The Girls Ask About Tires

What The Gals Want To Know

TIRE GUY I get asked lots of questions about tires and some of the most enlightening ones are asked by the gals.

This is a represententative collection of what the girls want to know. 

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About Alignment:

I was told that my wheel alignment needs to be fixed. I'm not very mechanically minded so could you explain what is wrong with my car? -Patricia, Texas USA
My tire dealer said my camber was wrong and needed to be adjusted. What is the camber? -Annette
A friend of mine told me I could save money by not having a wheel alignment done when I have new tires fitted. Is this true? -Angelynn, Cagayan de Oro Phils
My wheel alignment has to be done quite often. What are the causes of misalignment? -Sarah, Newcastle Australia

About Balancing:

Why is it so important to balance my new tires? - Golda, Perth West Australia
Can I save money by just balancing my front wheels? - Rebecca, Wellington NZ
I have a small business with ten delivery vans, when is the best time to check things like balance and rotate my tires? - Carolyn, Miami USA

About Rotation

How much will my dealer charge me for a tire rotation?
- Thuy, Vancouver Wa
Do I really need to have my tires rotated, is there a benefit? - Jenna, Cleveland USA

About Wear

I think my tires are wearing unevenly, what should I do next? - Gloria, Surrey England
Both shoulders of one of my tires are worn. What's wrong? - Paola, Florida USA
Why would my tires be going bald in the middle and not the outsides? - Talia, Maryland USA

About Replacement

I was wondering what the best way to know when my tires are worn out and need replacing? - Tess, Toledo USA

About Spare Tire Use

I had a flat recently and haven't had time to get it repaired. How long can I use my spare? - Geraldine, Ixtapa Mexico

About Tire Damage

If I have a nail in my tire, can I still drive? - Nadia, Youngstown USA

About Treadwear

My tire dealer was talking about Tire Treadwear ratings. What is treadwear? - Bettina, Dallas USA
I've been told treadwear rating is unreliable. Is this true? - Maria, Ontario Canada
If I purchase a new set of tires with the similar treadwear rating and price, will I get the same life span from the new tires? - Daria, Connecticut
Does the treadwear rating vary for performance tires? - Barbara, Marion US


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