Tire Size and DOT Code

Tire Size is a part of the DOT Code along with the Plant where the tire was produced and the week and year when it was made.  Here we present the key to learning what the tire size is in the code.

Although this information is prominently displayed on the sidewall of a tire, it is also encoded into the DOT code which is required for all tires approved for sale in the USA.

The size information is contained in two characters which are located in the 3rd and 4th position of the DOT code which normally follows the pattern 


where the two red X's are used for the tire size.  Use the following table for the sizes that have been standardized.

00 225/55R18
01 285/65R17
02 295/75R22.5
03 305/75R24.5
04 285/75R24.5
05 255/65R17
06 235/70R17
07 215/60R17
08 195/80R15C
09 T125/90R16
10 135/70R15
11 155/65R14
12 195/65R16C
13 175/55R15
14 T135/90R17
15 T145/90R17
16 195/60R16C
17 175/50R15
18 P255/60R19
19 T135/80R17
20 T155/70R17
21 255/60R19
22 P235/50R19
23 235/50R19
27 10.00R22
28 11.00-22
29 11.00R22
31 385/65R22.5
32 15R22.5
38 13R22.5
51 315/70R22.5
52 275/70R22.5
53 305/70R22.5
54 255/70R22.5
55 315/80R22.5
59 365/80R20
60 31X10.50R15
62 35X12.50R15
63 35X12.50R17
64 35X12.50R18
65 35X12.50R20
66 30X9.50R15
67 37X13.50R22
68 31X9.50R15
69 38X15.50R20
71 40X15.50R22
72 38X15.50R18
73 6.50R16C
91 P245/45R19
92 P275/40R19
93 215/55R18
94 285/35R21
95 295/35R21
96 325/30R21
97 275/55R19
98 235/55R19
99 245/30R19
0A 295/25R22
0B 235/35R20
0C 235/30R20
0D 245/30ZR22
0E 325/55R22
0F 265/30R22
0H 225/35R17
0J 225/35R18
0K 215/35R18
0L 275/30R19
0M 265/30R19
0N 245/35R19
0P 235/35R19
0R LT235/85R16
0T 275/80R22.5
0U 315/60R22.5
0V 295/80R22.5
0W 285/60R22.5
0X 295/60R22.5
0Y 305/60R22.5
1A T105/90D12
1B T105/80D13
1C T105/80R13
1D T125/80R16
1E T125/80R17
1F T125/85R16
1H P275/60R20
1J P235/65R18
1K 305/30R19
1L 245/35R21
1M 255/30R24
1N 275/30R24
1P 285/25R22
1R 235/30R22
1T P225/65R16
1U P245/45R20
1V P255/45R20
1W P245/50R20
1X 295/30R19
1Y 285/30R21
2A 195/85R16
2B 7.50R20
2C 7.50-20
2D 8.25-20
2E 8.25R20
2F 9.00R20
2H 9.00-20
2J 10.00R20
2K 10.00-20
2L 11.00R20
2M 11.00-20
2N 33X12.50R18LT
2P 33X12.50R20LT
2R LT255/75R17
2T 12.00R20
2U 12.00-20
2W 14.00-20
2X 205/85R16
2Y 265/60R16
3A 180/550R13
3B 170/515R13
3C 210/570R13
3D 240/570R13
3E P235/55R17
3F 235/55R17
3H 285/60R17
3J 275/60R17
3K 265/60R17
3L 255/60R17
3M 235/60R17
3N 9R22.5
3P 10R22.5
3R 255/60R18
3T 11R22.5
3U 11-22.5
3V 235/60R18
3W 265/65R17
3X 12R22.5
3Y 275/60R18
4A 12.00R24
4B 12.00-24
4C 225/85R16
4D 235/55R18
4E 245/30R21
4F 11R24.5
4H 315/30R18
4J 295/35R24
4K 285/45R22
4L P225/60R18
4M P225/55R18
4N P215/75R16
4P 10.00-20ML
4R 275/45R22
4T 285/35R23
4U P245/75R17
4V 11.00-20ML
4W 345/25R20
4X 345/25R21
4Y 225/70R19.5
5A 245/70R19.5
5B 265/70R19.5
5C 285/70R19.5
5D 305/70R19.5
5E 8R19.5
5F 295/80R24.5
5H 215/75R17.5
5J 225/75R17.5
5K 235/75R17.5
5L 245/70R17.5
5M 445/50R22.5
5N 225/80R17.5LT
5P 225/90R17.5LT
5R 205/75R17.5LT
5T 8.5R17.5
5U 9.5R17.5
5V 255/30R21
5W 295/25R21
5X P265/65R17
5Y P275/70R16
6A 225/45R15
6B 225/50R14
6C 425/65R22.5
6D 16.5R22.5
6E 445/65R22.5
6F 435/50R19.5
6H 305/30R26
6J 325/35R28
6K 445/45R19.5
6L 315/40R26
6M 325/25R20
6N 305/25R19
6P P235/55R18
6R 295/45R19
6T P255/65R17
6U P265/60R18
6V 295/50R15
6W 275/60R16
6X P255/70R17
6Y P275/65R18
7A P285/60R18
7B P275/60R17
7C P235/65R17
7D P255/60R17
7E 275/40R20
7F 255/50R19
7H 275/55R17
7J 265/50R20
7K 285/50R20
7L 285/50R18
7M 285/55R18
7N 265/45R20
7P 305/35R22
7R 315/35R20
7T 285/45R19
7U 265/40R18
7V 305/35R23
7W 305/40R23
7X 305/35R24
7Y 305/40R22
8A 255/55R18
8B 295/40R20
8C 275/45R20
8D 275/55R20
8E 295/45R18
8F 295/50R20
8H 305/50R20
8J 325/50R20
8K 295/30R22
8L 265/35R22
8M 285/35R22
8N 325/40R22
8P 305/45R22
8R 235/65R17
8T P265/70R15
8U 235/65R16
8V 145/65R15
8W 215/50R16
8X P205/50R16
8Y 285/30R20
9A 285/30R18
9B P215/65R16
9C P235/70R17
9D P225/70R16
9E 225/70R16
9F P255/65R16
9H 255/65R16
9J P235/75R17
9K P225/75R16
9L P245/75R16
9M P265/70R16
9N P265/70R17
9P P265/75R15
9R P265/75R16
9T 275/70R16
9U 285/75R16
9V 265/70R16
9W 225/60R16
9X 205/60R16
9Y 205/55R14
A0 245/50R20
A1 195/50R15
A2 225/50R15
A3 205/55R15
A4 205/50R15
A5 225/55R15
A6 P225/50R16
A7 225/50R16
A8 P245/50R16
A9 P255/50R16
AA 205/45R17
AB 225/50R17
AC 155/55R14
AD 165/55R14
AE 165/65R15
AF 165/65R12
AH 175/65R12
AJ 175/65R15
AK 275/60R15
AL 205/60R16C
AM P195/55R15
AN 265/70R17
AP 245/50R18
AR P245/50R18
AT P195/50R15
AU 245/45R16
AV P205/50R15
AW 195/55R15
AX 185/55R15
AY P225/50R15
B0 225/60R15
B1 P205/60R13
B2 P215/60R14
B3 P235/60R14
B4 P245/60R14
B5 P235/60R15
B6 P245/60R15
B7 P275/60R15
B8 5.00R12LT
B9 P255/60R15
BA P215/50R13
BB P225/55R16
BC P205/55R16
BD P295/50R15
BE P235/55R16
BF P205/55R15
BH P265/50R15
BJ 255/50R16
BK P205/60R16
BL P215/55R17
BM P225/60R16
BN P235/60R16
BP P215/50R17
BR 145/70R13
BT 185/60R15
BU 225/65R16
BV 195/75R15C
BW 145R10
BX 155/65R13
BY P145/80R12
C0 reserved(?)
C1 185/65R14
C2 135R12
C3 P205/65R15
C4 P215/65R15
C5 145/80R12
C6 T105/70D14
C7 P165/70R12
C8 155/80R12
C9 165/70R12
CA 185/60R13
CB 205/60R13
CC 195/60R14
CD 205/60R14
CE 195/60R15
CF P195/60R15
CH P205/60R15
CJ P225/60R15
CK 205/65R15
CL 215/65R15
CM 6.00-12
CN 225/65R15
CP P215/60R15
CR P175/65R14
CT P215/65R14
CU P225/65R14
CV 165/65R13
CW 165/65R14
CX 175/65R14
CY 145/70R12
D0 205/65R16
D1 195/75R14
D2 235/65R18
D3 6.00-13LT
D4 6.00R13LT
D5 245/65R17
D6 P245/65R17
D7 245/60R18
D8 P245/60R18
D9 315/30R30
DA 185/65R13
DB 195/65R13
DC 195/65R14
DD 205/65R14
DE 5.00-12LT
DF 185/65R15
DH 195/65R15
DJ 5.00-13LT
DK 175/65R13
DL 275/60R20
DM 155/70R12C
DN 155R12LT
DP 5.50-13LT
DR 155/70R12
DT 5.50R13LT
DU 275/65R18
DV 175/70R12
DW 5.60R13
DX 195/65R16
DY P195/65R15
E0 P215/70R16
E1 145R13
E2 P155/80D13
E3 P165/75R13
E4 P155/80R13
E5 155R13
E6 285/30R19
E7 145/80R14
E8 P185/70R13
E9 165R13
EA 185/75R15LT
EB LT215/85R16
EC 195/80R16
ED 385/55R22.5
EE 225/75R16
EF 245/45R18
EH 255/45R18
EJ 275/35R20
EK P215/55R16
EL P225/45R17
EM P225/55R17
EN P175/75R14
EP P175/70R14
ER P195/65R14
ET P175/75R13
EU 135/70R13
EV P175/70R13
EW 135/80R13
EX 135/80R12
EY 155/70R13
F0 275/35R19
F1 285/35R19
F2 245/30R20
F3 265/25R20
F4 185/60R14
F5 285/25R20
F6 P185/60R14
F7 P195/60R14
F8 165/40R16
F9 165/45R16
FA 265/60R18
FB 165/70R13
FC P225/70R14
FD 165/70R14
FE 175R13
FF 285/35R18
FH 175/70R13
FJ P195/70R13
FK 185R13
FL 225/50R18
FM 185/70R13
FN 295/25R20
FP 145/65R13
FR 155/60R13
FT 295/40R24
FU P235/60R18
FV 175/60R13
FW 175/60R14
FX 225/40R19
FY P155/70R13
H0 215/65R17
H1 225/65R17
H2 245/70R17
H3 265/75R16
H4 P235/55R19
H5 275/55R18
H6 P195/50R16
H7 245/45R19
H8 275/30R20
H9 275/40R19
HA P185/75R13
HB P215/75R14
HC P185/65R14
HD P185/65R15
HE P245/70R18
HF P215/75R15
HH P225/75R15
HJ 5.50R14LT
HK reserved
HL P235/75R15
HM P235/65R15
HN 5.50-14LT
HP 6.00-14LT
HR 175/70R14
HT P235/75R16
HU 165/60R14
HV 6.45-14
HW 6.00R14LT
HX 6.50-14LT
HY P215/70R14
J0 P215/65R17
J1 165R14
J2 6.70-14LT
J3 175R14
J4 165/75R13
J5 185R14
J6 185/70R14
J7 P185/75R14
J8 195R14
J9 195/70R14
JA P225/60R17
JB 175/75R14
JC P235/60R17
JD P255/70R18
JE P265/70R18
JF 225/60R17
JH 225/45ZR13
JJ 145/60R13
JK P185/80R13
JL P235/65R16
JM 650R14LT
JN 215/70R17
JP 185/55R14
JR 195/45R14
JT 195/50R16
JU P175/80R13
JV 175/80R13
JW 185/80R15
JX P165/70R13
JY P165/80R13
K0 195/45R15
K1 205/45R16
K2 225/45R16
K3 205/50R16
K4 225/55R16
K5 235/40R17
K6 27X8.50R14LT
K7 235/45R17
K8 215/50R17
K9 195/45R16
KA P195/75R14
KB 205R14
KC 225/55R17
KD 215R14
KE P205/70R14
KF 235/75R16
KH P235/70R16
KJ P245/70R16
KK P255/70R16
KL 245/70R16
KM 235/70R16
KN 215/65R14
KP 185/75R14
KR 185/60R16
KT 205/80R16
KU 215/75R15
KV 235/75R15
KW 215R15C
KX 165/70R13C
KY 165/75R14C
L0 215/70R15C
L1 215/70R14C
L2 245/85R16
L3 275/65R17
L4 255/70R16
L5 245/75R16
L6 275/40R18
L7 235/50R17
L8 255/40R18
L9 225/65R18
LA 205/45R15
LB 205/50R17
LC 245/40R19
LD 255/40R19
LE 245/35R17
LF 245/35R18
LH 215/40R18
LJ 235/50R18
LK 245/35R20
LL 245/50R16
LM 285/60R18
LN 295/45R20
LP P225/50R17
LR P165/65R13
LT P175/65R13
LU P165/65R14
LV P205/65R16
LW P185/60R13
LX P185/60R15
LY P205/45R16
M0 P245/70R17
M1 P235/70R15
M2 P255/60R18
M3 P255/75R17
M5 T175/90R17
M7 T175/90R16
M9 T135/80R18
MC T125/80D15
MD T125/80D16
ME T155/90D16
MF T165/90R17
MH T185/90R16
MJ T155/90R16
MK T135/70R16
ML T135/90D17
MM T125/70D16
MN T135/90R16
MP T165/80R17
MR T105/70R14
MT T125/70R14
MU T125/70R15
MV T125/70R16
MW T125/70D14
MX T125/70D15
MY T115/70D15
N0 T115/70R15
N1 7.50-15
N3 T115/70R14
N4 275/25R24
N5 235/35R20
N6 225/75R15
N7 215/75R14
N8 205/40R18
N9 235/45R18
NA 255/55R17
NB 255/45R20
NC 255/50R20
ND 265/70R18
NE 215/50R18
NF 225/60R18
NH 6.50R15LT
NJ 6.50-15LT
NL P255/65R18
NM P265/65R18
NN 255/70R18
NP 265/65R18
NR P215/55R18
NT P225/50R18
NU 7.00R15LT
NV 7.00-15LT
NW reserved(?)
NX 175/60R15
NY 195/55R16
P0 195/40R17
P1 215/35R17
P2 215/35R19
P3 225/35R19
P4 255/30R19
P5 T125/80R15
P6 33X12.50R15LT
P7 255/30R20
P8 255/35R19
P9 275/45R19
PA 295/30R18
PB 305/25R20
PC 225/30R20
PD 225/35R20
PE 10R15LT
PF 215/45R16
PH 9.00-15
PJ 255/30R22
PK 10-15LT
PL 10.00-15TR
PM 7.50-15LT
PN 265/40R22
PP 8.25R15TR
PR 255/55R19
PT 9.00-15TR
PU 7.50-15TR
PV 245/45R20
PW 195/40R16
PX 215/35R16
PY 235/45R19
R0 225/45R18
R1 215/55R16
R2 205/40R17
R3 215/40R17
R4 245/45R17
R5 255/45R17
R6 275/40R17
R7 285/40R17
R8 245/40R17
R9 255/50R17
RA 265/40R17
RB 245/40R20
RC 255/35R20
RD 30X9.50R16.5LT
RE 235/40R18
RF 245/40R18
RH 275/45R18
RJ 265/35R18
RK 275/35R18
RL 225/40R18
RM 255/35R18
RN 215/45R17
RP 205/55R16
RR 225/45R17
RT 255/40R17
RU 215/40R16
RV P185/70R14
RW P195/70R14
RX 205/40R16
RY P225/40R18
T0 215/70R14
T1 215/55R17
T2 205/70R14C
T3 215/65R16
T4 225/70R15
T5 235/70R15
T6 LT245/75R17
T7 205/70R15C
T8 205/70R15
T9 205/70R14
TA T115/70D14
TB 165R15
TC 165/45R15
TD 165/50R15
TE T155/80R17
TF 175/70R15
TH P175/70R15
TJ P205/50R17
TK P235/50R18
TL 175/65R14C
TM 195R15LT
TN 195R15
TP 195R15C
TR 205/55R16C
TT LT215/80R16
TU LT215/75R15
TV 215R15
TW 225/60R16C
TX 215/70R16
TY LT235/75R15
U0 145R12C
U1 145R13C
U2 155R12C
U3 155R13C
U4 165R13C
U5 165R14C
U6 175R13C
U7 185R15C
U8 205R14C
U9 215/60R16
UA 215/70R16C
UB 215R14C
UC 165/70R14C
UD 205/65R15C
UE 215/65R15C
UF 215/65R16C
UH 235/60R16
UJ 215/60R15
UK 205/60R15
UL P205/75R15
UM P205/70R15
UN P215/70R15
UP P215/60R16
UR 215/70R15
UT P195/70R15
UU P225/70R15
UV 255/70R15
UW P255/70R15
UX 205/75R15
UY 265/70R15
V0 275/65R15
V1 225/70R15C
V2 205/65R16C
V3 P215/60R17
V4 225/65R16C
V5 LT235/80R17
V6 LT245/70R17
V7 215/45R18
V8 235/65R16C
V9 155/70R14
VA 185/70R15C
VB 195/70R15C
VC 175/75R16C
VD 205/75R16C
VE 205/75R14C
VF 185/75R16C
VH 175/75R14C
VJ 185/75R14C
VK 195/75R14C
VL 215/75R14C
VM 195/80R15
VN 215/80R15
VP 215/80R16C
VR 28X8.50R15LT
VT 325/60R20
VU 325/50R22
VV 275/65R20
VW 285/55R20
VX 305/55R20
VY 165/80R14
W0 175R14C
W1 185R14C
W2 195R14C
W3 8.25R16LT
W4 8.25-16LT
W5 9.00-16LT
W6 225/75R15C
W7 195/75R16C
W8 215/75R16C
W9 225/75R16C
WA 155/60R15
WB 175/50R16
WC 205R16C
WD 37X12.50R18LT
WE 37X13.50R20LT
WF 37X12.50R17LT
WH LT275/70R18
WJ LT285/65R18
WK P225/45R18
WL P265/50R20
WM P275/55R20
WN 6.00-16LT
WP 6.00R16LT
WR 175/60R16
WT 6.50-16LT
WU 6.50R16LT
WV T145/80D16
WW 7.00-16LT(R)
WX 215/60R17C
WY 7.50R16(LT,C)
X0 225/45R19
X1 6.70R14
X2 325/65R18
X3 325/60R18
X4 205R16
X5 295/75R16
X6 305/70R16
X7 315/75R16
X8 285/70R17
X9 315/70R17
XA 205R16LT
XB LT265/75R16
XC P205/75R14
XD LT245/75R16
XE LT225/75R16
XF LT255/75R15
XH LT225/75R15
XJ LT275/65R18
XK LT275/65R17
XL LT265/70R17
XM LT285/75R16
XN LT265/70R16
XP 750R18
XR 160/530R13
XT 160/550R13
XU 170/550R13
XV 180/560R15
XW 190/625R17
XX 195/530R13
XY 210/530R13
Y0 160/640R15
Y1 170/560R14
Y2 190/570R15
Y3 200/610R16
Y4 210/610R16
Y5 235/620R17
Y6 7.50-18
Y7 190/650R15
Y9 175/80R16
YC 195/70R15
YD 180/515R13
YE 230/570R13
YF 210/650R17
YH 215/580R15
YJ 215/615R17
YK 8R17.5LT
YL 175/80R15
YM 31X11.50R15LT
YN 31X11.50-15LT
YP P255/50R20
YR 32X11.50R15LT
YT 315/25R23
YU 210/650R18
YV 180/625R17
YW 190/580R15
YX 170/650R15


Tire Information World wises to express it's appreciation to Hankook Tire America for assistance in acquiring the data in this table.


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