Tire Reviews: Dynapro LT245/75R16

Tire Reviews: Dynapro LT245/75R16

by Jason

These tires came with our new 2009 Ford E-350 passenger van.

We've put approximately 18,000 miles on the vehicle and have had 3 out of 4 tires fail on us. Each time the tread separated. The dealer says each time "You're lucky the tire didn't blow while you were driving!" (some reassurance).

The dealer says that maybe (just maybe!) this was a bad set of tires. Go figure.

Maybe it's bad luck... I consider it a bad brand and will never risk my family's safety with these tires again!

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Jul 29, 2011
Dealer should offer soluttion
by: Wheels Etc

After Ford spent years and millions on a problem with tires I would expect the dealer to have resolved this problem with a replacement tire for each of those which separated within three years of the delivery of the new van. In my opinion after replacing two of those tires I would have suggested a change in brands on the third event. You should understand the reason there are so many brands is that a lot of people have a problem with a tire that causes them to "never buy that brand again".
I remain convinced the problem Ford had with Firestone was caused by the low pressure they wanted in order to make the ride more comfortable. Over time running a tire at low pressure can lead to separation due to heat build up.
I have customers with government purchasing contracts in which they recently changed from BF Goodrich to Uniroyal brand tires in this size and seem to be very happy with the performance. By the way they use them on emergency vehicles so the quality is very good.
I would consider buying the new set of brand name tires and offer the set you have for sale in a local paper or craigslist and expect to get more than $100 back on the set of 4 or 5. Those tires all have less than 18,000 miles and should be easy to sell.

Editorial Comment:

I agree with your opinion that the dealer or even Ford should be responsible for this kind of situation.

One thing that most people don't know is that all tires are designed to operate at a certain diameter after they have been inflated. If, considering the weight of the vehicle and it's load, the pressure is too low, the tire will have a smaller diameter -- measured from the road to the center of the axle.

The fix for this is to add air until that operating diameter is reached, however, one effect of adding air is to make the tire harder and the ride may not be as soft as it was previously.

Suggesting that a vehicle use less pressure to correct a deficiency in engineering design of the van is a last-minute attempt to salvage an error which should have been fixed when the vehicle was being designed.

The very least the company should do is disclose that they recommend using a lower pressure for increased ride comfort, but that this will result in lower tire life and possible problems with the tire because of the increased heat generated through lower pressure.


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