Tires for a beloved Baby Blue Geo Metro

Tires for a beloved Baby Blue Geo Metro

by PW

Geo Metro

Geo Metro

I used to have a ’94 Geo Metro. It was baby blue. It got 50 miles to the gallon. I loved it. I sold it when I went into real estate. That was a terrible idea.

One day, when I still had my beloved Geo Metro, which my husband is so sick of hearing about, I needed new tires. PepBoys was on my way home from work. They had all kinds of advertisements out about having low prices on tires.

This was my introduction to big box stores. I went up to the counter. A small woman with a headband and no fingernails offered to help me. I asked for tires.

I waited for what seemed like about 45 minutes for anyone to offer me any more assistance or say anything to me. A man came to the tire counter from the warehouse. He asked me if he could help me. I said I need tires.

As I had waited so long I was quite hot and bothered. I peeled off my outer sweatshirt layer carefully pulling down my t-shirt. The gentlemen behind the counter asked if I was going to give him a strip show.

I just repeated my request for tires. He asked me what kind of car I had. I described my beloved Geo Metro, my little baby, my first brand new car.

He said I needed bicycle tires for my car and laughed oh-so-hardily.

After an hour investment I finally gathered my purse and sweatshirt and three cylinder vehicle with the oh-so-small tires and left PepBoys vowing never to return.

I went somewhere else, and my baby finally got her new tires.

PepBoys might have gained a customer-for-life had they served me promptly and treated me with the respect which any customer is entitled instead of making fun of my choice in cars.

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Jul 16, 2015
by: John

Thank you for your valuable information. I have been searching for the tires of geo metro and you have helped me to know about the availability of these tires. I am very glad to get this information. Keep updating!

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