Tire Size Calculator

This tire size calculator will help you decide whether or not you might want to use a different sized tire on your car. 

There are two modes:

  • the normal mode will give you a range of different tire sizes which are within a certain percentage difference bigger or smaller than your current tire which you enter in to start.
    * You may choose the same wheel diameter or a different one.

  • The second mode is to compare your original tire to a specific size that you enter.

In both cases, the calculator will show you detailed calculations to see the differences in the sizes.

Current Tire Size
New Tire Size

Note that results returned are sizes that were currently available when this calculator was prepared.  Some sizes may have been discontinued or added.   Older tire sizes, and Light Truck High flotation system tires, such as 30X10.5-16, are not included in these results.

See Plus Sizing for further details if you are considering changing to a different wheel size.

Different Sizing Systems

If you are interested in comparing how Light Truck High Flotation tire sizes compare with ISO Metric sizes which is the system most widely used, take a look at our Tire Size Convertor.


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