Tire Reviews: Nexen N7000 245/35 ZR 20

Tire Reviews: Nexen N7000 245/35 ZR 20

I purchased Dayton rims and Nexen N7000 245/35 ZR 20 tires for my 1981 cadillac hearse.

It is my best guess that there is less than 5000km on these tires now. I was on my way to a car show when the side wall suddenly separated!

I submitted pics to the claims department at my Nexen retailer only to have the Nexen company come back and say "you must have hit a curb".

When I explained to them that this was a show car with close to $30,000 invested, and there was no possible way that this thing came remotely close to a curb, they said that's our opinion and we won't give you any warranty.

So I asked how they came up with that conclusion. They said that side wall separation ONLY occurs when the tire is abused ie, curbing or other similar events. I pointed out that they were a very small sidewall (35s) and asked wouldn't there be rim damage too? Or possibly scuff marks on the tire? The lady representing Nexen tires became angry and stated that I could have easily hidden the scuff marks.

It is my opinion that this company is only out to screw over the general public. If I had the money to do so, I would pull all the Nexen tires off my car, put lemon stickers on them, and take them to all the car shows I go to, telling people NOT to buy them! I may do just that in the future. But at least I have been able to save some friends at car shows from purchasing this terrible product.

Editorial Comment:

It's understandable that you're upset over a tire failure after very little use. Unfortunately the photo you've provided doesn't show any damage and I am at a loss to speculate over what kind of damage occurred or what might have caused it.

I don't necessarily agree with the response you received, but as a person who has adjusted warranty claims, I wouldn't be prepared to accept liability based on the photo you've submitted either. I would want to actually see the tire and if that weren't sufficient possibly do some lab testing.

If you can take the tire to a claims adjuster who can physically inspect the tire there might be a possibility to get further satisfaction.


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