Tire Stud Regulations

We have compiled a summary of current regulations for studded tires ...

Tire Stud Regulations for studded winter tires

The following table has been compiled from sources we believe to be reliable, however, we cannot guarantee that the regulations will not change. See New Developments.

Color coding

Red: Areas when tire stud regulation prohibit or greatly restrict usage by private vehicles.

Yellow:Caution!  Special conditions may apply.

Green: Permitted during winter months or without any restriction.

United States
Alabama Not permitted (rubber studs are permitted).
Alaska Permitted Sept. 15-May 1 north of 60 degrees N.; Sept. 30-April 15 south of 60 degrees N.
Arizona Permitted Oct. 1-May 1.
Arkansas Permitted Nov. 15-April 15.
California Permitted Nov. 1-April 30
Colorado Permitted No restrictions.
Connecticut Permitted Nov. 15-April 30.
Delaware Permitted Oct. 15-April 15.
Dist. of Columbia Permitted Oct. 15-April 15.
Florida Not permitted (but studs that do not damage highways are permitted).
Georgia Permitted only for driving on snow and/or ice.
Hawaii Not permitted.
Idaho Permitted Oct. 1-April 15.
Illinois Not permitted.
Indiana Permitted Oct. 1-May 1.
Iowa Permitted Nov. 1-April 1.
Kansas Permitted Nov. 1-April 15.
Kentucky Permitted with no restrictions.
Louisiana Not permitted.
Maine Permitted Oct. 1-May 1.
Maryland Not permitted except in western counties Nov.1-March 31.
Massachusetts Permitted Nov. 2-April 30 unless otherwise authorized by registrar.
Michigan Not permitted except under certain conditions, check with local officials.
Minnesota Not permitted except for nonresidents, who are subject to certain restrictions. Full-time non-resident students and nonresidents employed within Minnesota are not permitted use of studded tires regardless of vehicle registry. Rural mail carriers may use studded tires under certain conditions.
Mississippi Not permitted.
Missouri Permitted Nov. 1-March 31.
Montana Permitted Oct. 1-May 31.
Nebraska Permitted Nov. 1-April 1.
Nevada Permitted Oct. 1-April 30.
New Hampshire Permitted without restrictions.
New Jersey Permitted Nov. 15-April 1.
New Mexico No regulations.
New York Permitted Oct. 16-April 30.
North Carolina Permitted without restrictions.
North Dakota Permitted Oct. 15-April 15. Exception: School buses may use studded tires any time during the year.
Ohio Permitted Nov. 1-April 15.
Oklahoma Permitted Nov. 1-April 1.
Oregon Permitted Nov. 1-April 1 unless specified differently by Dept. of Transportation because of weather conditions.
Pennsylvania Permitted Nov. 1-April 15.
Rhode Island Permitted Nov. 15-April 1.
South Carolina Permitted if not projected more than 1/16-inch when compressed.
South Dakota Permitted Oct. 1-April 30. School buses and municipal fire vehicles are permitted to use studs anytime.
Tennessee Permitted Oct. 1-April 15.
Texas Not permitted. Only studs that will not damage highway are permissible.
Utah Permitted Oct. 15-March 31.
Vermont Permitted without restrictions.
Virginia Permitted Oct. 15-April 15.
Washington Permitted Nov. 1-April 1.
West Virginia Permitted Nov. 1-April 15.
Wisconsin Not permitted except for authorized emergency vehicles; vehicles used to deliver mail; autos with out-of-state registrations (only if the vehicle is in the course of passing through the state for a period of not more than 30 days). School buses may use studded tires from Nov. 15-April 1.
Wyoming Permitted without restrictions. Chains are required in snow emergencies.

New Developments

A retractable stud tire has been developed and may be permitted in some areas.  Check with local authorities to determine current regulations.


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