by Lawrence Co
(Hacienda Hts, CA USA)

Im already on my 4 set of tires on my 2010 sienna. I rotate and do alignment every 6000 miles and tires still wear on the outer edge. Im planning to get 225-70r-16 instead of stock. Can any one have suggestions.


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sienna wear
by: Lawrence

I have 66,000 miles on my van and this is going to be the 4th set of tires. I rotate and do alignment at every 6000 miles. Tires pressure is set at 44 for front and rear. I tired of buying tires got aligment done several time. Vehicle go straight with out leaning. Due to any crowns in road. Man if I knew the van ate tires I wouldnt buy this van. If I had access to a alignment machine I would do it myself since I usto be a tech for Toyota I also wondering if there are others who have prolbems with there van. Or is there a camber kit for this vehicle.

Your Tire Wear Problem
by: Wheels Etc

It is likely you have been driving these tires at the factory recommended air pressure which may not be the best choice for good tire wear. Toyota is also concerned about comfort in the ride. More air means you will feel the road with more intensity.

I am more concerned about you poor choice of replacement size for these tires. Your original size should be P215/65R16 and the 225/70 is more than 5% greater in diameter. That means if it fits and does not rub on the fenders when you turn you will be subject to significant variation in your speedometer reading and at risk of tickets.

I believe a change could be made and I have some success with the tire used for several years on police vehicles 225/60 R 16. This tire in a good quality brand is relatively stiff and has built up outer ribs due to the city use of most police vehicles.

It is still good practice to rotate the tires every 6 to 10,000 miles without changing the direction of the rotation.(not a practice subscribed by the industry)

I also suggest using slightly higher air pressure in the tires when using them on the front axel. By the way the 225/60 is only slightly less in diameter (1.3%) and is enough wider to give you a very nice handling advantage.

abnormal Tire wear
by: Tire Guy

Typically abnormal wear on the outside edge of tires is a sign of faulty alignment. If the wear is excessive on both edges of the tread but not in the centre this is a problem with too little air pressure in the tires.

If, as you say, you are rotating the tires every 6000 miles there still should be plenty of time to notice that the tires are not wearing evenly, seek to find the solution and do the necessary rep lairs so that you should not have to replace them so often.

Still there are some holes in the information which you have provided that make it difficult to completely assess your situation. For example you say you have had 4 sets of tires since 2010. How much do you drive each year? If you are driving over 40,000 miles a year then it might be somewhat acceptable to go through 4 sets of tires over this period. On the other hand if you only drive 10,000 miles a year, no highway driving, drive always on well maintained city roads, then even one set of tires might be enough.

So at this point, the only suggestion that I can make that might be useful is to make certain that you are using the correct air pressure and that you check the pressure at least once a month.

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