Tire Reviews: Trail Mark AT

Tire Reviews: Trail Mark AT

by Nick D
(Winchester VA)

Kelly Trail Mark

Kelly Trail Mark

I went through the winter of 2010 with a set of Trail Mark ATs with half tread and they were great on my Jeep. With them, I went through hell and back and they brought me home safely in 2 feet of snow.

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Mar 29, 2016
Trailmark tires
by: Anonymous

I bought a new set of these tires and put them on my 91 F250 with a snowplow on it. These tires were fantastic for traction when plowing snow and I put them to work hard. Never failed to do the job.

Feb 04, 2016
Stay away from these tires.
by: Anonymous

I would not recommend these tires. I have had them on my Jeep Liberty for four years and they have never handled well on the highway. I have experienced bad pulling to the right immediately after installation.

Editorial Comment:

A set of new tires, properly installed, inflated and balanced is not likely to cause a vehicle to pull to one side.

If this were to happen, I would re-check the tire pressures to make sure that they were the same on all tires, then have the tires rotated to put the left tires on the right side and vice versa to see if this would cause the vehicle to pull to the other side. If this caused pulling to the other side, then we could suspect the tires (or wheels), but if the pull continued to the same side the problem could be alignment or some other mechanical defect.


Aug 28, 2012
Amazing Tire
by: Ryan

I also bought a used SUV... Ford Explorer, with these tires on it. I also thought the previous owner had put a cheap set of new tires on for easy sale. Boy was i wrong. I put 100,000 km on them and took them all over highway, farm fields, lots of gravel. driving my son all over in winter for hockey to every little town within 300km. These tires made my truck feel like a mountain goat with never any loss of traction no matter how severe the weather was.

Sep 06, 2011
Bad Luck
by: Anonymous

I bought a set of these tires for my Dodge Dakota in 2006. Last weekend I was backing my trailer and when I cleared the curb, I had a leak. Seems that the sidewall folded and pinched it. These tires only had 14,000 miles on them. Personally, I think that a tire that folds over isn't very good. And yes there was the correct amount of aire in them. I can't imagine how they would have handled off road. Oh yeah, I also noticed weather checking on the sidewall. I wouldn't recommend them.

Mar 02, 2011
Trail Mark AT
by: Aaron

Wow! I bought a 2008 Nissan Xterra with these tires on them. I thought that these would be a cheap tire that someone threw on to trade in. I thought they would be junk.

To my surprise they were a GREAT TIRE! We had lots of snow this past winter 2010/11. These tires were great in the snow. Great in the ice! Great in the rain! great low noise tire on dry road.

I have had Bridgestone Dueler A/T and Michelin tires before. these tires put them to shame in the snow ice and general on road driving.

I have drove about 10k miles on them so far. Love them. If I get over 40k out of them I will defiantly get them again.

I love winter driving. I love to pull out stuck cars and trucks for fun. These tires have traction even in turns I don't slide.

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