Tire Concerns: what is the best brand of tire

Tire Concerns: what is the best brand of tire

by henry

I need new tires for my 2005 chevy vibe and wonder what is the best brand of tire.

Editorial Comment:

Some drivers are fiercely loyal to one brand of tire or another, but when you question them deeply about it you will often find that this is based on one particular experience they have had which impacted them so much that they swore allegiance to that brand.

Although I began my involvement in the tire business allied with Goodyear, I must admit that all major tire brands usually strive to provide high quality tires and good designs. Occasionally they will try something new or different which bombs out, they drop that and move on, but sometime they get a bad reputation from that experience. This also, is true when they make some goof and a number of defective products are sold and a recall results.

What I believe is much more important than specific tire brand is finding a tire dealer who you like and who you can confide in. The service you receive and the attention to the specific needs which you have are much more important than the specific brand you buy. If you form this bond with a dealer who exclusively handles a certain brand you may tend to gravitate to that brand for the rest of your life. If you trusted dealer handles several different brands, and you rely on his advice, you may end up changing brands from time to time and still be completely satisfied.

I might also comment that some drivers believe that they should stick with the brand of tire that came with their tire when it is new. The fact that a new car came with a certain brand has nothing to do with how good that tire is as you might notice if you've heard about the tremendous criticism which the Toyota/Bridgestone combination has brought in the 2009 models (and possibly other years).

You might be interested in knowing that at one time the company who handled the importing of Toyota to Chile also had exclusive rights to Khumo tires for that country. Before they sold any new Toyotas, they installed Khumo tires on them, and purchasers of Toyota cars in that country believed that this was the brand that the manufacturer recommended for their vehicles.

In short, find a reputable dealer close to you and let them guide you to get the tires that you and your driving needs require.


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