Tire Problems

TIRE GUYTire problems are a fact of life if you drive.  How do you deal with them?

If you drive enough, sooner or later, you're likely to experience some problems with your tires.  Sometimes, those problems can involve the purchase, the service, the dealers, and even the companies which made them.  What's the best way to get the most satisfactory solution?

In answer to that question, Karen Simmons, Manager Consumer Affairs for Yokohama Tire Corporation has provided us with some of her insight and experience.

"Share Your Facts, Learn What You Need, Stay Calm"

Maximizing Results From Your Customer Service Call

For the one time in your life you may need a little good advice with the Customer Care Experience on easy ways to get good satisfaction...

  • Focus first on contacting the correct person. Usually you will need to navigate an automated phone question system before arriving at a real person. Confirm that the person you've reached is authorized to render a decision once the facts are reviewed.
  • Always try to be polite, focused, honest and realistic. Try to limit your emotion about the possibility of having your request denied. Remember, if you do your part, your concern will be validated and the service agent will become your advocate. Communicate to the agent that your goal is to arrive at a positive solution  that restores your faith in the company with which you're dealing.
  • Your time is valuable so strive to make the exchange as efficient as be possible, by gathering the essential information before you call. Practicing with someone before you call, can help you further prepare for the discussion. During the conversation focus on delivering a concise review of product or service situation you need resolved. Sometimes you will need to provide more information so maintain your cool as you allow the service person to indentify the remaining facts that need evaluated.
  • Besides sharing all the facts and making the problem explicit, it is important to suggest a reasonable solution that will satisfy you. If you make unreasonable demands, the service agent could easily conclude you will never be satisfied.
  • Most, but not all, problems have solutions. Sometimes you will learn that your situation is not covered directly by company policy. If this happens, don't despair: ask whether a goodwill judgment might be offered. Most companies have such options for their service agents and it could work to your benefit.

Remember, good companies work hard to retain customers and your situation can be valuable for their improvement processes.

Our thanks to Karen Simmons, Manager Consumer Affairs, Yokohama Tire Corporation for sharing her insights with our readers.


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