Tire Tracks Snow

TIRE GUYWow! tire tracks snow...these are always great.

When it come to producing dramatic tire tracks, snow is hard to beat.

I'm sure there are tons of great snow tracks floating around but I'll start you out with a couple which caught my eye

tire tracks in drifted show

I'm guessing, of course, but I think this was the result of tracks which had been subjected to some drifting followed by a warm sunny day or two which produced a crust on the snow's surface and then shot late in the day to get the dramatic shadow effect.

tire tracks newfoundland

To get a shot like this you need LOTS of snow and, Newfoundland is one of the places where you'd find that.  Hey, Alaskans...can you come up with something this dramatic?

Kind of makes you wonder where they're going doesn't it?  This kind of shot could be from nearly any wide open territority where there's snow.  So how bout it? Any contributions from Sweden, Russia, China, Texas, Argentina, Chile?

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