Tire type for Maximum comfort

Tire type for Maximum comfort


I am looking for maximum comfort in basically any tire…

So I know that a 55 series tire has a slightly higher sidewall which would tend to give more tire "sidewall flex" so more cushioning than a 50 series tire.
But... What about speed rating? A V-rated tire would have a softer tread for traction but stiffer sidewalks for handling.....
Would say an H- rated tire give a more comfortable ride?

Thanks, Bill

Editorial Comment:

Basically you want to know how speed rating affects the comfort you feel in driving.

Before we get to that, I'd like to clear up a possible misunderstanding over the difference in the ride of a low profile tire compared with a higher profile.

Let's start with the idea that the purpose of the tire is to hold a certain amount of air to support the weight of the vehicle which uses those tires. Engineers have calculated that for each vehicle, a certain "amount" of air is necessary to hold it off the pavement and provide the handling characteristics which it needs. When you have a high profile tire you have a "taller" tire which means that in order to squeeze the required amount of air into it needs less pressure than would be needed if the tire were smaller (that is, lower profile). So, the reason the higher tire feels softer is because the air doesn't need to be compressed as much as a lower profile tire and the result is that the "ride" feels softer.

Now when it comes to the speed rating of a tire, there is no difference in air pressure required when you go from a low rated tire like an H rating to a higher rating like a V or a Z. What you are faced with is a difference in the ability of the rubber compound to resist the higher temperatures that are generated when the vehicle travels faster. This may, or may not, show up in a stiffer (or harder) compound, and one company's tire may be different from another's in this respect so there is no hard and fast rule that can be concluded from this.

If you are concerned with the softness in ride you will usually find that the lower the tire pressure the more smooth the ride may feel up until you reach a point where you start to feel uncomfortable with the handling and steering characteristics of the vehicle, especially at higher speeds.


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