29, 2011
To the salesman
by: Anonymous

Keep up the good work badgering Toyota management about the tires, see if you can get your fellow salespeople to do it, too. I firmly believe in Toyota car quality, but this tire issue now makes me have to qualify my recommendations to friends and relatives by saying "be prepared to shell out $600+ quickly for new tires if you buy Toyota, tho, because the ones put on the cars are worth for shit". I replaced my 16,000 worn out Bridgestones with Goodyear Assurance tires that are listed for 80,000 miles and that I had put on my previous Camry and liked. I did not notice any major negative difference in the rides on either car switching to these much longer-lasting tires.

Jun 29, 2011
Toyota's Selection of Tires
by: concern salesman

I am deeply disappointed with the tire issue on A LOT of Toyota vehicles. I am a salesman at a dealership. I have written letters to Toyota to change their practices. Too many times I've seen customers having to replace their tires within 15K to 25K miles.
Toyota purchases a special kind of tire from the manufacturers with a soft compound for quiet and smooth rides for their vehicles. On the Hybrids, it will be for low rolling resistance. In fact Toyo brand has tires for Toyota exclusively that they don't sell to anyone else. I had a customer that purchased a 2006 Highlander. At 15K miles his tires were completely bald. Toyo reps explained the tire type that Toyota orders from them was a special soft compound tire with SHORT tread life. Naturally they said contact Toyota.
Anyone who says Toyota's quality is not wrong. Though they are making poor decisions on tire selection, the vehicles are still the best.
I still continue to send letters to Toyota urging them to discontinue the soft compound tires usage on their vehicles. I get tired of "putting out fires" when the customer comes to me fuming over short tire life. All that happens is what we see here on these posts, angry folks who may not purchase another Toyota. And that is what effects me and my family's income.

Jun 22, 2011
Bridgestone Turanza and 2010 Camry
by: Anonymous

Front tires had to be replaced at 15,800 miles. Same sorry story from Toyota. But they never answered my basic question...why a V rated tire in the first place? Who's planning to drive at 149mph? No wonder the ride was so good, we're riding on marshmallows!! I too won't be buying another Toyota and bought my first one in 1976, so we go back a long time. Toyota has obviously lost touch with it's customers in my estimation.

Jun 16, 2011
2011 camry, 8 months old, tire blew
by: La

Bought 2011 brand new camry october 2010. had 5,000 mile maintenance April 2011 at 5,006 miles. Was told tires were fine. Now June 2011, 8 months old, tire blew on freeway. Did not hit anything, run over anything, was fine when I left. The roadside assistance person took it off and said it is not repairable. There is a tear in the tire about 5 inches long, on the side. he said usually holes from nails or something will be on the actual part of tire that rolls on the floor, not the side where it says "bridgestone." It is a bridgestone-turanza(sp). The tires do not look bald or anything, just 6,000 miles on them. And it is not on the outside, side part, it is actually on the inner service so not from hitting a curb or anything. No rim damage either, obviously tire defect and its still new.

May 30, 2011
20" duellers on Tundra
by: Steven M

Truck had shimmy at 95-100k (60mph) then it got so bad I had to stop. This happened a couple of times and dealer now tells me tires are shot but they have 40% tread left. At $300 each this is a joke. I put winter tires & rims on so they are not on all year. They might have 50000k/30000m on them. This does not sound like good value!

May 28, 2011
Bridgetone tires on my 2008 Highlander
by: Granitedawg

My Highlander came with TOYO tires orignally and when time to change tires came the only replacement I could find for the 19" tires were Bridgtone. It cost me $1,000 for 4 tires!!. This past week I had a flat and the tire dealer said the low profile tire could not be repaired ( one nail in the tire!!!!)and I would have to get another tire $250.00 So I did. My Highlander requires 19" tires and they are hard to find. Why would Toyota sell a car with 19" tires on it?

May 21, 2011
same problem
by: Superbear

Toyota is really making CHEAP cars!
I just have the same problem, and changed all my tires on my 2009 Camry LE at 23,000 miles!
Spent another $500 on the tires, never buy a TOYOTA again!

May 03, 2011
2010 Camry Defects
by: Anonymous

Our 2010 Camry had both front axels and transmission replaced at 5,000 miles. Now at 9,000 miles the two front tires are bald on the outsides.

The Toyota mechanic said the tire and wheel combination from the factory are impossible to balance. I suspect that Toyota purposely added positive camber to try and fix what is still not right.

I'm thinking of filing a class action against Toyota. Oh, and another floor mat recall.

Apr 19, 2011
2009 Toyota Camry
by: Anonymous

Just replaced by Bridgestone tires on my 2009 Toyota Camry with only 20,000 miles on it. Another person in the tire shop told me he had rotated his Toyota Camry Tires @ 6000 miles and it made no difference. He needed new tires too. I just bought 4 Firestone ComfortTred Touring Tires yesterday. They are rated 9's in dry, wet and snow traction and 10's in ride and comfort. I called Toyota Headquarters with no concern on their part. Let's face it, they saved lots of $$$$ on millions of cars which really added up to a profit for them. I will rethink my next car due to this and their poor customer service concerning it.

Apr 19, 2011
Toyota Sucks!!
by: Erick

I bought a 2008 Highlander and 24000 miles later, my Bridgestone tires are bald. Unacceptable, I paid 32,000 dollars for this vehicle, more with interest and this is what I end up with. I call Toyota's head quarters and they will do nothing. I will never buy another Toyota again. I had to buy another set of Bridgestone's and tried to get Toyota to reimburst me, yeah right!! I just wasted my time. Toyota said I could have bought different tires. I would have to get an inch taller tire for 200-500 more. I shouldn't have too. I didn't put these cheap tires on the vehicle to begin with. Is there any way I can sue Toyota? I know I will pay more then what its worth, its just the principle of this situation. I bought a brand new vehicle, I should get what I pay for!!

Apr 19, 2011
Lease turn in & need to replace tires...again
by: Anonymous

I leased my 2007 Camry in Jun 07, since then I've had to replace the tires b/c of worn tread. I had the inspection yesterday and was told one of the tires requires replacing. Twice in 4 years! Come on.

Apr 06, 2011
2000 miles and over 1/16 tread gone already
by: Debbie

Just bought a new rav4, only 2456 miles on it. Ran into my mechanic at the gas station. He said to me nice car, Toyota is a good vehicle. They did not sell you new tires on this car? Hm... I thought he has bad eyes. I love my Rav4. Today I went by the home of the guy that drives a car carrier. Stopped and messured the Rav4 tires on the truck. Almost 1/8 tread already gone at 2456 miles???? So as I calculate my tires will need replacing at 10,000. Seems to me that I got used tires on my new vehicle?????? I'll be going to the dealer next week to demand that my new vehicle has new tires! Wish me luck.

Mar 31, 2011
Same thing..
by: steve

Same problems as posted, except the stock tires on my 2011 Camry are actually Michelin...Just clocked 13K miles and now you cant even have a conversation with your passenger the noise is that bad !! Actually, everything about the 2011 LE is a negative.... Hyundai Sonata, you'll be mine soon

Mar 18, 2011
Bridgestone Tires
by: Anonymous

Here's an update. I contacted Bridgestone Tires and explained the dissatisfaction I had with their tires on my 09 Toyota Camry. They told me that those tires are manufactured specifically to Toyota's specifications to last only up to 25,000 miles. So........ Toyota cut corners, gave us a cheap tire and I will rethink my purchases with them in the future. I called Toyota Headquarters and filed a report. (not that it will do any good)

Mar 18, 2011
Bridgestone tires are no good
by: Anonymous

I own a 2009 mazda with these Bridgestone tires. I've always had my car serviced every 3-5 months. On the inside of all the tires are worn down and the service dept. at mazda said I needed new tires. My car only had 16,000 miles on it. They wanted about $700 for 4 new ones. I will never buy another car with those tires on it again. I think the Bridestone Company should replace the defected tires.

Mar 18, 2011
It's not only Bridgestone
by: Anonymous

I have Michelin MXV4 tires and have experienced even, but excessive wear - tires worn out in 22k miles. These are supposed to be good tires ($160 each). I believe it is a fundamental suspension problem that causes wear on Camrys. Over past 40 years I have never experienced wear like this. On bigger cars I usually get 35k-45k miles. I also have talked to other owners of Camrys having same problem even, but excessive wear.

Mar 10, 2011
2010 RAV 4 Bridgestone tires -Terrible experience!
by: K. Smith

I bouught a RAV 4 in April of 2010, after driving Lexus SUV. I encouraged friends and family and co-workers to buy Toyota. I made a decision to buy Toyota in spite of the the recent major recall.

Well, I am extremely disappointed now in my choice and lack of cooperation from the dealer and Toyota customer rep. My car has 18K miles on it, tires were rotated at every oil change, done by the dealer and now the 2 front (Bridgestone) tires are completely bald on the inside!!!

We almost got killed driving on these bald tire through the mountains in the rain! And this is with regular tire rotations. I refuse to pay $600 that the dealer quoted me for the tires and alignment.

Considering the number of problems that Bridgestone tire equipped Toyotas are having, sounds like a good possibility for a class action suit.

Editorial Comment:

I don't wish this to sound like a defense for either Bridgestone or Toyota, but if your tires are only bald on the "inside" rather than all the way across the tread, your problem is likely faulty alignment.

An alignment problem can wear out a tire in just a short trip. Rotating tires does not solve the issue although if it is done frequently you may detect the abnormal wear before it becomes serious, do an alignment, and save the tires.


Mar 08, 2011
2009 Toyota Highlander / Bridgestone Tires
by: Anonymous

I own a 2009 Highlander and it came new with Bridgestone tires. The vehicle has 26000 miles on it and the tread has been worn out for the last 5000 miles. I have been limping along trying to get the most out of them. Last place I checked said it would cost $1,000.00 to replace all four tires. Definitely will not be putting another set of Bridgestone tires on the vehicle.


Mar 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had no idea that everyone was having problems with the Bridgestone tires they put on the new Camry. I guess I have to feel lucky I got 28k out of mine. Dealer told me they were shot, I hadn't even looked at them. I was less than happy, I have never seen such poor performance in a tire. I was going to call Toyota corporate but it sounds like they won't do anything about it. :(

Feb 07, 2011
I expected it
by: Anonymous

2010 Camry 20K miles ... tires shot ... and, yes, they have been rotated like they should have. The service person said "oh I can get you these tires for 872 out the door". I declined.

Before I purchased my car I looked it up I knew about the tires and I told my sales person ... so he knocked off an extra 300 off the price cause he said he knew the tires were crap (I loved my sales guy).

Jan 25, 2011
2011 Camry
by: Anonymous

I have 18,000 miles on my car and the bridgestone turanza tires are all cupping on the inside of the tire. It is noisy going down the road, loud tire noise. I have had the tires rotated at the dealer every 5000 miles like they recommend. Is this all the longer these tires last? After viewing the other comments about toyota and bridgestone tire, I'm wishing I would have bought a different brand of car.

Jan 07, 2011
Tire Recommendation
by: Anonymous

Try Goodyear Assurance Comfort Tread. They were great on my 1993 Camry, and when my crappy Bridgestones went bad at 15,000 miles on my 2009 Camry, I immediately bought the Goodyears.

I have about 2,000 miles on them, think the ride is great, they are rated to 80,000 miles.

Even the tire salesman said they are good tires (and I came in asking for them, he didn't "sell" me them, he had to order them for me as normally he stocks Cooper Tires). And I live in northern Ohio with tons of snow.

Jan 07, 2011
Bridgestone Tires on 2009 Toyota Camry
by: Anonymous

I just went in to see my dealer for a new sensor on my 2009 Toyota Camry and I was told my front tires have 3/32 tread left. I bought this car brand new and have only 19,000 miles on it.

Later, I heard a sales rep telling another couple who needed tires that she didn't recommend the Bridgestone tires because they are too soft! I was told they put soft tires on a new car because you get a much better ride. I called Bridgestone, they won't do anything. My original salesperson asked me if I rotated them. I have had many, many cars and I have never rotated tires. Yes, I'm sure I would get better tire life, BUT, I have never, ever gotten such terrible results from tires as Bridgestone tires on a brand, new car. Any ideas as to which tire I can purchase for this car with a "V" rating that is good in ice and snow?

Jan 06, 2011
Bridgestone tires on 2011 Camry
by: Dallas, TX

Sure wish I had found this site prior to finalizing my deal on my 2011 Camry I would have definitely negotiated for better tires.

My 2011 Camry is four months old with 3,000 miles on it and I just had a flat with Bridgestone tires. I heard a roaring noise coming from the rear of my car while driving pulled over and back tire was going flat.

Changed tire and went to have flat repaired and was told tire was unrepairable. Why, the side walls near the base of the tire are too thin. Wall of the tire is too thin, never heard of this in my life, is this a tire defect?

Basically, tire shop saying we are not going to be responsible if this tire blowout and we repaired it. I know a flat tire can occur at anytime but never expected to be replacing a tire at 3,000 miles.

Going to Bridgestone dealer today, I guess I should be ready for a battle according to these comments regarding the Bridgestone tires on the Camry. If no satisfaction there, Toyota dealership and salesman is next as I am sure they knew or heard about these tires going bad and fail to inform the customers.

Nov 15, 2010
Take Responsibility
by: Anonymous

Obviously there is a problem. Why won't either company do something about it. Answer: If someone dies or is injured from a Bad Tire, then "we didn't know about it". Again the common man is screwed again. Thanks Toyota and thanks Bridgestone

Nov 07, 2010
Follow up to my post
by: Amy J.

I wrote Toyota HQ and complained about the Bridgestone tires. They called me and turned it around that I need to contact Bridgestone.

I said Bridgestone will do nothing for me I am sure, at best they would offer me some small $ amount off of purchasing new tires of theirs, which I will never do after this experience (plus I already bought new Goodyear tires so don't need tires).

I thought this was terrible of Toyota to basically send me to their subcontractor. What, if my tranny goes bad, or my seats discombobulate, are they going to refer me to whomever manufactured the parts for those so I can fight with those subcontractors???

What a joke. Toyota put them on the vehicle, THEY should be the ones getting restitution from Bridgestone and giving it to US... unless of course they specified to Bridgestone to provide the cheapest, crappiest tires they could, which is probably the TRUE story.

This is really sad, I have been such a staunch and loyal Toyota customer. Now I'm not so sure...

Nov 05, 2010
I will NEVER buy another Toyota
by: Kim Smith

After many years of driving Hondas and having no problems with them, I am a fool for buying my 2011 Camry.

I have had the Camry for 6 months, it has 12,600 miles on it. I started hearing a roaring sound from the back tires about 2 weeks ago. The roaring became louder and louder...after consulting with a friend whom also drives a new Camry, she informed me that her car is doing the same thing and that the dealer told her it was the tires.

I decided to take my car to the local Toyota service dept. Informed there that my tires are cupping and there is nothing they will do about it.

SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!!?!? 6 months of owning a car and the tires are already bad.

My advertisement for them by word of mouth is going to cost them a whole lot more than if they would replace my tires. I am telling everyone I know to buy HONDA!!!!! And, I will NEVER purchase Bridgestone tires for myself or the other 3 cars that are in my household.

Nov 04, 2010
toyota tires (Bridgestone) no good.
by: Anonymous

If I ever buy another toyota it will not have any tires on it. Toyota will HAVE to put on what I want or nothing..,

Oct 29, 2010
Toyota Tundra / Bridgestone tires
by: PA Driver

I saw this post and tried my hand at contacting both Toyota and Bridgestone in regards to the poor tire life.

Toyota blamed Bridgestone. Bridgestone claims the made the tires as Toyota ordered. I would in the automotive industry. Knowing how this works, this is a Toyota issue.

Never had this problem with other cars I bought, it will influence my future decisions.

For all those considering a new Toyota, do yourself a favor and make the dealer change the OEM tires to something you want. I assume you will have to haggle on the price, but you will get more the 20,000 miles on the alternate tires.

Sep 24, 2010
Bridgestone Tires Suck
by: Amy J.

Add me to the list of folks who are only getting 15,000 miles out of their original equipment Bridgestone tires on 2009 Camry. I guess this is when they all "expire"??? Required tire rotation and proper inflation didn't help. Even the Toyota service guy seemed to indicate these tires really suck, he had no explanation why they would last for so few miles. His only answer was I need new ones, now. Of course, NO WAY was I going to buy new tires from a dealership that had no problem putting crap on in the first place. So now I will hunt elsewhere and believe me, I won't be getting Bridgestone tires to replace them!!!!!!!

Sep 14, 2010
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Dear all,

I would like to thank you for your posts, because I didn't know my tires should not have worn out so quickly! I took my 2009 Toyota Corolla in at around 20,000 miles because I heard a grinding noise when I applied the brakes, and was told my tires needed to be replaced. I have a lease and wanted to take it back to the dealership for the tires to be replaced, but after reading your posts, I will take it somewhere convenient, less expensive, and make sure I purchase quality tires! Again, thank you!

- Toyota Corolla Owner

Sep 13, 2010
Poor quality Bridgestone tires installed on Toyota Camry
by: Anonymous

Toyota is NOT responding to my emails regarding poor tire quality and keep sending me advertisement. Toyota was my number one choice for 20 years. I encouraged friends and family and co-workers to buy Toyota. I even supported Toyota in the recent major recall. HOWEVER, I am afraid their lack of cooperation and honoring their 3 year 36000 miles bumper to bumper warranty changed all that. I’ve owned many cars and have purchased new tires but NONE had to be replaced at 15000 miles. This cost me about $180 but this will cost Toyota even more when I share my experience with potential buyers.

Aug 23, 2010
Bridgestone & Toyota Suck!
by: Anonymous

I own a 2009 Toyota Camry and have been pretty good at rotation. I have never seen tires like this wear so bad in a year. The noise I have to endure while driving is outragious! The Toyota dealer told me I needed a new set of tires. The alignment, according to them, is perfect. You'd think they would see how utterly ridiculous this is. New tires in a year? Please! This is the last time I buy a vehicle from Toyota. If they can not put their customers first, they don't deserve customers period!

Jun 17, 2010
2010 Camry & Bridgestone EL400 02 worn out at 16,890
by: Anonymous

Here is one more story of worn out Bridgestone Turanza EL 400 02 tires that have excessive wear at low mileage.

My wife's 2010 Camry LE is fitted with Bridgestone Turanza EL400 tires. The selling dealer has performed all the maintenance to date with checks for tire inflation and rotation performed as they specified. The vehicle has never been in an accident, and the alignment is perfect. The vehicle is driven in a safe manner never off road.

All four tires are worn down to the wear bars, and won't pass state inspection. We asked the writer at the dealer about it and he said they never go past 20,000 miles on a Camry.

When we asked if the dealer covered the tires for excessive wear they said no, contact the Tire manufacture (Bridgestone). I did, and the authorized Bridgestone dealer confirmed what I read in their warranty manual. It states that the tires they supply to manufacturers as OEM are not covered for excessive wear.

He also stated that the manufacturer chooses the compound of the tires they purchase under contract. This is why the tire manufacturer won't warranty an OEM tire. They would normally cover the same tire model if it was purchased from one of their stores. So, both Toyota and Bridgestone know about the problem and both refuse to address this situation, and the obvious danger to their customers.

I see so many of these exact same complaints against the Camry with Bridgestones, it is gotta become NHTSA safety action... As for Toyota and Bridgestone, we won't be using their products in future...

Jun 10, 2010
2010 Camry Tire Excessive wear
by: Diane Wojcik

I just had my oil change a another tire rotation and my service tech notified me of the excessive wear on all four of my Bridgestone tires. I have 18,000+ miles on my car and he said he would be surprised if I made it to 20,000.

After having to deal with the Toyota recall I'm very unhappy with this lastest news on the quality of Toyota. As a previous Toyota owner (1996 Avalon) I have come to expect much better....

May 17, 2010
Yup! Crappy tires
by: Anonymous

I also can relate to this story

I was hearing a thumping sound in the front end so I told the service guy about it. When I picked the car up they told me the front end was .06 out of adjustment and the tire were cupped so they put them on the rear. The car thumping was even louder then when I dropped it off.

I was told the same this by the dealership. I was up to 25,000 mile when this started happening.
Toyota can not admit that these tire are defective and are not a 40000 mile tire.

May 13, 2010
I had problems with Bridgestone and Toyota too
by: Linda Sadler

My Bridgestone tires on my 2006 Avalon felt as if they were square last time I went for a maintenance check and the Toyota dealer said I needed an alignment and swapped one of the rear tires with the spare.

This time I went (6 months later)and they showed me that all my tires were shot (tread wore down past 2 layers on the front) and wearing down on the rear. They said I needed another alignment and 4 new tires.

They said they didn't like the Bridgestone tires so I bought Yokohama for $400. It seems to me that my Avalon should have come with tires that would last more than 23,000 miles!!!

I have NEVER had to replace tires at 23,000 miles (and these looked seriously worn!) And it didn't occur to me to ask what kind of tires came with my car when it was new.

Shame on Toyota and Bridgestone!!

Apr 08, 2010
Toyota Corolla with15,000 mile tires
by: AL in Maine

My 2009 Corolla S went to the shop Monday for its 15000 mile service.

I was hearing a thumping sound in the front end so I told the service guy about it. When I picked the car up they told me the front end was .06 out of adjustment and the tire were cupped so they put them on the rear. The car thumping was even louder then when I dropped it off.

They took the car back. The assistant service manager then called and said the car needed new tires those were worn out. Now, mind you, this car only has 15,000 miles on it and it has had its 5,000 and 10,000 miles services done at the dealer where I bought the car.

After 20 min of talking the Assistant service manager told me Toyota would replace two of the tires if I would buy the other two. He said my cost for TWO tires be $363.00.

I then called VIP. Four 80,000 mile tires mounted balanced with road hazard warranty, free flat repair for the life of the tire, and free rotation for the life of the tire COST $463.00. I asked the dealer to pay half of that. NO WAY was the answer.

I am not done yet, but if anyone asks me about Toyota quality they are going to get an earful.

Sep 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

I went to my Toyota dealer. The service guy put a gage in the tires and told me all 4 are shot. He told the service mang I'm waiting to hear from him.

All I want is kind of deal such as new tires. I'll pay half. I have 24000 now.

If they do not make good on this issue I will dump the dealer for sure. I bought 3 toyotas from them. But no more Bridgestone tires for me.

Sep 14, 2009
2008 camray
by: Anonymous

Lously tires 215/60r16

I'm waiting for the dealer now to see what they're going do. 25000 they are shot.

If I'm not satisfied, NO more Camrays. I have 2 now. Bridgestone tires are ROTTEN.

Editorial Comment:
While it is obvious that this reader is furious over this situation, and may have felt the need to let off some steam (which is part of what this forum is about), we'd like to encourage you to add more details and be more specific when you are ranting. It will not only help other, but it may help you too.

Start by telling us exactly what is wrong with your situation. This reader says the tires were shot. Surely he doesn't mean that someone took an gun an put a bullet in them, so what does he mean by "shot"? Is the tread worn off? Are they constantly going flat? Do they vibrate excessively?

Then it would be helpful to others to know where they were bought, installed, and maintained, if at all. Also, how long ago? For example there would be a great difference between a 12 year old tire which has been sitting in hot sunlit areas, and a 2 year old tire which is worn out after just 25,000 miles.

Finally, what is it that you hope, or want the dealer to do to satisfy you? Do you want 4 brand new tires at no cost? Would you be satisfied if they replaced one bad tire? Would a new set of tires with a discount be satisfactory and reasonable?

Answering these kind of questions, even before you visit a dealer who may be involved may help you in getting a reasonable adjustment.


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