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TIRE GUYWhat's up on the website offered by Tire Rack?

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When I first visited tirerack.comit found it was that it's a large site and it took some time to get my bearings. There's a lot of information and I doubt many people actually take the time to look through the entire volume of material.

Before I get to what you can find on the site, a couple of sidenotes.  First, Quantcast, a site devoted to web traffic statistics, reports over 60% of visitors to tire rack´s website as one timers and 30 - 40% as regulars. It´s a good bet they are looking for tire reviews, there´s loads of them!

Next, the gender bias for tirerack.com might be surprising. A 65% male and 35% female audience might be a revelation for some readers, but it seems to be the norm across all the statistics for Tire Rack´s major competitors. The female audience is more than capable of making up their own minds about the tires they buy.

Depth of Knowledge

There are reviews from readers to accompany Tire Rack's own reviews, making up a massive case study for anyone wanting to compare tires before they buy. Adding yet another dimension are a myriad of surveys to help readers, although I found the surveys took some time to work out.

Tire Rack tests tires in-house and publishes their results. The lucky test pilots avail themselves of either BMW 325i E90 sedans or Porsche Cayenne SUVs, depending on what type of tire is being tested.

I really enjoy sites with more than just articles to read and Tire Rack certainly complies. Some of us are happy just reading away while others like to watch a few videos and learn - perhaps I just have a short attention span. The presence of a number of video tutorials and stories got the initial thumbs up but after awhile I found them somewhat corny.

Other attractions within the site include the upgrade garage, where you simply enter your vehicle´s year of manufacture, its make and model, and they will supply you with an assortment of upgrades. There's a special winter section here to cater for people in colder snow-prone areas, as well as those interested in performance wheels, suspension upgrades, brakes, wipers, lights, air intake systems and other replacement items.

Lowering a Vehicle

Within the shopping tools I found a section devoted to lowering your vehicle. Often the first thing a car owner looks to do is to individualize their car and mounting a set of awe-inspiring wheels, which lowers the stance of the vehicle, is the easiest and most cost-effective way to do this. There are some good little articles within this section together with pictures to help guide anyone looking to take this step.

Also within the shopping tools is the Tech Center, where you´ll find articles on tires, winter tires, wheels, brakes, suspension and lighting.

So now you know a bit of what to look for when you visit the site.  Are you thinking of shopping at Tire Rack?  See

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