Tire Reviews: Regul Tires

Tire Reviews: Regul Tires


Regul AT Tires

Regul AT Tires

Don't ever buy Reguls. After one year the treads started separating and the wire cords started twisting up making huge bulges and then coming off in pieces as big as your hand. Two tires after one year...6 months later the other two. They are pure 100% crap!

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Mar 23, 2019
by: Anonymous

I had some Regul tires and they were okay about half tread , but I sold them.

Feb 21, 2016
Tire side wall failure on Regul tire
by: Anonymous

I had a tire failure in North Carolina in August of 2014 and the dealer replaced the tire with a Regul tire 245/70R19.5.

I was at Bellview Tire in Florida to have the outer dual replaced when the tech noticed the inner dual (Regul tire) had a severe crack in the side wall. This tire had less than a 1000 miles on it. Junk tire for sure and don't ever put it on and RV. Oh! After removal we noticed that both sides of the tire were cracked about 30% around the perimeter

Editorial Comment:

Because you wrote that these tires were installed in August 2014 and there's only been 1000 miles driven, it sounds like these tires and the trailer has been ïn storage" for a considerable time.

I'd suggest you read our Tire Storage page to make sure that you are not subjecting your tires to conditions which can severely damage them.


May 28, 2015
About the What One Man Can Do
by: dfMikLev

I'd like to know how the other Regul tire did after you deflated it from 50 to 32 psi???

Nov 08, 2014
Horrible Experience
by: Tire Guy

It is especially difficult when you have family issues to deal with and then have to deal with other problems, like your tires, on top of that.

Still, leaving your family issues aside may help to make a bit more sense out of your tire problems.

Although you did not provide the complete correct tire size, that really doesn't make much of a difference in the situation. What seems most important is what you were told by the Walmart employee. If the tires were cool --which they likely were, having spent a few hours in the parking lot-- and the other new tire was over inflated I would be tending to suspect that the tire which blew out was also inflated to the same level. This very well may have been the real cause of your tire failure.

What I'm suggesting is that it may not be the tire itself, but some negligence in the installation, such as leaving it over inflated, that was the cause of your problem.


Nov 08, 2014
What Can One Man Do
by: Darrell Phillips

Because of a Regul Touring A/S tire, (Heafner) I almost lost mine last Monday, 11-3-14 on I-75 just below Atlanta GA, at 11:30 pm. Here's my story:

On Sunday, 11-2-14, my father died of lung cancer in a hospice in Huntington, WV. My wife, daughters and I live in Moultrie, GA. Seeing we were going to be traveling approx 700 miles, my wife went to Sunset Tire & Automotive, on 2431 South Main Street, In Moultrie GA. and asked them to check our vehicle, to make sure it was road worthy. They said we needed 2 new tires on the front, and they sold us (2) Regul Touring A/S tires for my wife's Ford 2006 Freestyle. They were 215 65 D11 (it looks like),and cost $114 each. We picked up the car, and left at about 7:30 that night, headed to Huntington. After about 3 hours as we were going about 70 mph, the right front tire blew out, going flat, jerking the car to the left. My wife was driving, and held the wheel, beside a semi truck right beside us....then after it had passed, we were able to cross 4 lanes of traffic to the exit and get on a shoulder.

We called roadside assistance, and put on a spare. The we found a Walmart and slept in the parking lot until morning, and bought another tire. The man at Walmart, said that although he couldn't determine the cause of the tire going bad, he did notice that the other new Regul tire, on the front had been inflated to over 50 lbs instead of the 32 that is recommended.

When I called Sunset Tire later that morning, to tell them that the tire had blown, Lewis Woodward the owner, said that Regul didn't offer any road hazard, and that there was nothing he could do. I told him I kept the tire, and he said to bring it in when we returned. He was not rude, but didn't offer any other concession.

When we got back to Moultrie a few days later, I took the tire back to Sunset Tire. He called the company, and they offered no consolation. Lewis said that he couldn't refund our money, but that he would sell me another tire at a 50% discount.
I declined...and left.

Now all I can do is tell others about Regul tires, I am not angry, as much as I am dumbfounded. What can one man do against folks like this? I suppose it is to tell others. My goal is to tell 1000 people my story.

I just wanted to tell you. To be honest, financially, as we weren't prepared to spend that kind of money.

"What can one man do?"

Nov 15, 2010
my reguls were the best mud tires i ever bogged with!
by: Mudrunner429

The regul m/t trailblazers i currently have on my ranger and my 1970 ford mud boggers are the best mud tires there are except the interco super swamper bogger.These tires have a very big lug spacing and self clean better than most other mud tires i have run.That includes the b f goodrich mud tires that were supposed to be one of the best self cleaners on the market today.i have a set of the m/ts on my daily driver and they are by far some of the best moderate to deep snow tires i have run.The only improvement they could use is to be siped to hold wet pavement a little better!

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