Tires from nissian maxima for pontiac montana

Tires from nissian maxima for pontiac montana

Can you use tires from nissian maxima 1998 to 2001 pontiac montana?

My Pontiac Montana has 215/70/15 and i have extra set of tires for my Nissian Maxima which are 205/65/15.Are they interchangeable or not and would it cause van to ride differently?

Editorial Comment:

Because you didn't provide all the information about your vehicles, I had to make a few assumptions in order to investigate your situation. A summary of what I found follows:

Pontiac Montana 2001 Wheels offered 15-18"
Bolt Pattern: 5-115
Rec. Tire Size:215/70-15

Nissan Maxima 1998 Wheels offered 16-20
Bolt Pattern: 5-114
Rec. Tire Size:215/55-16

Note that the Nissan didn't even come up with 15" wheels, so it is possible that the tires you have are 16 inch and not 15. If this is the case you cannot use those tires on the wheels of the Montana.

If you wanted to swap wheels and all, that won't work either because the bolt pattern on the two vehicles is different, so the wheels are not interchangeable.

Finally, comparing the two tires which are recommended for use on each of these vehicles the 215/55 16 tires from the Nissan are more than 1 1/2 inches smaller in diameter than the 215/70 15 tires of the Montana and this is not a good switch … the difference is too great.

Now I imagine you're saying that the tire sizes you mentioned are correct and that my analysis is not based on the the same tires. Well, the 205/65 15 tires you mentioned are also considerably smaller than those on the Montana, and this is not a good swap also, because the difference in sizes is over 5% -- much more than the 2% limit we normally recommend that people stay within when change tire sizes.

My recommendation is sell the other tires if you can and buy the right size for your Montana, making sure you have tires with the required load and speed ratings matching those that are on your vehicle now.


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