Tire Trivia and Tid Bits

Now you can amaze your friends and fascinate the chicks with your endless knowlege of tires!  (If only it were that easy, right?)

Want to gather some tire trivia?

At any rate, we've collected a few bits of tire trivia which may not be widely know that can be used to spice up your conversation when the topic gets on to tires. 

If we happen to miss your favorite minutia about tires, we hope you'll tell us.  Use the form further down the page and we'll publish your trivia on it's own page here on this web site.

TIW's Trivia

  • The first inflatable tire was made out of leather

  • The first notable development in racing tires was a switch from square-woven fabric to cord fabric after a number of "side flange detachable" tires experienced failure of their cord fabric in a major race in England --this was in 1902.

  • Many race tires are inflated with nitrogen instead of air because it a completely dry gas and provides more reliable pressure than air which may vary due to water vapor.

  • NASCAR tires use a harder rubber compound than in any other racing series because NASCAR cars weigh more and their tires are smaller than other race cars.

  • Only about 15 percent of race car tire testing is done on the track. Goodyear spends almost 85 percent of the time testing a new race tire on the computers and in laboratories.

  • Race car tires may use as many as 10 different types of processing oils to provide them with the grip, longevity, ability to resist heat. Passenger car tires usually use only half the number of oils.

  • The amount of rubber that is touching the ground (the "footprint") of a NASCAR tire, is roughly equal a man's size 11 shoe. The total amount of rubber from all four tires touching the track at any given moment is about one square foot.

  • The life of a tire on a Top Fuel dragster can be as little as 30 seconds.

  • The Goodyear tire company has provided the tires in more winning racing championships than any other company.

  • A road alligator is a strip of a tire carcass which has exploded and is left laying on the highway.

Add your tire trivia to the collection

  • Do you know the most expensive tire ever built?

  • Do you know Michael Jackson's favorite tire?

  • What's the farthest distance a tire has ever traveled? (hint: Wasn't there a rover sent into space?)

If you know the answers to these questions or any others like them, why not share your tid bits with us.

Or maybe you have something else to contribute. Have you written a poem or a song about tires? 

Do you draw or photograph tires in an unusual way?

All submissions will be reviewed and we'll advise you when they're approved, if you wish. While it isn't absolutely necessary that you provide a reputable source for your facts, we hope you do ... it will make them a lot more credible.

What tire trivia do you know?

Sometimes, when your just shootin' the breeze, it's nice to have a few bits of trivia to throw into the conversation.

Hopefully we've provided you with a few so far, but if you have some others how about telling us.

Trivia can be graphic too. Do you have a photo of Brittney Spears with a flat tire? Or some other celeb getting new rubber when you went to buy yours? These too make great trivia.

Virtually anything, as long as it has to do with tires and is in good taste can qualify.

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Trivia and Stories others have left

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