Toyo's from Les Schwab

Toyo's from Les Schwab

by Jon

Toyo tires 60th  anniversary poster

Toyo tires 60th anniversary poster

I have had a few sets of Toyo tires from Les Schwab on two separate vehicles.

I was relatively impressed with them, but then I moved to where there is snow and the handling is terrible.

After surviving the winter one of the drive tire's steel belts had busted during the summer. I had it replaced and bought a set of studs for the winter. Then this summer I put the Toyos back on and last week another one of the drive tires had busted its steel belts. So, I think that a tire that used to be a great tire has dropped off my referral list.

Editorial Comment:

While it's obvious that Jon is disappointed with the results he's gotten from these tires, it wouldn't be fair to make a blanket assessment of all Toyo tires from the information provided.

It would be helpful to know the model of tire, the kind of vehicle, the former and new driving and road conditions, etc. Perhaps, in changing location, it might have been useful to also change the type and design of the tire being used.


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Mar 05, 2015
by: Karl

Well it was nothing like what I have had experienced until now. It would have been something that we would not have thought about since a long time from now. I hope to see more and more innovations based on this soon.

May 06, 2011
Toyo Destroying Les Schwab Reputation
by: Larry

I'm not going to describe my negative experiences with Toyo Tourevos, rather I'm going to comment that many people I know who used to be Les Schwab loyalists are going elsewhere because of Toyo Tires poor quality (and Schwab not standing behind the tire). People I work with like Schwab service and quality but they've given up on them because of Toyo.

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