Tire Size Issues Part 6

Different size tires on 4x4 Toyota

On a 1986 Toyota 4x4 truck, I have 235/75/15 inch tires on the back and front. Can I put another size 15 inch tires on the front?

I rarely have it in 4WD.

Mixed tire sizes on 4x4:

You wish to put one tire size, using 15 inch rims on the front and 235/75's on the back.

Most 4x4 vehicle manufacturers advise owners to keep the same sized tires on all 4 wheels because having a different size may cause serious mechanical damage if mixed sizes are used when in 4 wheel drive position.

The fact that you rarely use it doesn't make any difference. All it would take is one time for the damage to be done.

Note that the warning says "may" cause damage. There are many factors which could contribute to this so it might be possible that no damage could occur. An example would be using tires which had different sizes but not so much difference that the normal tolerance engineered into the vehicle would take care of this. Is this a risk you want to take?

You could use our Tire Size Calculator to choose a size which is virtually the same in overall diameter but keep in mind the comments above, and if you do decide to go ahead, I would caution you to stay well within the 2% difference which the calculator allows as a default -- even seeking a size with is almost exactly the same as your originals.


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Tire replacement on QX4, only 2 tires

2000 Infiniti QX4, stock tires 255/65 r16 were replaced before I bought it with 245/70 r16 tires. I need to replace only the front two. Can I replace with 255/65 and have 245/70 on rear? Can't find any 245/70's around here at the moment....Will it do any harm? Can't afford 4 tires at the moment! Thanks in advance!

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Your Tires
by: Wheels Etc

I am sorry you are unable to find the 245/70R16 tires in your area. If you are looking for used tires I can understand it may be more difficult but new tires should be readily available. The fact that these two sizes are very close in rolling radius or about the same diameter you should have very little difficulty or notice any real change in your speedometer readings. There are other differences in tires and the way they perform. Consider the other numbers on the side of each tire to compare compatibility, speed rating, load carrying capacity, heat and mileage ratings. Any competent Tire Dealer should be able to explain each of those ratings particularly on the tire brands that he sells.

Be careful mixing tire sizes
by: Tire Guy

From the vehicle description you have given I would suspect that you have a 4 X 4 vehicle, and if that is the case, I have to recommend that you do not mix tires sizes.

Most manufacturers of 4X4 vehicles carry a warning in their owner's manuals to never mix tire sizes because this can cause serious mechanical damage to the vehicles when they are operated in 4X4 mode.

Even if you never operate in 4X4 or only have a 2 wheel drive vehicle you always want to have the same sized tires on each axle and when you have mixed tires on you vehicle you are faced with a problem of what size to carry as a spare unless you only use the spare tire for very short distance emergency use.

Hope this helps.

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2002 ford ranger tires

can I use a 215-60-16 tires in place of my 245-75-16 on my 2002 ford ranger 4x4

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Awful choice
by: Tire Guy

What are you trying to do? Cripple yourself!

Unless you mad a typo in entering the size, I find a 215/60R16 tire a terrible substitute for a 245/75R16 tire.

This tire is considerably smaller, You would have s horrendous speedometer error and a tremendous increase in fuel consumption. Because the tire is so much smaller in diameter you might experience clearance issues when traveling over anything except the smoothest of roads.

Pleas look for a better match. As a very rough rule of thumb to quickly eliminate undesirable choices: If one of the first two numbers increases, the other number should decrease. If that doesn't happen, or as in your case both numbers change in the same direction, you are likely looking at a bad choice.


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Ford Explorer tires on a Nissan Rogue?

by Mary Whitsit
(Greenwood, Indiana, USA)

I have a 2010 Nissan Rogue. The front tires are nearly bald. I have 4 good tires on 15" rims from a Jeep Cherokee I sold.

My son has a 2008 Ford Explorer with 2 bad front tires.
He wants to put the 15" rims and tires from the Jeep on his vehicle, move my back tires to the front and put his 2 good back tires on my Nissan.

The Ford Explorer tires are 235 16" rims. The Nissan currently has 1 - 215 and 3 - 225 16" tires/rims on it. I didn't notice it when I bought the vehicle..they looked the same.

The For Explorer tires look larger than the ones on the Nissan even tho we both have 16" rims.

I'm leary of this exchange. Will this work and be safe?

Thank you very much for your input!


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Switching tires between vehicles.
by: Tire Guy

The tires are only part of the issue here.

First, if they are the same size, same load and speed rating, there is no problem in using tires from one vehicle on another make of vehicle.

What can be a concern is switching the rims, or wheels from one to another because of the bolt pattern and spacing. If these don't match up exactly, the swap just won't work.

You didn't provide the complete sizes in the tires you have. All tires have three numbers in their size, for example 235/65R16 might be what you have from the Ford. The second number is the Aspect Ratio and, depending on that number you can determine whether two different sized tires are the same or different diameter. In the case of your Nissan, it is possible that all the tires are the equivalent overall diameter even though their sizes are different.

Some other issues you need to be concerned with are the speed rating and load ratings of tires. As long as you keep the ratings the same there is no problem, but if you put tires on with a lower rating than are required, you may have problems.

Until you have these issues cleared up I would suggest you continue to be leary of any changes. Ask any experienced tire technician and they should be able to clear up any doubts you have.


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265/70R16 hankook rto3 tyres for 2010 Ford Ranger xlt

by Jared
(New Zealand)

I have a 2010 Ford Ranger XLT vehicle on standard 16 inch rims and have 265/70r16 hankook mt RTO3 tyres I would like to fit to it. Will they fit?

Editorial Comment:
You did not state what variety of Ranger XLT you have. The Ranger XLT comes in both a regular and super cab. Also there are 2wd and 4WD versions. Each of these may come equipped with different sized wheels, so I have no way of knowing what is the OEM size you started with in order to make a suggestion or comparison.

It seems, in the USA, that the 2010 Ranger XLT 4WD Super Cab comes equipped with 255/70 R 16 wheels, so, at first glance it would seem that there's a pretty good chance that if this is what you r vehicle now uses, then you might find the 265/70's OK because they are only 10mm wider (and a wee bit higher since they retain the same aspect ratio of 70).

Your best approach, to be sure is to try a test fitting in at least the wheel well that seems to have the most constricted space.

Other models of the Ranger XLT cam equipped with 15 inch wheels, so the tires you mention are not suitable unless you also change the rims to fit.

I might also mention that what are OEM tires and wheels in your country may be different from those in another country. I have noticed on several occasions that what comes as standard equipment in one country may be different in another. I haven't discovered the rational behind this, but it is something I have observed.

If these tires seem suitable for your vehicle, and the OEM's were 255/70's you might wish to check our Tire Size Calculator to see the differences you might expect in using these.


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