Tire Reviews: Pirelli

Tire Review: Pirelli Mudweiser ATV Tires

by Lloyd
(Cloyne Ontario Canada)

Pirelli Mudweiser Tires

Pirelli Mudweiser Tires

I have a 2007 Yamaha Rhino with at 27*12*12 and 27*10*12 Pirelli Mudweiser tires that are only 2 years old mounted on AMS rims. They are starting to weather check and leak badly through the side walls.

I have to pump up tires every day and am running 6 psi in all tires. This unit has never been stored outdoors or in direct sunlight. Tires are bearly worn.

I always thought ATV tires were supposed a rugged tire. My father has a 1993 Honda ATV with the original tires the are not weather checked and do not leak.

Is this a common problem that I have not heard about, or is there a recall on this style of tire?

Editorial Comment:

To start, let me say that I haven't seen many comments either for or against the Pirelli Mudweiser Tire.

One thing that I would want to determine before considering the tires to be defective is whether or not they are well mounted. Could it be possible that the air is leaking out because of a bit of sand or other material in the bead seal? Also check your valves to see if they have covers and are not leaking.

Sidewall cracking is often caused by exposure to heat and sunlight but note that this could affect a tire which is indoors too. Checking could also be provoked by contact with certain chemicals, like solvents or even detergents. In rare cases even some gasses in the air have done this, so you would also want to see if this might have happened at some time in use or in storage.

It is rare for a major manufacturer to produce "junk", in the sense that all the tires turn out badly. If you have just one bad one, that could be a defective tire which has slipped through, but if all of your tires are failing in the same way, you should be first suspecting that there was something in the way they were installed, used or stored that may have provoked the problem. If you don't do this, and simply change to another tire without eliminating the cause, you might end up having the same problem again.


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7 year old Pirelli Tires

by IBK
(Boca Raton, FL)

Pirelli Tire

Pirelli Tire

I have 7 year old 2001 Volvo V70 Convertible with 20,000 miles and the original 7 year old Pirelli tires. They look fine, but are they at an age at which they should be replaced?


TIRE GUYIBK, it may be that the tires are OK, but they certainlly would not be guaranteed by the manufacturer. They usually limit their guarantees to 5 years.

First, I would see if the tire has any problem holding air. Put in the recommended pressure in a cold tire and wait 24 hours. If the pressure has not decreased, the first test has been passed.

Next, carefully inspect the sidewalls for checks or cracks. This is most likely to have occurred if the tires were stored where they received direct sunlight. If there is no sign of this, you've passed the second test.

Now look at the tread depth. If there's a
good tread
and evenly worn you're ready to move on.

Finally take the car out on a test drive and drive around slowly at first ... not more than 40mph and, in a place where there isn't other traffic try a couple to abrupt moves like swerving from one side to the other and braking rapidly. If the car seems to respond normally your tires are likely usable for awhile yet.

Even so, because of the age, I would only feel comfortable using the tires for short trips at slow speeds. If you're planning long drives or high speed use, consider replacing them and keep the old ones to use as spares.


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Pirelli Route 66 Motorcycle Tires

by Don Gifford
(St. Louis, Mo)

Pirelli MT66

Pirelli MT66

In 2008 I purchased a set (front and rear) of new Pirelli tires. In 2010 the front tire demonstrated weather checking on both sides of the tire. The rear tire was OK. The tires had approx 3,000 miles on them when the checking appeared. Motorcycle has been covered at all times when not being ridden. I bought a Dunlop 404 to replace the front tire. The tires were manufactured in the 9th month of 2007.

A great tire, doesn't follow cracks.
- Eric from Minneapolis, MN USA
I bought these tires for my 1997 Honda Shadow Spirit after the Dunlop 404s were thoroughly worn. One chief complaint I had on the Dunlops were they had a tendency to want to follow cracks in the road. After reading reviews here and other places for the Perellis, I can say I'm extremely happy with the new rubber! The stick to the ground the way you'd want, and the cracks that used to pull my bike one way or another are hardly even noticeable any longer. A great tire!
- Sep 30, 2009

I now feel safe in the rain.
- Anonymous from New York , USA
Just put on a new set on my 800 vulcan and went on a 400 mile ride then hit about 40 miles in heavy rain. But water is not a problem for the MT66 and I felt safe for the first time in the rain and great on long or short trips these tires hold the road like glue. I will tell every one I can about these tires. I had a friend behind my and he saw the water getting pushed away like a wave. GREAT TIRES
- Aug 09, 2009

MT 66 Front
- James from Murfreesboro, TN
Got this with about 12,500 on the 2000 Honda Shadow ACE Dlx2. With 21,155 it is time to replace it. Good traction with this tire, run out smooth from the start. I would put another in it's place. Good tire.
- Jul 19, 2009

Pirelli MT66 on Harley Electra glide
- Ed from Alberta
Made a trip from Northern Alberta to Texas and back on a brand new set of MT66's,130/90/16 front and 140/90/16 rear.

Encountered gravel, rain, steep climbs and twisty roads and these tires handle great. These tires are an improvement over Dunlops,

With Dunlops the bike was affected by wind and road cracks and cornered horribly but with Pirelli's the bike handled like it was on rails.

The only thing I don't like is the weight rating, they're rated to haul less weight than the Dunlops but I don't carry a passenger so they're OK for me.

I think Pirelli's are a great handling tire and would suggest trying a set...they're less expensive than Dunlops.
- Jul 18, 2009

Immune to road cracks, and steel grated bridges!
Greg from SE Minnesota USA

Got a replacement front tire on my 1983 Kawasaki 440 LTD. Didn't know anything about them until I rode it. I live in southern Minnesota, where the winters tear the roads apart, creating cracks, and potholes as fast as the snow melts in the Spring. With this on the front, and a no-name rear tire I am free from holding a firm grip on the steering! The front tire is almost unaffected by road cracks, and steel grated bridges are easy to drive across -- now.
- Apr 22, 2008

Pierelli Route 66
- David from Indianapolis, IN

I have had the Pirelli Route 66 on the back of my BMW R100 now with slightly more than 10,000 miles, matched with a ME33 Laser Metzeler on the front. I just put a new Metzeler Lasertec on the front after 15,000 miles on the old Metzeler ME 33.

I have been overall quite pleased with the Route 66, considering the price. It is starting to get a bit flat in the center from too much highway and less than aggressive cornering, but still has fair amount of tread left. It breaks over a bit now in the corners because the contour is no longer round as when new. I will probably consider a bit softer tire next time, but if I was doing a lot of long distance riding, I would probably go for the Pirelli Route 66 again.

I would actually give it four and a half stars. I find it equal to the Metzeler Marathon ME88, and the equivalent Continental.
- Sep 04, 2007

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