Tire Questions Part IV

Questions From The Girls And Answers


Below are a few of the questions I've received from female drivers or car owners, and my answers.

If I have a nail in my tire, can I still drive?

Nadia, Youngstown USA


Hi Nadia,

If you notice anything like that you need to consult a tire dealer immediately. Often damage from things like nails can be repaired safely if its done quickly, but it depends on the location of the nail. Driving a tire with little or no pressure will ruin it in no time! Sometimes it's safer to replace the tire. Read our article on tread here .

Kind regards


My tire dealer was talking about Tire Treadwear ratings. What is treadwear?

Bettina, Dallas USA


All tires made in accordance with the US Department of Transport requirements carry a tire TREADWEAR rating printed on the sidewall followed by a number. The number assigned by a tire manufacturer compares the durability of a particular tire against another tire. Lets say a tire's rating is 100- another tire with a rating of 200 should be twice as durable. But there's a lot more to treadwear and you should read our article on treadwear

All the best

I've been told treadwear rating is unreliable. Is this true?

Maria, Ontario Canada


The problem many experts have with the rating is that over the years the results from the same kind of standard tires has changed. This means that any rating for another tire compared to a different standard tire would also be different. Despite this I see  treadwear rating as a useful tool to help you compare tires, if you understand its limitations. Read more at treadwear.

I hope this helps,

If I purchase a new set of tires with the similar treadwear rating and price, will I get the same life span from the new tires?

Daria, Connecticut

Hi Daria,

If you expect to be using your new tires under the same conditions and the same vehicle as the tires you are replacing, it would be reasonable to expect a tire with the same rating will give a similar performance. The results may differ though if you change vehicles, move to another area where the roads or climate are different or if another person is going to use the vehicle.

If you have a tire which gave you 20 months of use and its treadwear rating was 240. Purchasing a new tire with the same rating, especially if it is the same brand of tire, should give you about the same life. Read more at treadwear II

Thanks for dropping a line,

Does the treadwear rating vary for performance tires?

Barbara, Marion US

Hi Barbara,

High performance tires have a different treadwear rating to more popular tires and the price is generally higher. This is because the ingredients of the high performance tire cost more than ordinary tires and they may wear out faster, too. Read more at treadwear II.



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