Tire Treadwear - finding the best value

In this article I will describe how to use treadwear to pick which of several tires offers you the best value for your money.
If you missed the explaination of what this is see Treadwear Part 1

Which tire is the best deal for me?

Just as we used treadwear to compare mileage or lifespan of a tire, we could also use the rating to compare prices.

If a tire which costs $30.00 has a tire treadwear of 240, the price factor is obtained by dividing the price by 240 to give $0.125

$30.00 / 240 = $0.125

and we can see that each treadwear unit should cost about twelve and one half cents. Thus, a tire rated at 100 would have a price of $12.50

100 x $0.125 = $12.50

and another with a rating of 450 would be a similiar value if you paid $56.25 for it.

450 x $0.125= $56.25

So you can use this in two ways.  First calculate the price factor for each different tire, dividing each price by the treadwer rating of that tire.  The one with the lowest number is going to cost you less per mile, per month or whatever other use you put it to.

Example you have one tire (see above) which has a TW of 240 and a price of $30.00 giving you a factor of $0.125.  Next you run across another tire with a TW of 650 and a price of $74.99.  By calculating it's price factor you see that it is $0.115 meaning that it will likely cost you less over the life of the tire than the one with the lower price.

The other way to use this is to calculate the price factor for the tire you last used and then multiply the treadwear of a new tire you are considering to see how much it the old tire would have cost with that same treadwear.   In this calculation you are comparing a known tire with one you have yet to try

All tires which are made in accordance with the US Department of Transport requirements carry a tire TREADWEAR rating printed on the sidewall. Look for the word "TREADWEAR" followed by a number. In the photo below the treadwear rating of the tire is 340.

Putting it all together

You can use the treadwear rating as one of your tools to select the best tire for you. It may not be the only one you need to consider.

Sometimes, other factors, such as traction, load, speed, handling or noise may be more important to you than just life expectation alone.

You will probably discover that if you examine high performance tires, that the treadwear rating is different from a more popular tire and the price may be higher. This is because the ingredients of the high performance tire usually cost more than those used in ordinary tires, and unfortunately they may wear out faster. If you are very demanding in your car's performance and handling, you may have to pay a higher price to get what you want.

So, if you discover that a higher priced tire has a lower Treadwear than a more economic tire, you might be looking at two totally different classes of tire. The treadwear vs price comparison can alert you to this difference.

And always be cautious in comparing one brand's treadwear with another brand. They should be similiar, but there's no regulation to ensure that they will be.

Be sure to download your own Treadwear Calculator, and if you want to start doing some of you tire shopping on line now, you might wish to start with Tire Rack.


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