Tire Questions Part III

Questions and answers from the girls


Below are a few of the questions I've received from female drivers or car owners, and my answers.

I think my tires are wearing unevenly, what should I do next?

Gloria, Surrey England

Hi Gloria,

If your tires are showing evidence of uneven wear, consult your dealer and get a technician to check for misalignment, imbalance or mechanical problems. Check these articles for more information: tire rotation, alignment Part I, balancing.

Good luck with it,

I had a flat recently and haven't had time to get it repaired. How long can I use my spare?

Geraldine, Ixtapa Mexico

Hi Geraldine,

Any spare tire designed for "Temporary Use Only" is exactly that and should be used if there is no other option. Also, in some areas it's illegal to run a car without a spare, so be careful of that, besides, if you have another flat and you haven't had this one fixed yet you could be risking a long walk home.

Thanks for the question,


Both shoulders of one of my tires are worn. What's wrong?

Paola, Florida USA

Hi Paola,

Your problem could be as simple as low tire pressure and you can check it yourself, alternatively discuss it with a tire dealer to be absolutely certain. Read our articles on tire pressure and  tire wear.

I hope this helps


Why would my tires be going bald in the middle and not the outsides?

Talia, Maryland USA

Hi there Talia,

It sounds a bit like a case of too much air pressure, which will wear the center of the tire faster than the outside edges. Read our articles on tire wear  and tire pressure , but I also recommend consultation with a tire dealer if you still aren't sure.

Thanks for the question


I was wondering what the best way to know when my tires are worn out and need replacing?

Tess, Toledo USA

Hi Tess,

There are a few methods so I'll try to touch on each of them.

The first method is built in to most tires. These are wear bars- little bumps in the grooves of a tire. Placed at regular intervals around the circumference of the tire, these wear bars are exactly 2/32 of an inch in thickness. When the tread is level with the wear bar the tire needs to be replaced.

The second method involves using a US penny. Place the penny in a tire's groove with Lincoln's head entering the groove. As long as a part of the head is covered when the coin is fully inserted in the groove you're ok, but once the top of Lincoln's head is visible it's time to change that tire.

The third is to see your tire dealer and get some advice.

You can read our article on tread at tread.


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