Titan Tractor Tires

Titan Tractor Tires

by Rob

I installed two 13.6 x 38 tires on my John Deere tractor. I use the tractor almost exclusively for plowing snow in the winter. After 3 winters and perhaps 15 hours of operation, one of the tires has developed cracks around its circuference close to the tire's bead. Otherwise, both tires still look like new, still having the little nubbies sticking out from the tire's surface.

Titan tires said they will allow me $250 credit toward tire replacement, but I must first have one of their dealers unmount the tire from the rim and examine the interior of the tire. The nearest Titan dealer charges $125/hr for a field service call.

I have another tractor with a competitor's brand of tire that has been stored outdoors for 40 years and the tires still look better than these new Tital tires.

No more Titan tires for me

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Jul 27, 2014
Your Tractor Tires
by: Wheels Etc

I am also surprised one tire has developed this problem and could be the result of the way it is stored in the summer months. I believe the Titan Dealer has made you a generous offer sight unseen and you surely understand his need to actually see if the tire has been damaged by possibly running low pressure or other events.
I suggest you are probably a bit handy and resourceful. With that in mind I suggest you block the rear axle and remove the tire and wheel from the tractor then take it to that dealer in your pickup. I am sure they will be more reasonable in dismounting then mounting the replacement tire after the inspection shows the tire failed from a workmanship defect. I would consider $50 for the total labor would be overcharging but you earned at least $75 for your part.

Jul 27, 2014
Sidewall cracking
by: Tire Guy

I, too, would want to look at the inside of the tire before making a final diagnosis of this tire's problem, but my initial impression from the photo is that this tire may have been driven with an inadequate tire pressure. That would be clearly evident if there are ground-up rubber residues inside the tire.

Since this kind of problem comes from the vehicle owner not maintaining the required pressure, many tire companies would only offer a credit as a gesture to try to keep you as a customer.

Without further evidence, I would not blame the brand of the tire.


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