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The primary thought to always keep in mind when searching to find the best tire discount is that you always get what you pay for.

A plan of attack to get the best tire discount

To put the above thought in other terms:

When you find a tire discount which seems too good to be true, you are wise to suspect that there is some inconvenient reason why the price you've found is so low. Dig deeper until you discover the reason or know that you have found a genuine bargain.

Here's a plan of attack that will help you find the best tire discount possible:

  1. First, do some shopping online to get an idea of what prices are being charged over a variety of online dealers and offline stores.
  2. tire discount saleChoose a specific tire brand as your preferred buy and even narrow this down to a particular size and tire design. This allows you to compare "apples" with "apples."
  3. If you visit a tire dealer, know which tire you want before you walk in the door. This will keep you on track when someone trys to convince you that something they have in mind is what you should buy. It may help if you have a second or third choice in mind just in case your most preferred tire isn't available.
  4. Hopefully you are not in an urgent condition where you have to buy something right now. Allow yourself time to shop around and make comparisions to get your optimum tire discount. It is vitally important to ask if the price being quoted covers everything like installation, balancing, road hazard protection, disposal fees and any other charges that may apply before you can take your car out of the shop.

  5. Keep your cool and be courteous. Many salespeople will be more disposed to give you a better discount if they are treated with respect.
  6. Arm yourself with competitive quotes before you arrive. You can often get prices on specific tires by phoning or looking online. If you can get a quote for a specific tire to compare to others this can be a real useful bargaining tool.
  7. Use my secret tool --treadwear-- to compare tires. This isn't a well known tactic, but it can help keep you on track so that you are getting the same value from two different tires. Remember that if one tire has a treadwear of say 500 and another has 100, the one with the larger number is likely to last as much as 5 times longer. If its price is less than 5 times the price of the 100 tire, you may be getting a much better value.
  8. tires for saleRemember the extra costs involved in buying a tire. Not only is there the tire's cost but installation and balancing may be extra too. If you buy a more expensive tire which lasts longer you won't be faced with this additional costs as many times.
  9. Look at the possibility of buying your tires online. Even after you add shipping charges and the cost of installation and balancing this might be a better deal. For example, you can read Tire Rack's Customer Reviews before you buy your tires. Tirerack.com has attracted a tremendous following for this reason and the fact that you can find numerous reviews of an assortment of tires
  10. Be aware of "free repairs" scams. Sometimes a shop get you to come in for a free repair then, after the tire is off your car, they tell you the repair isn't possible, will then attempt to charge you a premium price to replace a single tire which will match the other three.

Using these pointers will set you on the path to get the best tire discount available.

What experiences have you had with tire discounts?

Have you had a particularly good or bad experience that you would care to tell others about?

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