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TIRE GUYTire Warehouse: Which Tire Warehouse?  Part 1


If you've been considering a place called Tire Warehouse for your next set of round rubber things, you might be in for a surprise when you go looking for it on line. It's not that the name is hard to find, it's the complete opposite, there are quite a few businesses using the name with tiny differences and it's a little confusing.

For the sake of this article I'm concentrating on www.tirewarehouse.net, not because it gets the most traffic, but because it seems the most interesting website of the many that shoot up on Google. This same site can be found at www.tirewarehouseonline.com, just in case you were craving some more confusion.

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As if that wasn't enough there are also different entities using these following web addresses www.tirewarehouse.com and www.thetirewarehouse.com. For the sake your reader sanity, I'm not going to discuss these.

Tire Warehouse Inc.

Tire Warehouse Inc. is a privately owned corporation based in New Hampshire. It's been operating for over 35 years and employs more than 250 persons. It has been listed among the top 30 independent tire retailers in the United States and Canada by the National Tire Dealer and Retreader's Association, so they seem to be doing something right.

Tire Warehouse Inc. seems to have an expansionistic business plan, its website is actively seeking real estate to open new stores and it sets itself a target of opening 3 to 7 new stores each year. The company doesn't use their website to sell tires like tirerack.com, rather to direct surfers to their locations.

Tire Warehouse says it offers most major brands of tires as well as private label tires. The company handles National Fleet Accounts and each location stocks between 2500 and 5000 tires with sizes up to 24.5".

Ok, so they seem like the real deal. But why should anyone consider them above the big guns like Costco and Tire Rack?

What Do Girl Scouts and Spare Parts Have in Common?

Tire Rack seems to be the benchmark for tire industry websites, so what's different about www.tirewarehouseonline.com? For starters, they seem to have a deeper yearning to cater for the accessory needs of their clients, offering to provide just about everything including starter motors, alternators, bearings, winches and oils.

This attitude towards supply of parts and tires could be of great benefit to managers of vehicle fleets, as there is nothing worse than having to coordinate a vehicle through a series of three or four different locations for parts. Fleet managers can also extend the cut-price accessory catalog to their employees, which promotes a friendlier atmosphere that is always helpful with employee retention and overall attitude.

Tire Warehouse is also active with local groups and causes. Fostering an ethical and responsible community culture is something many businesses are proud of and it shows they are trying to put back into the communities that support them. The www.tirewarehouse.net site shows that the company is an active supporter of Scouts and local racing. It's good to see this sort of thing. Continue to part II


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