The Rise and Rise of Tire Rack

Want to know about Tire Rack? is a tire and wheel website complete with its own testing, customer comments and surveys.

Tire Rack has a large tire inventory available to customers online and via phone sales, with many customers using a combination of both the website and Tire Rack‘s phone consultants to decide on their order.

Tire Rack Warehouse
Tire Rack Warehouse

Tire Rack began when its founder's son-in-law, Mike Joines, went shopping for tires for his own car back in 1979. Like many of us, he experienced difficulty choosing a suitable tire from the selection available from dealers. That´s when he brainstormed the concept of Tire Rack.

It was one of those moments of clarity we all get during periods of frustration. Why should something be so hard when it could be easy? He came up with the idea of stocking tires in a warehouse, then direct-shipping them out to consumers so that they can have them installed where they like.

In its infancy, Tire Rack was a phone-order business, (back when the internet was something NASA nerds where fantasizing about. These days, Tire Rack is a phone sale and internet enigma, a way many people, as well as some retailers, choose their tires and other vehicle accessories.

It's amazing to think that it started out as a little family business venture. And, according to USA Today one that Mike Joines and his father-in-law Peter Veldman, did not expect to succeed the way it did.

Tire Rack's Push to go On Line

As the idea grew, Tire Rack successfully combined internet and phone sale strategies to get to where it is today. The internet push began in 1996, when it was a tremendous risk. That risk has paid big dividends with a large chunk of the company's income generated by tire either directly or indirectly as customers use it for research, then phone-in their orders.

What makes Tire Rack the ideal option for many people?

For starters, Tire Rack gives its clients the choice of delivery to a recommended installer, to an installer the client prefers, or direct to their front door.

Choosing tires is made easy through the website. There are reviews by Tire Rack staff and also from customers. The success of the company is a strong indication that more and more people wish to make their own decisions about tires and are willing and able to research their choice.

Tire Rack has four warehouses and seems to have found a very profitable niche. Some of its other products include wheels, air induction, suspension and brakes. With so many businesses and organizations worldwide looking for ways to get more out of internet marketing, Tire Rack has set an example of how to do it.

How Many People Visit the Website?

Alexa Internet, a company that surveys worldwide web traffic, ranks in 4,900th place with 84.8% of its users coming from the United States. Alexa's competitor, estimates that 2.1 million people visited in October 2015.

A normal dealer too

Tire Rack also does the normal things you'd expect from a tire dealer. In fact, they still have service bays at their headquarters and can install ordered products, just like any other tire dealer. However, the strength of their business seems to come from letting customers make their own decisions on the products they want at their own pace, when and where they want to.

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