Tire Reviews: Michelin Tires

I'll Only Use Michelin Tires

by Tracie
(Mauldin South Carolina US)

Michelin Latitude Alpine

Michelin Latitude Alpine

I only ride on Michelin tires.

One morning on my way to work, driving on the highway about 70, I had a blow out. I heard this aweful noise but I did not stop until the noise got louder. I pulled over and my tire had blown out. It scared me to death.

The amazingly thing is that I never lost control of my car and I credit this to my Michelin tires.

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Michelin's Customer Service

by JC
(Coral Springs, FL)

Michelin Hydroedge

Michelin Hydroedge

About three years ago, I needed to purchase new tires for my Nissan Maxima SE.

I went to Tire Kingdom and asked for Michelin tires because they have a good reputation.

Unknown to me, the guy recommended tires that are considered "sport tires." He never told me that they were special tires, nor did he tell me that the life expectancy was only 20,000 miles.

A few weeks ago, I went to the same Tire Kingdom to get the tires rotated, only to be told that I needed new tires. Not only that, I was told the tires were so worn that he wouldn't even rotate them.

Since I only had about 30,000 miles on the tires, I asked how I could possibly need new tires already. It was only then that I was informed about the "sport tires."

Needless to say I was livid, but the only response I got was, "I don't know what you were or weren't told at the time you bought the tires, so there's nothing I can do."

When I told my wife, she suggested we call Michelin. I honestly thought it would be a waste of time since they clearly had nothing to do with my buying those tires. Nevertheless we called.

The person we spoke to was very understanding and wanted to help. She asked me to get a formal tire inspection done and have the results phoned in to Michelin. Their concern was that uneven wear might indicate that the tires had experienced excessive wear due to alignment issues or something like that.

Once the inspector reported no uneven wear, Michelin granted me a 35% discount on the purchase of new tires.

The customer service agent at Michelin even gave me model numbers to ask for to avoid running into the same problem in the future. Given that the tires had already exceeded the expected life in terms of mileage, I thought that was really good service.

(Ed.: The next time you purchase tires, you'll likely want to be more informed about what you're buying and how to take advantage of a dealer's knowledge. See if Using a Tire Dealer doesn't contain something useful for you. It was written for off-roaders, but many of the principles are the same for all of us.)

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Michelin Pilot Sport PS2

by smith

Michelin Pilot Sport PS2

Michelin Pilot Sport PS2

In my view, the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 is a better overall tire than the Goodyear Supercar F1's that came stock on my 2003 Corvette Z06.

They stick better in acelerlation, braking and cornering. They are noticeably quieter on the highway too.

I haven't tried them in the rain yet since it's been dry and sunny in L.A. for the last several months, so I've left out the wet traction rating at this time.

The only gripe I have is that the PS2's have a rounded-edge look whereas the Goodyears are square shouldered and appear somewhat more aggressive.

But bottom line, I would again buy the Michelin PS2's over the Goodyear Supercar F1's for my next set, even if they cost slightly more.

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Michelins Made My Car Ride Like a Dream

by SS
(New Edinburg, AR, USA)

Michelin Hydroedge

Michelin Hydroedge

I bought a used Toyota Corolla in April 2007. The tires were in pitiful shape, so I went to a Mom and Pop type dealer and bought 4 used tires for $25 each. (ed.: See Cheap tires if you're even in this situation again.)
The car never rode smoothly, and, in fact, always felt like you were driving on flats or there were a ton of rocks captured up in the tread.

Fast forward to February, 2008. My family and I were spending a day in Little Rock, Arkansas, about 2 hours from home, shopping with our tax refund money.

As we were driving down I-630 towards North Little Rock to go eat, I saw something in the road and assumed it was a piece of gray cardboard or something. Wrong! It was a chunk of concrete.

I swerved to avoid it, but ended up clipping it with my front left (driver's side) tire. I thought I would wait until we drove across the Arkansas River and had a decent place to pull over and then I would check everything out. Wrong again!

As we were driving I noticed the car was pulling very hard to the side, so I figured I knocked the front end out of line. It wasn't until we heard a horrible grinding noise that we realized we had a major problem.

Pulling off on the side of the road to put the spare "donut" tire on was no picnic, especially with traffic flying by at 70 MPH and faster.

What made it even worse that it was 7pm and all of the tire dealerships were closed. I did NOT want to drive all the way home on a donut.

Luckily, we were close to a Sam's Club. We decided if we were going to have to replace one, we might as well go ahead and replace the others as well. Although we had to rejoin the club to get service, we were able to get 4 new Michelin tires at a very affordable price.

The absolute best part, though, was that my car drove like a dream afterwards! No longer do I constantly feel an urge to pull over and check to see if I have a tire going flat.

I will definately buy Michelins again!

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Michelin Tires

by amanda
(zanesville ohio usa)

Michelin Man

Michelin Man

Michelin tires are really nice.

We have them on our car which we have only had for a few months but they had Michelins already on them so when we needed to replace them we got Michelins again.

We think they are really nice,they hold up good and have a nice smooth feel to them which is good since we do a lot of traveling its nice to have smooth running tires.

This is the brand of tires we will always stick with. They may be kinda pricey but they are so worth it to pay the little extra to get something you can really depend on.

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