Tire Wear Problems

What Can Wear Tell A Professional?

TIRE GUY Suddenly realizing your tires have problems can ruin your day and cause alarm bells to go off on your credit card limit. However, if you take immediate action the problem could be easily fixed and actually save you money.

This was the case for Soiban, who noticed irregular wear patterns and took her car straight to her tire dealer for advice. Thankfully, it was a simple tire wear problem that was easily fixed.

Wear paterns can become an important diagnostic tool for your tire dealer. By assessing the wear pattern the dealer can often ascertain if the problem is caused by incorrect inflation or something else- like an alignment problem.

Low Pressure

A main cause of many tire wear problems is low pressure. If you have been driving with under inflated tires they will be worn on both the shoulders.

Excess Pressure

Too much air pressure and the center of the tire will wear faster than the outside edges because an over inflated tire tends to be rounder and the outside is lifted off the ground.

Correct pressure will ensure even wear across the tire so take a look at this link if you would like to read more about it.


Problems can include unusual wear on one edge or the other. Usually this is caused by a problem with the wheel  alignment. Have your wheels aligned to stop this abnormal wear.

Other tire wear problems may be more difficult to diagnose so consult your dealer if you have any doubts. By checking your tire pressure regularly, inspecting your tires and performing a rotation, you will be taking important steps to enjoy a maximum life from your tires.

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