tire roll

tire roll

2006 Nissan Xtrail - really sloppy in turns - sometimes feels like rearend does not want to follow front end around - like I am driving on marbles. Tire size 215-60-17 - inflated to 31 lbs - could tire pressure be causing this problem?

Editorial Comment:

From my experience in driving and adjusting tire pressures, the sensation of driving in marbles can often be associated with tire pressure when you have different tire pressures in one or more of the wheels.

You need to check the tire pressure on all 4 of the wheels when the tires are cool and make sure they are inflated to the pressure which is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Do not inflate to the pressure shown on the tire sidewall as Maximum Tire Pressure … this is only the limit beyond which that tire should never be inflated but is seldom what is the correct pressure for the best performance of the vehicle.

If you find that all tires are inflated to the correct pressure and you still are having a strange feeling in controlling your vehicle you then may start to suspect a mechanical cause of the situation and discuss the issue with your mechanic.


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Tire Pressure
by: Wheels Etc

I suspect the maximum tire pressure this tire is 44 lbs per square inch. If that is the case I also suggest you consider all tires on the vehicle to be 40psi regardless of the manufacturers suggestion. Not long ago the Ford company encouraged Firestone to allow Ford to suggest a rediculously low pressure on the Explorer. That did not turn out well for either company.

If after a short time you find the tires to be wearing excessively in the center of the tire rather than the normal wear on the shoulders then reconsider the pressure. By the way the added pressure will not feel as comfortable but the gas mileage will be slightly better. I hope it will eliminate the rolling side to side in turns. If not check mechanical parts such as sway bars etc.

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