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This is a sort-of catch-all area in Tire Information World.   It's an area where we collect and provide those things which just don't seem to fit neatly in other categories....

What tire information do you need?

Need to know what a tire dealer is talking about?  Try our page on Tire terminology.

Maybe you need to find out what tires are manufactured in Brazil.  The DOT Codes by Location might be useful.

Want to know the latest tire test results from Tire Rack? See their tire test results page.

Doing some research on what happens to old tires?  Rubber Recycling might give you some ideas.

In the list below I'll provide you with a quick summary of what you can find by going to each of the articles so that you can quickly decide if it's for you.

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The articles list:

  • New Research on Tire Tread Depth suggests that current standards are quite unsafe.

  • Tire Failure is often a predictable and preventable event.  Learn what to watch for.

  • Tires with retractable studs have been developed and are coming to the market.

  • Want improved traction? Siping is a practice many find useful.

  • One of the growing movements inrecent times is Nitrogen Inflation for tires. Read what it's about and see if it's for you.

  • Tire Markings is our guide to reading what is written on the side of a tire.  There's a lot there, this guide will make short work of understanding it.

  • What the heck are they talking about?  Read the brief primer on Tire Terminology

  • The Studded Tire Report is the result of an extensive study by Washington State. Are studded tires allowed where you live?  See Tire Stud Regulations.

  • The article on Tire Components describes what ingredients you'd find in a typical modern tire.

  • Tire Traction is a topic that often leads to spirited debates.  Here's the essential info you'll need when you get to it.

  • More help in decoding the DOT Code is found in the DOT Tire Size chart.

  • Tips and ideas for locating and disposing of Ag - Tractor Tires using the internet.

  • A brief tire history will quickly sum up how tires started and got to where were are today.

  • For information and tips on how to get the most for your money read up on Trailer Tires.

  • Ever wondered what happens to an old tire after you've discarded it?  Recycling tires will fill you in.

  • If you've been inclined to think that rims are just something to hold your tires, Rim and Tire, may give you another idea.

  • If you ever start thinking about enhancing your vehicle, you'll likely hear about Plus Sizing. Our articles tells you what it's about.

  • Car racers might know all about it, but if you want to know what they're talking about read our article on Heat Cycling.

  • Tire consumer topics is a collection of useful articles which was created in the early days of this web site.  It it still valid.

  • Tire Suppliers is a section devoted to the supply side or in other words--the tire business in all its aspects.

  • Want a new source of income? See: A simple home-based business that pays well.

  • For CSI fans and others who are interested in the more scientific angle Forensic Science may suit your taste.

  • Our page entitled Special Tips is a collection of items and offers which we've discovered in researching for information about tires that relate to other aspects of driving or vehicle ownership.  If you're looking for some new ideas, this may be a place to find some.

  • All of us who use tires have to deal with insurance and may have to make an Insurance Claim at some time or another. This article has some tips and pointers that may be helpful.


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