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Wear Patterns Show Tire Wear Problems

The most important clues which a professional uses to diagnose tire wear problems are the ways in which the tire tread is worn...

How does a professional diagnose tire wear?

Tire Wear Problems

Tread wear patterns are classic indicators of over or under inflation and alignment problems.

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Low Pressure

If you have been driving with under inflation (low pressure) the tires will be more worn on both the shoulders because an under inflated tire tends to lift up in the center of the tread when it is in use.

Excess Pressure

If the vehicle has been used with too much pressure (over inflation) the center of the tire will be more worn than the outside edges because an over inflated tire tends to be rounder and the outside is lifted off the ground.

Correct pressure will cause the tire to wear evenly across the entire tire.



Sometimes you may notice wear just on one edge or the other. Usually this is caused by a problem with the wheel alignment, not tire pressure. The solution is to have the wheels aligned as soon as possible so as to stop this abnormal wear.

Other tire wear problems are much less frequent and more difficult to diagnose but if your are checking your tire pressure regularly and inspect your tires together with performing a rotation every 3 to 4,000 miles you will be taking important steps to enjoy a maximum life from your tires.


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