Tire Reviews: Cooper

GMC and Cooper Tires, A Great Combination

by SS
(Arkansas, USA)

1990 GMC pick up truck

1990 GMC pick up truck

My husband and I inherited a 1991 GMC pickup when my grandpa died, 8 years ago.

The truck had 50,000 miles on it and sad looking tires (dry rotting, constantly going flat, etc.). We took it in to a family owned tire store in Monticello, Arkansas and got some 15" Cooper tires put on it.

With the exception of a roofing tack incident 2 years ago, we've had no problems with the tires.

Eight years and 72,000 miles later, including 2 vacations, both (the truck and the tires) are going strong.

We will definately buy more Cooper tires for the truck whenever it does need new ones.

(Editor's comment: This is evidence that the recent flurry of TV reports about "over-aged" tires being dangerous simply isn't true all the time. Manufacturers guarantee new tires 5 or 6 years in order to put some limit on their liability, but that doesn't mean the tires will fail, just because the guarantee has expired.)

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Cooper Tires

by Chris

Cooper AST II

Cooper AST II

I am a satisfied customer of Cooper Tires.

I bought a set for my 1998 S10 Chevy pickup truck with extended cab not long ago and I am very satisfied with them so far.

I chose the Discoverer AST II tires and can report they have worked fine and I have had no troubles with them since I got them.

I drive in areas which have a lot of litter and have run over plenty of objects but haven't gotten a flat tire, so my experience with these Cooper tires has been good.

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Cooper Tires

by CLW
(madison, florida)

Cooper Discoverer tire

Cooper Discoverer tire

I purchased my first set of Cooper tires in 2002 from a local garage in Florida.

The tires were a set of four 11R24.5. I bought them for my Ford dump truck. I believe they cost at that time, $250.00 a piece. I found them to be a good rugged tire. I used my dump truck to haul aggragates, asphalt, millings.

These Coopers held up to hot Florida summers and lots and lots of driving.

I no longer have my dump truck, but, I have since put a set of 235/85/R16 on my dually truck and am using them now and ,as with my dump truck, am getting lots of miles from them.

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Tire Reviews: Cooper CS-4 - 215 55VR17

by Philip Jordan
(Worcester, MA)

The tire I'm reviewing is Cooper CS-4, 215/55VR17.

I bought four tires on December 1, 2008. They were installed on a Lexus 350. The installation was done by Pete's Tire Barn, Inc. Shrewsbury, MA, from where they were purchased.

My driving conditions are 70% city, 30% highway. My expectations were simply quality and security.

To date, I have put on 30,000 miles during 23 months. My vehicle is maintained on a 2,500 mile basis at the vehicle's original dealership. Tire check and rotation is always inclusive with the servicing.

Within the first six months after purchase, I had the first blow-out flat. Pete's Barn (origin of purchase) repaired the tire at my expense, stating that Cooper would not offer participation.

Over the ensuing months I have encountered two similar incidents involving immediate flat tires to the Cooper tires. The last two episodes were serviced at Town Fair Tire, where I purchased replacement tires for the flats.

Town Fair Tire reiterated the same fact: Cooper Tire Company will not participate in replacement, or pro-rate their product.

My unpleasant experience with Cooper Tires has convinced me that the product is an inferior safety hazard on the road. The Cooper company ignores its consumer's perils with their product.

I did not expect immunity from flat tires, I had anticipated that the product would have the integrity or quality to not immediately flat out. I expected a gradual deflation or forewarning before the tire's demise.

My recommendation to anyone considering purchasing Cooper tires would be to explore other manufactures and completely consider other products before reaching a decision. I, personally, would NEVER PURCHASE A COOPER PRODUCT AGAIN.

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Tire Reviews: Cooper Discoverer M+S 265/70R17

by Murray Hamilton
(LaConner, Wa. USA)

Cooper Discoverer M+S

Cooper Discoverer M+S

Cooper Discoverer M+S 265/70R17 Load range E

Installed these Cooper Discoverer M+S 265/70's on Dodge Cummins 3500 4x4 06 Truck by the Tire Factory in Mt.Vernon, Washington USA, Nov. 15 2010.

I did not have them studded, as I prefer non-studded tires. These are severe winter rated tires.

This is my second Dodge Cummins 4x4 and on the first Dodge I ran half a million miles on numerous brands of tires. The last set on that truck were these Coopers and they were so superb I installed a set on the new truck for winter use.

I run larger tires on custom wheels most of the year, but had these Coopers installed on the stock wheels for winter.

Yesterday was our first snow storm of the year, and roads were especially bad. Thousands of accidents and the slickest roads possible. I've got over a million miles behind the windshield in all sorts of environments including Wyoming and Montana winters, Alaska, Yukon, BC etc. I'm not new to snow and ice!

Yesterday confirmed my impression that these are superb tires for a truck! I have 500lbs of sand bags in the rear and I did not even require 4WD to ascend steep icy hills that defeated other 4x4 vehicles! I purposely operated in 2WD to test the capabilities of the tires and I am blown away.

I deflated them to 50 psi in the rear and 55 in the front. Lots of theories on this but my experience in an unladen truck is that mild deflation can add traction. (don't over-do this!) With the sand in the back it's like driving with chains.

I have to ascend a steep unplowed gravel road to get to my home and I thought I'd give it a go in 2WD not expecting to make it. I not only made it but did so with ease!

I'm a picky guy and I'm always fully prepped for winter combat and I never compromise on tires. My life depends on them. I will never look to another snow tire for my truck as long as these are produced.

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