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TIRE GUYWhat is there to know about tire reviews?

When it comes to purchasing new tires for your vehicle, not only do you want a good price, a safe tire, but one that holds up through the miles and does the job intended. One of the ways that you can research a particular tire is to use your Internet connection and get tire reviews.

A tire review may include how the tire handles the road; does it feel sloppy or sure? As the tire is used in tight corners at slow speeds, does it create drag, or does it round the corner efficiently and in control? You may also find tire reviews tell you about how the tires handle at high speeds, in mountainous conditions, sudden stops, and on slick surfaces.

Tire guarantees

Getting tire reviews gives you information as to whether the tire held up to the manufactures warranty. The tire warrantee will frequently indicate the number of miles the tire is good for, a review will indicate whether this particular tire made it to its warranted miles. It may also include information on how the manufacturer handled a warranty claim, how hard was it to get the tire replaced, and whether it was fairly warranted, meaning the percentage of tread left was measured, and you were given credit. There's no sense in purchasing an 80,000-mile tire that has a reputation of giving only 50,000.

Specialty vehicles

You'll also find tire reviews for certain types of vehicles such as SUVs, sports cars, trucks and even trailers.

Choosing the correct tire for your vehicle can give you better gas mileage, higher performance, and better road handling. Certain tires such as truck tires for heavy-duty work, are going to give you greater tire noise and may give you a very stiff ride on your daily commute when compared to regular passenger tires. In the same instance passenger tires on a truck that is pulling heavy loads or handling heavy weights are liable to lead to blowouts, poor turning, short tire life and excessive drag causing bad fuel mileage. Reading a review might tip you off about these before you buy and install the tires.

Tire reviews can help you choose the correct tire for your driving habits and road conditions. Search out reviews that concern the type of tire you're interested in, the type of vehicle you drive, and the road surfaces you're driving on. It doesn't make much sense to use a snow and ice tire during the summer, it just wastes your tire and can actually cause drag, losing fuel mileage. Conversely, you also wouldn't want summer or touring tires on your vehicle during the winter, when traction is so important. Without the correct tire, you can easily be visiting a body shop or worse.

Reviews can help you choose which tire, when and for what type of vehicle, and your browser will plug you into those reviews. Before purchasing tires, check consumer affairs, recalls, and tire reviews to be sure you're spending your money wisely.

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