Tire Questions Part II

Questions and answers from the girls

TIRE GUY Below are a few of the questions I've received from female drivers or car owners, and my answers.


Why is it so important to balance my new tires?

Golda, Perth West Australia

Hi Golda,

Balancing can correct vibration caused by as little as 1/4 ounce, so it's a very important process.

A small force, repeated rapidly and frequently can cause serious damage to almost anything. A car's wheel which is traveling at 60 mph is making approximately 4 revolutions every second. Every one of those revolutions is producing a tiny shake which is passed on to every part of the vehicle connected to it. You can read more on why this is so important at Balancing

Thanks for the great question

Can I save money by just balancing my front wheels?

Rebecca, Wellington NZ

Hi Rebecca,

People notice unbalanced tires when they are on the front wheels because the vibrations are transferred through the steering wheel to the driver's hands. These same vibrations are not felt when they are on the rear wheels, but are contributing to the mechanical wear-and-tear of the vehicle. This is why it has become a standard practice to balance every new tire. You can read more about the importance of balancing at Balancing.


I have a small business with ten delivery vans, when is the best time to check things like balance and rotate my tires?

Carolyn, Miami USA


Under average driving conditions, the experience of many thousands of motorists has shown that it is advisable to check tire balance every time they are being rotated (between 4 and 6,000 miles). Also, perform a balance after all repairs. Read more at Balancing.

Good luck with the business,

How much will my dealer charge me for a tire rotation?

Thuy, Vancouver Wa

Hi Thuy,

Many tire dealers offer free tire rotation to their customers. Talk to your tire dealer about what you need. You might have to shop around to get the service you need but I'm confident you'll can find a good dealership where you get this service free. See tire rotation.

Thanks for the question,

Do I really need to have my tires rotated, is there a benefit?

Jenna, Cleveland USA

Hi Jenna,

The aim of tire rotation is to prolong the life of your tires and your vehicle's manual will have the manufacturers recommendations. Every 6000 miles is a good guideline for rotation and if there are signs of irregular wear, have the vehicle checked by a qualified technician.

Sometimes irregular tire wear can be corrected by rotation. Saving you money on unnecessary replacement. Check our article on tire rotation for lots more information.

I hope that helps,


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