Tire Size Issues Part 4

225/50R16 vs 225/60R16

by Tego
(Brookline, Vermont USA)

Hello, Mechanics,

Recommended tire size for my 2004 Pontiac grand am SE is 225 50 R16. I have a chance to buy two sets of used, studded snow tires, size 225 60 R16, for a good price. Would the taller tires (60s) affect my ABS? Any safety issues? Thanks.

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by: Tego

Thanks, tire guy, for the detailed info. The plan was not to buy two tires but two sets of tires of the same size ( 60s) . So if the only problems are the speedometer and the spare, and if the tires don't rub the springs in the back, I would just drive five miles an hour slower on the highway, get a tow if I get a flat, and put on the second set of four winter tires so they would all wear evenly.

Larger Tires for your Grand Am
by: Tire Guy

The 225/60R16 tire you are thinking of using in place of a 225/50R16 is not, in my eyes a good choice.

These tires are more than 7% larger than the tires you are now using and this will produce a serious speedometer error which would have the potential of getting you frequent speeding tickets if you are in the habit of driving near or above the posted speed limit.

Also,unless you also change the spare tire which you have, you'll run the risk of suddenly being forced to drive with one wheel of a considerable different size on the same axle as a larger one. This may be ok under certain very short emergency conditions but you are definitely forcing yourself into a position where you will need to immediately replace any damaged tire ASAP in the even you ever do have a flat.

Also, the fact that you are only replacing 2, instead of all 4 further complicates the mixed sizes issue. If you are ever using two different sized tires on the ame axle this will certainly influence your ABS. No matter how good the price is on this offer, I think you're better off passing on this deal.


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16 inch tires for 2006 wave

by heather

Can I put 16 inch tires on 2006 Wave?

Editorial Comment:

If you are referring to the Wave that was sold in Canada in 2006 the answer is yes, but you may find difficult in find the right wheels for this because it was sold under a wide number of brand names and models. Perhaps the most common, for your purposes would be the Chevrolet Aveo.

This car came with standard 14 inch wheels but has had after-market wheels in sizes of 15, 16 and 17 inch diameter offered. The essential point in getting a suitable wheel is making certain that the bolt pattern is identical to your original, which is likely 4 - 100

To determine the best tire size you must start with the original OEM size which is specified on the vehicle placard which is normally mounted on the driver's side door pillar. From there use our Tire Size Calculator once you have chosen the replacement wheel you will be installing so that you have a tire which retains the same over all tire diameter as you originally started with.

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p205/75r15 for 1996 Oldsmobile

by jeremy

1996 Oldsmobile 98

1996 Oldsmobile 98

Just wanting to know if p205/75r15 will fit on my 1996 oldsmobile 98. Currently has p205/70r15 on at the moment. Found a decent set online for cheap and im not looking to put much money into the car as this is probably its last winter before she retires.

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Replacement tires
by: Tire Guy

The diameter of the 205/75 tire is about 8/10ths of an inch larger which will cause a lower speed to show on your speedometer than you are actually traveling by about 3%.

I don't usually like to see a variation of more than 2% in any replacement tire size so you are over that limit. The vehicle likely won't have any problem handling this larger tire and you will get a wee increase in fuel economy using this tire.

Make certain that the load and speed ratings on the new tire are equal or greater than your OEM tires, these are the most critical issues to be concerned with given the weight of the vehicle.


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1999 benz e320 snow tires

by Christine

1999 Mercedes E320

1999 Mercedes E320

I have a 1999 mercedes e320 4matic. It has stock tires 215/55/16. I would like to buy 205/60/16 blizzak snow tires. Will they fit?

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The smaller tire
by: Wheels Etc

Yes, I believe there will be no issue with using the smaller tire because the rolling circumference if very close however, you do have a slight load carrying capacity reduction to keep in mind. The handling of the vehicle will also be noticeably changed so drive safe and get the used to the new feel.

The Blizzak is probably the best choice (expensive) for use in winter areas and on icy roads. The narrower footprint adds to the tires ability to make contact with the road surface compared to spreading it out over a larger area for flotation.

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Tire substitution

by allen
(toronto, ontario)

i have a 2014 hyundai tuscon tires are 225/65R/17 . I can get winter tires from my brother that are 215/55R/16. Can this work and is it safe?

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Tire Substitution
by: Tire Guy

At first glance this does not seem to be a good substitution.

In the first place, your brother's tires are on a smaller rim so you will need to get a new set of rims unless the mounting holes have the same measurements and distancing as your own. Even then, you vehicle may not be designed to operate with 16 inch rims, there may be some interference with the brakes with smaller rims.

Apart from that the alternate tires are considerably smaller so you will have issues with increased fuel consumption, power transfer and speedometer error

Finally you need to be concerned that the load rating and speed index of the tires are at least equal to or exceeding tours on your car, or you'll be asking for problems for using underrated tires.


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